Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Coming Kingdom --Part 14.

Tom's Journal.

I know that we all need the snow and moisture for the "Winter Wheat" crop in Amerika, but I am tired of the snow and ice U.P. here.  I will also be happy when my pretty wife comes home from her long road trip of visiting her son and other relation, further South.
    But we had a Christian missionary family at church this morning to tell us how they do things in China... and for good reason, I am sorry that I cannot [will not] share those things for fear that the Chinese Communists might pick up on them.  There is a lot of good witnessing going on in that area -- but there needs to be more active trained, Chinese speaking Christians in the field....  pray to the Lord for help, please.  Once upon a time: 68-70, I was 'near China' and we knew that we were also fighting the Chinese who were aiding and teaching the NVA and VC better ways to kill us, in RVN.  And the fine AK-47 rifle was not made in Vietnam -- but other places, like Russia, China, etc.  It had 'wider tolerances' -- a little bit "sloppy" so that when dirty or full of mud, it would still work, where our M-16's would jam up when dirty....  Made by Mattel, and Colt hardware.

Well, when a close relative dies that you knew in your childhood, you feel sorrow for the kids [now grown with their own families, etc] -- my cousins in Kansas, etc, who just lost their Mom, my Aunt Frances Schuckman.  And my dear cousin Wanda Jane, from Hays, KS, emailed me and said:  "Tell your Mom that you love her today!"   And so I called my Mother today and told her that too.  Time to FORGET past difference and show real love !!  Thank you, Wanda, for giving me a well deserved kick in the pants.  I am smart enough to listen and pay attention to my peers, betters, and equals, when they speak to me like this.  My Mom did a good job in raising us 5 kids, and we didn't even know that she was legally BLIND all her life !!  Wow!   If I can't find a nice 'Mother's Day' card tomorrow -- I will get her SOMETHING to mail to her in appreciation for all the years of her hard work and love.  I love you, Mom!    Now, I live about 4 hours drive from my Mom, in Burlington, WI., where I once worked at Nestles Chocolate Company...  I was the "Morsel Man" machine operator for 3 years, before I got hired at AMC [American Motors Company] / Chrysler in 1972 ...$$$, Kenosha, WI., and few people really know how hard and DANGEROUS those jobs are in the auto factory... many killed, amputated, injured, HP pneumonia, breathing problems, cuts from sharp metal, burns from welding, always hot and humid, etc.  How in the heck did I pound out 30.5 YEARS  and retire with full bennies ??  I worked many other places too, and was blessed to be able to attend college when I was laid off too --PTL [Praise the Lord.]    I never got a hand out, and worked hard for every dime... and the term LUCK is not in my vocabulary! 

My Mom listens to the goofy Liberal TV- BS, and worries about North Korea firing a missile toward US, but I tried to calm her down.  Ha!  Now I know where I got MY "worrying nature,"  --LOL.   Now I have taxes to worry about... smile.   Lord, but I just hate tax time, but my wife is handling it this time/ this year...PTL.  And yes, I do shoot a lot of praises to the Lord, as I am in His hands, for sure, and His loyal Soldier.

Unfortunately, I had to tell my Mom the truth of our Amerikan situation -- that it's going to get A LOT WORSE..... sorry Mom.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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The Coming Kingdom (Part 14)
Posted: 14 Apr 2013 12:39 PM PDT
By Dr. Andy Woods Sugar Land Bible Church Because today's evangelical world believes that the church is experiencing the Messianic kingdom, we began a study chronicling what the Bible teaches about the kingdom. This earthly kingdom is anticipated in the office of Theocratic Administrator that was lost in Eden, in the biblical covenants, in the predictions of the Old Testament prophets, and