Thursday, May 9, 2013

Making Home made Bread.

Tom's Journal.

As I promised, I am going to make home made Bread.   I have a super bread maker and other fine appliances, but I choose to memorize and also write down the recipe for good, old Whole Wheat bread -- going "Low Tech" for a special reason.   "What IF" .. What if, the power goes out, or some other emergency befalls us, especially in a crazy mixed up world [and country] where anything can happen... an EMP, transportation mess, or natural disaster.   I figure that if I can store up the ingredients all together in one place --maybe in a big card board box, I can do something well, and MAYBE share some of it or trade it for something I need, but don't have.  Just call me "Dr. Prepper" --LOL !  Years ago, I made my own wine, beer, and we canned a lot from our own natural, organic family veggie garden, and ate well -- raised 3 wonderful healthy kids!  PTL.  I also want to experiment just a bit, by adding some ground nuts, seeds, and maybe a mild herb to give my bread more flavor, taste and zip. 
     And we always have a great hound dog, if we don't care for the bread.  I am not supposed to eat too much bread, but why not have something good to share with friends ?  I intend to get this show on the road within 7 days or so.
    At the Econo-Food store, U.P. in Iron Mountain, MI., we buy some 7 grain bread, and I think we pay over $3.35 per loaf, and I love my 2 pieces of buttered toast in the morning so my morning meds don't eat bloody holes in my poor stomach.    If I don't have real butter,  I will NEVER put any 'butter substitute' [Vaseline-- ick] on MY  toast, but honey and cinnamon, is great and good for blood sugar -- Diabetes.   I don't have that terrible disease/ condition, and I don't want it either.  Cinnamon really helps regulate the blood in a positive way-- pass the word, please !

As I posted before, today, the World Wheat crops last year were a terrible failure, and if that happens again THIS year, the price and demand for EVERYTHING that requires wheat, will sky rocket, even more!!  A word to the wise...  buy some extra flour, friends, and learn how to make bread and rolls at home.  Hope this helps some of you guys, and please don't hesitate to comment at the end of this humble Blog post.  Or email: 

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

I am not saying that I have a 'bucket list' but I always love to "expand my mind" and be ahead of the curve, ready for any disaster or emergency.   Old Army indoctrination... Ha!  

So, now, it's quarter after Mid-night, and I am just about ready for bed...  Terri is snoring, but that doesn't bother me a bit.  She is a great lady, and I am nuts about her.    "Iron sharpens Iron"  ~ Proverbs 27:17    --That means:  when you've got two good, smart people, like a well matched husband and wife, they compliment and "Sharpen each other."   On the other hand, if a husband has a wife that is so independent and head strong -- how can a person like that be honed down and sharpened...  because, after all, 'she KNOWS IT ALL...'  And husbands ought LISTEN to their wives too !  God told Abraham to 'LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE!'  See: Genesis.

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