Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Coming Gun Ban.

Tom's Journal.

Here are special InfoWars videos that prove the Gov't [Big Brother Rat] is trying to get all guns registered, and then they will confiscate ALL guns!  Sorry to say, MOST Amerikans are totally ignorant of real History, also the Bible.  The USA and even the whole planet Earth are already bankrupt in many ways, and "Toast!"  I guess that Satan is king of entertainment, as so many people come home from their 'rat race' style of work, then shower, have a beer and check their brain in at the door way and watch TV until it's almost time to get up and go back to work.  Well, everyone suffers, and they are STILL very uninformed as to what is really truth, and fiction.   If this is the norm -- we will have lots of big trouble ahead....  sorry. 

Obama has his punk Army ready to haul you off to a FEMA camp if  you don't "co-operate" with them, turn in all your guns, rights, freedoms, and then take the "Mark of the Beast" on your right hand or fore head.   We use the term 'Sheeple'... and big birds who bury their heads in the sand.  The Bible uses the term:  "Cowards."

How will you prepare and be ready for the fall out after the Amerikan Gov't grabs all that  you have ??

Warm Regards,