Monday, May 6, 2013

Alex Jones' great speech, etc.

Tom's Journal.

That's a great one. I  suggest you watch one of Alex Jones' best speeches.   I ought to be our battle cry!   >>>

The fine, energetic speech by my fav. guy, Alex Jones, is so special to me, and it takes about one hour to listen too, but well worth the time ! !  I don't know his back ground too well, but he must have been a strong combat Veteran year ago... but if not -- it don't matter much.
As for the Fox News, and InterNet, Israel is kicking ass in Damascus.  The Jews gave lots of prior warnings and hate war -- but just push them too far and they really have teeth!   The book of Isaiah aptly warns about Damascus ceasing to Exist!   It's one more prophecy that still needed to come true in OUR time, and we are seeing it now, IMHO.  Personally, I've been doing much praying, for self, just praising the LORD for a great sunny day where I could snatch another burn session out side, and Terri grilled a great expensive Rib steak for me [I bought 4] --and I didn't eat all day until 4PM and had some more chest discomfort, etc.  I may go into the  VAMC in IM tomorrow and ask for some help.  I have tried to diet on my own, but just don't see much progress, and feel like a failure.  It increasingly harder to walk because of arthritis, etc.
I may hire a cleaning maid part time too.  If I could do more around the house, I certainly would! 
     We finally got 'something' that we ordered 3 weeks ago in the mail, and might choose a different vendor if we choose to buy more of the same.  I am glad that we have what we have though.   I honestly think that we have about everything that we need for a long time, for emergencies, and now I am in the mood to build some special stools/ out door furniture just for cooking on the grill without being tortured to death, with sharp wrought iron.   I know that it's going to be FUN in the Sun!!  We have a small but beautiful back yard and fine sun deck, built by Terri, last year.  She likes to do everything all by herself and resents my offer of help-- maybe afraid that I'll steal some of her thunder... LOL.   My carpentry is "Old School" by notching out / dadoing, and 'joining' the lumber to achieve strength, where hers is the use of modern hardware.  Both work.   I know one thing...'in the time it takes to argue and explain WHY  I ask some folks to do something -- it could have already been DONE !!'   Don't we all know the piece:  There is the right way, the wrong way, and the Army way, and MY WAY!   I know that the scriptures say, "Listen to your wife."  But there is something to be said for,  "Just, please, follow my orders... or requests..PLEASE!"  And for a man who is clinically stressed, hurting, with CHF, with high blood pressure, and disabled, I just don't need any more fighting or arguing.   Or, I will just go away some where out of self preservation, and that reminds me to get another door locked.

For those of us who are at the end of our lives, and too full of physical pain, we are looking forward to the Rapture, and to finally see the 'oldest inhabited city in the world, Damascus', bombed by Israel, is symbolic and thrilling!  Everyone knows that Syria holds the most stockpiles of poison gas in the world, and are not above using it, even on their own people! Israel can ill afford those WMD getting into the hands of Israel's enemies!  It's a cinch that obama won't keep his promises to help Israel one bit!  The Muslim people are his close friends! 

I have so much important paper work to do in the morning, and only hope that my wife will help me with it to get it sent out soon! 
   BTW, I see the prices at the local store growing every time I go there, and feel bad for some of my friends who barely get by.   I feel that God has blessed me by allowing me to have an extra portion of income, thru many hard years of work, so that I can help others in the Faith...PTL.  I also believe that, if I am stingy, the Lord will take away some of my relative comfort.   While I cannot quote scripture like I used to in the past, I can still look it up in the Bible. 

Pray for Jerusalem!

RUSSIA WARNS AMERICANS: Barack Hussein Obama has been shipping arms to al-Qaeda jihadists in Syria for over a year

Russia delivered to the Obama administration a list of the names of Syrian rebels who are members of al-Qaeda groups and who are receiving arms shipments coordinated by the U.S. (Obama seen foaming at the mouth while Hagel seems to be stuttering more than usual)

Klein Online The list, the officials added, demonstrates how the U.S. is failing in its due diligence of vetting the rebels being supported by the West for ties to al-Qaida and other jihad groups. The information comes amid scores of news media reports that the Obama administration is aiding the rebels, including by coordinating Arab arms shipments.

The arming of Syrian rebels is considered highly controversial. A major issue is the inclusion of jihadists, including al-Qaida, among the ranks of the Free Syrian Army and other Syrian opposition groups.

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An important message from the NRA !  Under Attack from Barack Obama !