Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Abusing the Elderly and Injured is Easy.

Tom's Journal.

This NEWS really cramps my style!  I am really on the war path now, and I suppose obama will use this as a bargaining chip to get something else that he wants, like GUN CONTROL [actually confiscation... duh].  I am so disappointed in the Socialist Congress and puke Senate!
     When the Lord comes back, and soon, with the Rapture, it will surely be 1 million times better than a half dead man, stranded on the Sahara desert who has not drank water for 3 days!!!  [when some one offers him a tall, iced drink!]  You darn well know that the bullies will kick you in the gut, when you are down on the ground, and this very thing happened to ME too!  --Long story that I posted on here a few times...

Long ago and far away, a man I know, named, Tommy Schuckman, a tall handsome, Vietnam Vet, had 17.3 years seniority at Chrysler, but still got laid off indefinitely, along with 6000 other men and women.  The smart ones in my humble opinion went back to school, learned a 2nd trade, survived...  but 1/2 of the folks coming back to work at Chrysler --"called- back" had been divorced, and according to the US Labor Dept., these are the correct statistics!  That happened to me too when my wife of 22 years LEFT/ DESERTED me, right when I needed her the worst.   So many so-called "friends" also left me because I penniless, and it just shocked the hell out of me, because I thought I was a smart, educated man with everything going for me-- and I just 'fell through the crack' and ended up in a Veterans' Place in the worse, drug and prostitute section of Milwaukee, in a mostly black Gov't shelter run by radical Black uber Lefty Lose-y, Liberal, hateful, anti-White orgs/ people JUST LIKE OBAMA'S PEOPLE!!  Later on, I figured out that they were actually the Milwaukee  chapter of obama's ground swell of people... and I have so many true stories of my captivity there a homeless Vet!  But at the same time, I went back to college a 2nd time, and the black leaders at the home PROMISED me that they would somehow pay for my tuition and books, but I ended up paying for them my self, or course.  My life was threatened my times there  --- and other places I tried to work-- all by black people, and ended up quitting low paying jobs, even as a good leader in a welding department @ GPF in the St. Paul Street 'valley' of Milwaukee [General Press and Fabrication] in the early Spring of 1995, finally bought a cheap $200 Chevy and broke out of that environment, back to Kenosha, and Racine, and hooked up with a kind, lady, MEH, who helped me, and then I got called back to Chrysler in May !!  Wow!  All of a sudden, people started 'liking me again' because I was no longer a 'leper, bottom, homeless guy in society' but a highly paid, skilled, auto factory worker, again!  Not ONE person offered to take me in during my time of extreme sorrow on the street, and I did not drink or smoke!  I also made a huge  transition from a false-religious JW- cult, the  -- to the true Bible-KJV-Christianity-- after 23 years --PTL !  Seems like God has protected and blessed me from then on, except that I got snagged by a few heathen, UN-Christian women, for a while who lied to me about their so-called 'love of the Bible and Jesus Christ' so I learned the hard way that God would not bless me if I chose an UN-believing mate.... I am a slow learner, but God loved me so much, but it took many trips to the wood shed before I was clean enough to work for Him.

It was a long story and I only had time to post the main tenets of the program, sorry.  But isn't it so strange how certain people get around and trust into strange places and programs, just like some Combat Veteran friends of mine.   Other folks just can't stand the pressure and indignities and put a gun to their head, or drive a car into a tree.   I finally found a good wife to be with, Sharon, disabled, but she died from CARDIAC problems and passed away.... 2 years ago.  I was so beat up, totally an emotional mess when I lost her, and then my son, Andy, and then a beautiful lady from U.P. North started to like me, and we got married.  I love her to pieces!

But, besides my small Chrysler pension that I got after 30.5 year of hard labor, I also qualified for SSDI --Social Security Disability Insurance-- because I was one of the really messed  up arthritic knees and other joints after I walked out of the Chrysler factor... like so many others.  Many folks retire from there and just drop dead a few months after -- just read the obits in the Kenosha News paper --a Left Wing !!   I sincerely hope that I didn't bore you today... 4-17-13-- as my poor eyes become worse and blurry...  I am old @ 64, but give high praise to the Lord! 

Now, my friends, try not to puke when you see the following, please:  the Normal highest rating for SSDI should be, about $1800/ month, guys and gals!  It's so easy to abuse the very young and the elderly people, but then, all DICTATORS know that!  Now... where is the Congress -- duh ???

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Obama's Disability Program

Apply for $2346/ mo
Obama's Disability Program

Apply for $2346/ mo
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