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The Foreshadowing.

Tom's Journal.


"The Foreshadowing"  ~ by Jan Markell.

So, it's April, when the air temps are rising so that we won't have to pay for heat too much longer.. Yes! 

I must attend a TV 'meeting' with a Cardiac Dr. from the Milwaukee VAMC this aft, and learn about my CHF challenge.  I am still looking for some magic formula to lose more weight faster, but I THINK that the VA meds I take make the weight "cling" to me, so that it is a hassle shedding the pounds... grrrrrrr!  I will try harder to get to the Health Spa/ Gym, in our small town U.P. North here today, mail some bills, etc., and buy some fish.   It's hard for me to pass up my fav. carrot cakes that I am fond of, and soda pop too...  I have already cut out MANY things I love, and the beat goes on.  My pretty wife, Terri, has taken a leave of absence to help and care for me [but I have taken over paying ALL her bills ever since I met her-- fell in love with her--PTL.  God has blessed us, but I know that from serious Bible research/ study, that the 'Big Storm' cannot be far off, and we will all suffer and grow lean in the months ahead.  We try to "Prepare" but our foremost Trust and Faith is in the Lord, Jesus Christ !!  In the Proverbs, God tells us/ Illustrates that all of God's servants OUGHT TO save up some food and supplies/ money for emergencies, etc.  If some goofy people want to label me a "Prepper" -- fine!  Those kind of folks most likely take a few expensive vacations every year [prob] 'party-hardy', smoke, drink a lot, and then wonder why they are "cash-poor" when they really need the money!  My wife and I:  'Live Simple -- Live Well.'  We are happy, and thankful for everything we have and enjoy.... and Terri's constant 'remodelling' keeps her busy and happy, as she bought a "fixer -- upper" house that once had a fire before she bought it.... {hope I am not speaking out of class}.  I bought an older 110 year old house in WI., about 12 years ago, so I WOULD have more cash flow... instead of keeping  up with the Jones, and being house rich-- but cash poor.  So I may also have more money to donate to God's work, buy more KJV Bibles to GIVE away, plus Bible tracts, etc.  I have MY hobbies too, and love to take my wife out for fine dinners now and then.  

I am not using my credit cards so much these days, and think twice when I have to use my cash.  I personally feel that Amerika WILL suffer an economic melt down, where our US dollar will cease to exist, prob being replaced by some sort of digital credit ID card, in the near future.  The Gov't WILL also steal our 401K's, IRA's, Savings, Investments, and maybe some of our pensions... and all will suffer, including me!  I will not give out my personal "formula" for survival, but might consider emailing such to trusted friends who read this Blog...  as I fear that 'Big Brother' is watching me...  me being a so-called "TERRORIST"-- most folks know me as a Christian, and Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and a US Constitutional supporter, retired Chrysler worker: 30.5 years of hard, dangerous work in Kenosha, WI.... and now days, that makes me a terrorist according to DHS and the "Gov't."  Well then, there is something I don't understand...  If Amerika loves and supports it's Combat Veterans, how can they then turn around and also label them "Terrorists ??"  Maybe one of my smart readers can email and explain this to me, please:  

Another things,  Terri and I are truly blessed to attend a fine Christian, Bible teaching country church, with a smart, kind, hard working Pastor, like Kevin Sullivan.   I have seen a few people at church who have been attending there for over 14 years, and still don't understand the basics of Revelation, and the book of Daniel, which 'unlocks' Revelation.  We all have received different 'gifts' or intellect, understand, etc., but the Holy Spirit allows US to glean true understanding of the Scriptures, I thought.  I don't mind teaching and helping folks at all -- in fact, I love to share and teach!!   Terri knows all the basics now after she's known me for a year.   The only problem that I see, is:  If we are spirited forth to share the Gospel and warn people about the "Last Days" of this wicked Satanic system of things -- should we not at least have a firm grasp of what we are talking about?  I have to read and study the Bible too-- to stay sharp.  I don't just sit at church like a bump on a log... LOL.  I sure don't want to miss that 'last flight to heaven, Lord.'

I am feeling well today, but get vexed when I have to walk any distance, and then run out of air, and gasp for breath, but that is my lot in life, perhaps until I lose 100 pounds.  Prayers requested, good friends.

PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL VETERANS YOU KNOW!!!!!!   Very Important for American Military Combat Vets!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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The Foreshadowing
By Jan Markell
April 3, 2013

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If the strong delusion that is racing across the globe doesn't shock you, something is wrong! Whether it was the ecstasy on thousands of faces in St. Peter's Square waiting with adoring eyes for their new Pope, or the shenanigans in Israel a few weeks ago, it's a scary time. It's both a privilege and a challenge to be born for such a time as this.
The Bible speaks extensively about delusion! It is on overdrive in the last days. And you saw deluded college students in Tel Aviv, Israel on March 21. When Barack Obama suggested that they had to give away more land, the Leftist students applauded for a full minute. Though the land give-away has never worked, I guess this time, they thought that Obama delivering the idea in person in Tel Aviv was the magic trick needed! This time world, just watch, it's a go!
Keep in mind that rockets were raining down on Israel as Obama spoke! Yet, this idea, that is, weakening their own security, was still a good idea to them.
"For I will stretch out My hand against the inhabitants of the land," declares the Lord. "For from the least of them even to the greatest of them, everyone is greedy for gain, and from the prophet even to the priest, everyone deals falsely. They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially, Saying, 'Peace, peace,' But there is no peace." (Jeremiah 6:12-14)
An American president screamed, "Peace! Peace! Give up more land for it! The hour is at hand. I have the magical formula. Hear me out. This time, I guarantee, it will work."
Could you imagine with me the Antichrist speaking to Israelis as he will some day, just like this. He will offer Israel a peace covenant in a manner similar to this. Was the March 21 speech a dress rehearsal? A dry run? I am not suggesting that Barack Obama is the Antichrist as we don't know who it will be. But a man talking about peace journeyed to a land occupied by people who long for it, although they haven't a clue how to bring it about other than land exchanges.
Keep in mind that in the Palestinian territories, there are streets, public squares, summer camps, high schools, and even a kindergarten named after suicide bombers and other mass murderers. So much for the notion that if only Israelis would care about Arab kids, peace would be possible.
Israelis have wanted nothing more than peace and security for all the children. That's why they accepted the 1947 U.N. partition of British Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state. Unfortunately, the Arabs said no. To this day, the Palestinians have rejected every peace offer that leaves a Jewish state standing.
Since we're smack-dab in the midst of these incredible last days, how many e-mails does this ministry get wailing that churches will no longer address the subject? Well, legions of e-mails and even calls.
Back to my strong delusion commentary. The Bible foretells through Paul to the Thessalonian believers that in the last days, a time in church history would come when God would send "strong delusion." In like manner, Paul even warned Timothy that in the last days, there would be a group of demons who would infiltrate the churches with false and mixed doctrine, capable of even causing some to, "depart from the faith" and give heed to devilish false teachings.
God instigates this. It's not just the increase of evil that brings this on. Yes, Satan ratchets up his evil in the last days, but God sends the delusion. I think He gets mighty disgusted and just sends the delusion as a judgment! He washes His hands and turns His back.
You don't want to be on the back side of God as He does this. Those Israeli students were on the back side of God and they were blinded.
Our times are way too perilous to be this unprotected.
So, we've had a foreshadowing of the blind and strong delusion that will play out unchecked during the Tribulation. We're having lots of dress rehearsals these days. Most of them are around dark events. That's why the Bible reminds us to stay yoked to one another and to God at the end of the end.
There are even murkier waters ahead. Look up and not around!
Pray daily for Israel at lunch time. Visit this link.

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