Saturday, July 13, 2013

MorningStar --Too Big to See.

Tom's Journal.

Too Big To See

The Russians are already HERE !

Tom's Journal.

Well, we heard this was coming to Amerika, right ?  And here we go -- as if a master puppeteer was orchestrating everything from above, and behind the curtain!

I have a great, special KJV Study Bible on a home made Oak stand not far from out PC, and it's so nice for reference and looking things up in a hurry.  I am NOT trying to mis-apply the scriptures in any way-- and that would be a sin.  But this is something to think about:  1st Thessalonians, Chapter 5, with a helpful sub title,  "Part V.  The model walk and the day of Jehovah.  [CF. Revelation 19:11-21, note]  Verse 2,  "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. verse 3,  For when they shall say, Peace and safety;  then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child;  and they shall not escape."    But before that, in Thess. 4:17, Paul tells about the Rapture, using different terms, but easy to understand, of course.  Please read it, and tell me what you THINK it means, but all real, born-again Christians KNOW what it means, along with other texts.  We could go into the deeper root Greek translations later sometime, but that is not the issue today, friends.   I don't feel like typing a book tonight...  sorry. 

AS I've said in recent blog posts. Obama would love to foment a race riot or civil war so he would have his rotten, ill gotten excuse to call in his new 'shock troops' from Russia, who seem to be landing in Amerika RIGHT NOW !!  However, the sudden devaluing  of our dollar will also do the dirty deed/ trick.  After WW-1 in Germany, it took a wheel barrow full of German [Deutsch Marks] money to buy a loaf of bread.  Do you all get the picture now??  What a pity, and I MUST learn to bake bread, soon!

Well, as I always say, I am on a severe diet now anyway, and need to lose 100 pounds yesterday.  The harsh VA medication I just take in the morning, etc., NEEDS to have some food with it as a buffer or else I will have a big blood issue.  Heck, I already do.    Another reason to have a good 'protection' system.  We have two beautiful Rottweilers at home, so if there is a riot near by, they will have plenty of 'fresh meat'.... lol.  JUST KIDDING, FOLKS !!  Do you see what happens when a huge group of idiots vote ? ? ?  God 'allowed' this to happen after we kicked Him out of our courts, schools, village squares, minds and hearts, even out churches that forsook the KJV Bible !

Hey!  This is exciting!  Let's see what happens next.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Troops NOW ARRIVING Throughout "AMERIKA"-Guest Article

Intel from many civilian sources indicating sightings of unmarked
and/or UN marked planes landing and dispelling UN troops at several
US bases. With the recent information regarding the signing off of
Obama as to the bringing in up to 15,000 Russian troops
(,  this could all be coordinated.  And if true,  this
could be preparations for martial law due to possible massive
rioting due to dollar devaluation, Zimmerman verdict and/or some
other False Flag event set up by Globalists in order to take heat
off of Obama as result of recent revelations on  Benghazigate, NSA
spying on Americans, IRS penalizing conservatives, Birth
Certificate issue, etc., etc.
INFOWARS !!   Great U-tube sensation, truthful News !!

Tom's Journal.

I gained too much weight after I retired in 2002......the 'good life..'

I could not down-load... cut and paste all of the intended article today, but please check out:  !  It is loaded with special News that  you and I will NEVER see anywhere else!   It's true that Obama and his ilk- Gov't is doing immeasurable damage to country, society and culture, but his 'house of cards' is also crumbling as gravity takes over, or a stiff wind.   In the end, 'What goes around --comes around.'  We reap what we sow.  If Obama is human [and I think he is --although demon possessed] everything that befalls mankind will also hit him in the head.  IMO, the rest of us might also be somewhat accountable for any action or re-action we do to fight against lawlessness and tyrannical power !!   Right now, I feel that I have the 'power of the sword/ pen' in that I am giving valuable help and instructions to my readers and friends.  I encourage all readers to drop comments to this web site so that I can also disseminate them in good form too. 
      Thank all of you who regularly email comments to me --  but I also ask that you learn how to submit those kind, helpful comment right on this humble web site:  TOM'S JOURNAL.  Thanks.    
      I have tried to share some of my personal pix here on this Blog, for proof of who I am, what I do, some of my past "JOBS", occupations, and hobbies.  It's not meant to be a "Brag Book" but talk is cheap, and I just have the pictures to back my stories up.  But.. heck, I don't much care if people look at my credibility is real or not.  My Lord knows me inside/ out, and that's what counts.  I am just happy to have made some great friends in my life-- and thru the years.  So sorry that I am old enough now to see some of my dear friends depart for better life --in heaven, but that's the way we mortals live.... for now.  
      But really now, dear friends, knowing what we already know about the future of Satan's world and all new forms of wickedness and sorrow, do we really want to live in a degraded, filthy, polluted, sinful Earth forever??  Adam and Eve, and the human brain were designed to live FOREVER on Earth !!  When we die, we MAY HAVE USED about 2% of our viable brain!  It's God's ball game, and even if He 'cannot lie', He can and does bend things to suit His eternal purpose, and to fulfill prophecy.  And yes, I am a 'prophecy nut.'  But no everyone is so keen on the Bible, as I have that great love and thirst of knowledge....  yet, we much all go thru a sort of 'Basic Training' or Boot Camp, to learn the fundamentals of Salvation, and what God's Will is for us.  I have made it my life's work to explain all these things the very best way I can. 
     My pretty wife, Terri, is a large boned, farm girl, from Northern Wisconsin-- God's country, IMHO.  She has a great college education, but prefers to work with her hands, and is a better carpenter than I am !  Sometimes I have argued with her about the 'proper way to do things' as far as building things, but technically, there are perhaps 10 ways to do something, and all of them correct.  I like to cut special 'joints' into the wood to help make it stronger, without adding so many boards and nails.  I prefer to join it properly with glue and screws.  I did recently break a 'store bought' high stool' and hurt my back and side --could have been much worse.  So I decided to build my own work chair for out in the breezeway, our small work area.  I like organization too.  I have got to know where exactly my tools are, all the time !!!  And like a good solder, I also know EXACTLY where my "Protection" is also.  After all, I was a helicopter door gunner, with 2 M-60's to take care of and make dang sure they worked properly....duh.  The welfare and protection of our ship was in my hands too... as far as I could do my own role/ job.  Our chopper pilots were the best!
   OK, got to run now.

Tom Schuckman

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