Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just what is our Battle Plan, Folks?

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks,
I have always thought how fun, smart and cool it would be if I could "bottle some SUNSHINE!"  Then when rainy, stormy weather comes a knocking at the door, I could uncap my 'sun shine' and take a sip.  I also have some very strange dreams, and told my wife this morning about a most beautiful dream I had, but forgot what it was all about.  Don't worry, I have nightmares too, being a disabled combat Veteran...   but as I just told a fellow combat Vet brother, George [a hero in my humble opinion],  try reading the Psalms before you go to bed-- so you have pleasant dreams.   In fact, I just might send him a special 'Challenge Coin' with a scripture on it.

And I have been pondering for a long time, What kind of good balance, philosophy a KJV Bible loving Christian OUGHT to have right now in July of 2013 -- that our God in Heaven WANTS us to have !!  Let me please explain:   Assuming that we are 'well grounded, well educated/ read in the Bible' we know that we are living in the 'End Times' of this wicked, Satanic system of things, waiting for the Rapture of the Saints and Followers of Jesus, just what can we really hope to achieve in taking a part in politics, here in the USA, etc ??    Well, we do know that Early 1st Century Christians were admonished to at least have a sword for utility purposes and self defense, but we, for the most part, depend on God for our protection.  We obey all the righteous 'Laws of the Land' UNLESS they  work evil, or go against God's Laws.  Now... Do we want to perpetuate the old, dirty, Satanic systems of all the nations, that have been corrupted, are totally anti-Christ, immoral, etc.??  Or are we all looking heaven ward as,  Luke 21: 28 says? 
      I have been back in our small wood shop, carving signs [NOT for sale!] into wood with my router, and am considering:  Jeremiah 17:5,  "Thus saith the Lord;  Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord."   Verse 7,  "Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the Lord is."  verse 8,  "For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeith out her roots by the river, and shall not....."  I believe that real Christians SHOULD vote for the person that can best protect all our Christian values and enable us to live and worship, in peace, safety, and full freedom!  And then there is the 'litmus test' that we all had with the candidates... one was Pro-Life, Pro-Constitution, Pro- Marriage, one man and one woman, Pro-gun, etc... and the other 'candidate was exactly AGAINST all that !!  How can we say that "We didn't know ?"  Aside from voter fraud and Chicago politics and cheating -- here we are in one pickle of wrath and disaster now, where anything can, and will happen.   So... OK, we can't go back.  But just what can we really do today that is 'Legal ?'  I don't think, too much, with a impotent, corrupt, complicit 'Congress !'  The TPP's org., isn't saying too much --that we can use, except for INFO... no major plans that I know of... but to Prepare. 
     Like I said yesterday, 'If the enemy uses illegal, immoral, lawless, dirty tactics [as in Vietnam] we just have to be/ get a little bit "MEANER" to beat him !!  And that's how you win.  War is DIRTY !!  After the election here was over and people wanted to cooperate, Obama just said, 'NO!"  He said, "We won, and now we are going to do things as we want, without your voice in it at all."   And here we sit.  
     Some one with brains out there please tell ME what we ought to do before Obama sells us all out to the UN Org   Because when the 'bubble bursts' from an economic/ financial Melt down, I think that we will pretty much  be  TOAST !!  Obama- bum is already to order/ invite Communist troops on our soil to enforce new laws, and just take and seize what they want.  The FEMA CAMPS AND GUILLOTINES ARE ALL READY AND IN POSITION And here is a little "secret,"  the KJV Bible has already explained in great detail, what will happen !!!  Shame on everyone who has not taken the time, made the time to read/ study and know these thingsGod knows that I have personally posted much of this info, and where to find it !  I guess I will also add some great Links as to show ya'll where there is even more explanation.  
       Friends,  Most of you know what my hobbies, skills, talents and endeavors are, and I believe in 'Prepping' for most emergencies, water, food, First Aid kits, candles, flashlights and batteries.  But all that will only last for a 'short time.'  So our main Faith and Trust is in the Lord.  What little money we have won't go too far either, if it's any good at all, soon enough... LOL.  I just picked a mild pepper from our small "garden" of a few pots outside, and ate it today as I was basking in the sun, old, run down, fat man that I am....on a diet, forever...Ha!   All I had today was 2 slices of buttered toast to 'buffer' my VA meds that tear up my poor stomach.  I keep telling my pretty wife, Terri, that I used to be a very strong POWER LIFTER all my adult life, worked hard at different jobs, and I just can't believe that my body has deteriorated so fast in my life, to be a dang cripple !!!  This is NOT the kind of retirement I had envisioned when I was working/ welding on the AMC/ Chrysler assembly line, in Kenosha, WI !!  Shoot !   And just think about the older people like my dear old Mom, in WI., who is legally blind, in her mid-80's, living in an apartment by herself.  Who and what will she trust in, besides my sister who lives in the same town? 
    Our Founding Father in the latter 1700's said that bloody Revolution MIGHT be needed from time to time if the Gov't became so greedy and corrupt, but I wonder if the mice that live today have the stomach for that hardship, and leaving their "comfort zone."   What do you think that Obama wants to pull the young, warriors coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan ??  They still have HEART, integrity, and Honor !!  They are also my young friends and brothers.
   God Bless all Believers!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman