Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pastor Wayne Johnson.

Tom's Journal.

It was raining, icy and very slippery as I finally got to the Iron Mountain, MI., High School, where we had to meet this Sunday for church services, on 3-10-13, and I missed the first part -- the Adult Sunday School, but was there for the main worship service, with a quest speaker, Pastor Wayne Johnson, from the great State of Kansas.  We didn't have any speaker system set up, but Wayne had a POWERFUL, dynamic voice that kept every one wife awake.  He talked about "Lot" the nephew of Abraham, and how just living in the city of Sodom messed  up his mind and attitude of normal life in a civilized, cultural manner.  And when God's own angels physically grabbed the hands of Lot and his family to run for the hills before the hail storm of fire and brimstone fell from heaven-- what did that family grab??  Liquor !!  Sure enough, Lot's own 2 daughters got their father drunk and slept with him!!  We too are bringing a wrong, Satanic, worldly attitude into our own churches/ congregations-- and we are fed a non-stop diet of TV everyday!!  Our morals have really changed in the past decade or so, if we really check our personal conscience, and we MUST/ NEED do something about it now!  I hope to get at that task starting tomorrow, by growing closer to the Lord, and studying His Word, the KJV Bible!  Holy Spirit, please help ME, first, and then perhaps I can help others get into that good habit more.

I ordered some more healing herbs, because I feel that Spring time always brings/ awakens the germs that may be dormant during the Winter months, to make folks sick around this time, and it seems that many older folks get sick and die in the Spring time, rather than at other times of the year, IMHO.  From what I've read and studied, Cinnamon is the best herb for all people who suffer from diabetes, as it regulates the blood sugar.  I take a bit every day because I DON'T WANT to get diabetes, and of course I always need to lose weight. 

Thank  you, Pastor Wayne Johnson, for the great, inspiring sermon you gave today!!

Tom Schuckman


Ammunition !!

You may not know this but George Soros owns most of the ammunition
manufacturing companies and many arms manufacturers as well. He's selling
ONLY to the government right now, per WH & DHS orders. My son works for
ATK, who owns just about all the rest of the ammunition companies that
Soros doesn't own. He tells me that ATK has been ordered by the federal
government to curtail sales of ammunition, primers and powder to the
retail market. What you see currently on the shelves is old stock and
what's left in the warehouses since the CT shootings and new stock will
NOT be appearing anytime soon. ATK and Soros' companies have more than
enough government contracts to keep them going for years to come. Like
Soros' companies, ATK is a huge defense contractor and they've been told
to sell ONLY to the DOD, TSA, FBI, DHS and local/federal law enforcement
agencies. This is VERY scary and VERY ominous for what's coming down the
pike in the future.

My son has seen the proposed pricing schedule for Federal, CCI, Hornady,
Remington, Winchester and several other ammunition manufacturer's lines of
ammunition, components, reloading equipment (ATK owns Outers, RCBS, Hoppe
and a host of others) and he's flabbergasted! As an example, when the
sales of .22 LR bulk ammo resumes, the pricing will be over $50.00 for a
535-round Value Pak! That's nearly a dime-a-shot!! They're also going to
raise the prices by 300 - 400% on dies, presses, powder measures and the
like. He's in management there at ATK in Salt Lake City and they're NOT
happy with it at all! They firmly believe this will basically shut-down
the civilian market while leaving the government as the only purchaser of
their products. He saw the government pricing for the centerfire
ammunition they've been stockpiling and their prices have actually dropped
from a year ago so the feds are buying this stuff REAL cheap while we
can't even get our hands on it at all!

Something I've always said since Obummer came onto the scene in 2008 is
that, even if they can't actually ban the weapons themselves, the
government will make it nearly impossible for us civilians to feed them
with ammo, reloading components and the like. The WH doesn't HAVE to
actually ban the guns, as Biden said in one of his many faux pas,
foot-in-the-mouth, Freudian slip speeches he's famous for making. " All
we have to do is to make it too expensive to use them and the public will
eventually give them back to us if we offer an attractive price for these
weapons". What's an "attractive price" - a $10.00 Walmart gift card for a
$3,000.00 custom hunting rifle? Those were his EXACT words in one of the
speeches he gave to the freshman congressmen last week! Remember, Biden
was one of the architects of the Clinton gun ban of years ago. I think
he's as dangerous to the Second Amendment as Obozo is, maybe more so,
because he's so stupid and doesn't know the muzzle of a gun from the

Feel free to pass this on so gun owners will be aware of what we're up
against. I doubt the NRA can do anything about it, IMHO. La Pierre can
get on all the talk shows he's invited to and cry the blues about the
assault weapons laws that are forthcoming from the WH but the real crux of
the matter will be whether or not we'll ever be able to purchase
ammunition (at all) or, if we can, what we'll be paying for it. As an
aside, here, I deal a LOT with Midsouth Shooters Supply for my reloading
components. Two weeks ago I ordered 500 cases each of .45 Casull, .44
Magnum, .357 Magnum and 9mm Parabellum. I was told everything I had
ordered was out-of-stock and no in-stock delivery date was being forecast.
They wouldn't even accept a backorder for this stuff! Think the
government isn't manipulating it? Think again, my friend...