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This IS the big King Fish!

Tom's Journal.

NASA has warned that 2013 will be the biggest year for solar flares since the mid-1800s.

While the full effects of this solar flare outbreak are impossible to predict accurately, scientists do know that solar flares produce all types of radiation.

In the last peak of solar flares, which occurred in the 1970s, this mostly disrupted radio communications, adding a lot of atmospheric noise and totally eliminating the ability to communicate over some radio bands.

The pending solar storm is expected to be a couple of orders of magnitude greater than that one.

America's Worst Nightmare
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While any sort of radiation has some risks associated with it, the greatest risk seems to be from electromagnetic radiation. The rise in this radiation will be similar to that of an EMP attack, although lasting considerably longer than such an attack.

That electromagnetic surge may very well be enough to destroy much of the electronics around the world.
Should such an event happen, to the magnitude that the scientists believe that it will, it could set our lifestyle back by over 100 years, worldwide, in an instant.

Such a disaster would take years to recover from; with different experts estimating anywhere from two to five years for total recovery.
The necessary technology to protect ourselves from EMP attacks has existed for years, and is extremely simple. There are three basic steps that need to be taken:
Grounding all electronic devices to earth ground – This includes grounding cars, as all modern cars have computers within them. The earth is a great conductor and will quickly and efficiently absorb any electrical surges.
Installing surge protectors – One of the major ways in which the electromagnet surge will reach home and business electronics is through our power lines.

Power lines at all levels of the grid will act as antennas, attracting that electromagnetic radiation and absorbing it, producing a surge in the available power.

This will burn out transformers throughout the system, but not before sending a huge surge down the line, much like a lightning strike does.
Use Faraday cages – A Faraday cage provides almost perfect protection from EMP. This is a metal box or cage, which is insulated on the inside to prevent the contents from touching the metal. The cage provides effective shielding for whatever electronic devices are placed inside.
While protecting your home electronics can’t help you overcome the damage to the electrical grid, it can prevent your equipment from being damaged. However, that’s not all you need to do.

With such a widespread, long-lasting effect from the solar flares, you’ll need food, water and other supplies to survive the aftermath of that disaster.

All of the normal things that preppers do to be prepared for any disaster will come into play in this case, including producing their own electrical power. 
Matt Stevens
Patriot Survival Plan

From now on, I would like to start a new, small feature on my humble blog site;  definitions of new words that are not used too much, but still very important.  Today we shall begin with the term:  SUCCINCT...  a clear, concise, precise expression in few words.   Words picked out to be very accurate, and right on target, and few.    Also, Archaic:  girdle or sash wrapped around something or some body. 

I have prayerfully been waiting for this news for a very long time !!  Now, for brave Patriots to move on this sore issue ASAP, before Obama declares or starts Martial Law, or starts another false flag, or war!  It's still going to be a long, hard climb up the mountain, and nobody says that we are still going to win favor in God's eyes with so much to 'clean up.'   I just hope that this finds legs... and runs for the touchdown.

Tom Schuckman

Chinese takeout in Sudan

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Forensic findings on Obama’s birth certificate: ‘A 100 percent forgery, no doubt about it’

Special to
By Grace Vuoto
There is a problem with President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate: It’s a forgery, say multiple forensic experts who have examined it. A report detailing the evidence will soon be presented to Congress.
On April 27, 2011 the White House released Mr. Obama’s long-form birth certificate in an attempt to quell a public firestorm over the validity of the shorter version he provided prior to his 2008 election. A group of concerned citizens in Arizona suspected the Certificate of Live Birth produced in 2011 by the administration was fabricated; they asked Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County to investigate.
Lead Investigator Lt. Mike Zullo.
Lead Investigator Lt. Mike Zullo.
“We have obtained an affidavit from a certified document analyzer, Reed Hayes, that states the document is a 100 percent forgery, no doubt about it,” said Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator Lt. Mike Zullo in an exclusive interview with WorldTribune.
This is a key development, asserts Lt. Zullo, because Mr. Hayes is a certified handwriting analyst and forensic document examiner who worked repeatedly for Perkins Coie, a reputable law firm, and was deemed a dependable professional in their legal cases. Moreover, Perkins Coie has defended Mr. Obama in his legal jousts on the birth certificate matter over the past five years.
“Mr. Obama’s operatives cannot discredit him,” said Lt. Zullo. “Mr. Hayes has been used as the firm’s reliable expert. The very firm the president is using to defend him on the birth certificate case has used Mr. Hayes in their cases.” In addition, Mr. Hayes is a Democrat whose business is based in Hawaii. He cannot easily be accused of having a political axe to grind in this matter, explains Lt. Zullo.
Mr. Hayes initially agreed to simply take a cursory look at the document. Yet, within one hour, he called Lt. Zullo. “There is something wrong with this,” said Mr. Hayes.
A few weeks later, the expert, who has over 20 years of experience and has authored five books on his craft, presented a detailed 40-page report with a stark assessment: “…based on my observations and findings, it is clear that the Certificate of Live Birth I examined is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate, but a digitally manufactured document created by utilizing material from various sources,” writes Mr. Hayes. “In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types, I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion, the birth certificate is entirely fabricated,” states Mr. Hayes.
The report by Mr. Hayes is now an affidavit that belongs to the Cold Case Posse and cannot be retracted, regardless of any political or social pressure he encounters, explains Lt. Zullo.
“There has been a very effective media campaign to discredit anyone who tries to work with us,” said Lt. Zullo. “It is impossible to discuss this issue without being lambasted.”
Those who defend Mr. Obama say inquiries into the president’s birth certificate are based on conspiracy theories; these are “birthers,” they insist, who simply refuse to accept the credible evidence presented by Mr. Obama.
As a precaution against others misusing or manipulating Mr. Hayes’s report, Lt. Zullo has copyrighted it.
Mr. Hayes’s report has provided yet another certification — among a resounding 1,200 computer software tests undertaken by Lt. Zullo’s team — that demonstrates, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the long-form birth certificate has been fabricated. Lt. Zullo appointed two reputable computer science professionals, working independently of one another, to examine the long-form birth certificate. Both experts confirmed the document is inauthentic.
“Somebody made this,” said Lt. Zullo, referring to the long-form birth certificate as a nine-layer, computer-generated PDF document. “Someone spent days doing this.”
“The recreation of an official document is a crime,” said Lt. Zullo. “Either there is no original birth certificate or there is something in the original that is being concealed.”
The Maricopa County Cold Case Posse consists of an all-volunteer unit of accomplished individuals with experience in criminal investigations and legal professionals working under the law enforcement authority and direction of Sheriff Arpaio.
Sheriff Arpaio asked Lt. Zullo in August, 2011 to quickly quell the concerns of about 250 citizens who asked for an investigation. Yet, to his dismay, Lt. Zullo was unable to do so, having concluded within five days of his work that the document was compromised. He has since traveled to eleven states in eleven months, relying on public donations, on a grueling campaign to gather information about the certificate.
He filed an affidavit on May 14, 2013 to the Supreme Court of Alabama which chronicles much of the evidence he has compiled thus far. In particular, he depicts a two-day meeting of investigators, attorneys, and information technology professionals, including Mara Zebest, a nationally recognized computer expert.
“All in attendance agreed unanimously that the White House computer image .pdf file contained anomalies that were unexplainable unless the document had been fabricated piecemeal by human intervention, rather than being copied from a genuine paper document,” states the affidavit.
The Cold Case Posse has determined that the certificate of live birth the White House presented is not a photocopy of an original document but one that “was pieced together electronically from multiple sources,” according to the affidavit. The registrar’s signature stamp and date stamp are from different layers of the document and are imports from other sources.
“The fact that the stamps can be picked up and moved about the document leaving a white background…is evidence enough of tampering,” states the affidavit.
During our interview, Lt. Zullo narrated his encounter in Hawaii on May 21, 2012 with Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine, who after repeated questions, failed to confirm the document released by the president is the same as any that might exist in their records.

“If you make a copy of your driver’s license and alter it, is it still a copy?” asked Lt. Zullo. She did not directly answer the question, and instead replied: “But you still have a driver’s license.” She agreed to confirm only specific items on a list, not that the document the White House produced is identical to any in the Hawaii archives. This incident “sent all the alarm bells ringing,” said Lt. Zullo.
“If an official document is altered in any way, it must be stated that it is an amended version,” said Lt. Zullo. “Failure to do so is a crime.”
The Cold Case Posse continues to gather evidence. The current report, consisting of 300 pages and likely to balloon to 400, will soon be delivered to Congress.
“We can’t send it to the Department of Justice for obvious reasons,” said Lt. Zullo, referring to the lack of credibility of current Attorney General Eric Holder who has been embroiled in multiple scandals, and is accused by leading Republicans of lying to the American people.
“I am working on this 24/7,” said Lt. Zullo. He has endured long hours on the case, under intense pressure from Obama administration operatives and supporters who seek to discredit Lt. Zullo and anyone who cooperates with the investigation.
When I asked why he persists, he replied, in the terms of a devoted officer of the law:
“I know it’s a felony.”
“The entire United States has been defrauded by a document that is usually automatically issued to every person in America. This is a blatant manipulation. If President Obama can’t be honest about his birth certificate, he can’t be honest about anything,” Lt. Zullo said.
“The original ‘birther’ is President Barack Obama himself,” said former Deputy Sheriff of Florida County and current talk-show host Carl Gallups in an interview with WorldTribune.
“It was Barack Obama who said for 16 years, along with his publisher that he was ‘Kenyan born,’” said Mr. Gallups, referring to the promotional materials for Mr. Obama’s book by his literary agency Dystel & Goderich prior to his presidential election that referred to him as having been “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia.” Mr. Obama’s bio was changed on the agency’s website in April, 2007, stating he was born in Hawaii. When Breitbart News broke this story, Miriam Goderich issued a press release stating that “a fact-checking error” occurred while she worked as an agency assistant. In other words, for sixteen years, the “error” had gone undetected.
Mr. Gallups, host of Freedom Friday, a pastor for 30 years, author of the Amazon best seller The Magic Man in the Sky, is now the premier media reporter covering the investigation. He has been given a unique position of trust and confidentiality in the case due to his extensive law enforcement background. Mr. Gallups also accompanied Lt. Zullo to CPAC and Capitol Hill earlier this year in order to present the evidence to politicians.
“Barack Obama has not been vetted,” said Mr. Gallups. “It is the responsibility of Congress to determine the eligibility of any candidate to hold office. The Senate examined whether Senator John McCain was qualified to run for president and concluded that he was. Yet, no one has done the same for Mr. Obama.”
Mr. Gallups explained that he, like most Americans who first hear about this, assume someone, somewhere has determined that a candidate running for office, especially the highest office in the land, has documents that have been thoroughly examined. “Yet, the procedure to run for office is for a political party to endorse a candidate,” said Mr. Gallups. “The Democratic National Committee determined that Mr. Obama was eligible. Once a party endorses a candidate, the individual states are not required to do any examination. The only other agency required to do the vetting is the Electoral College. But in this case, they did not do so either.”
“Everyone feared a public backlash of some kind,” explains Mr. Gallups of attempts to thoroughly vet Mr. Obama prior to 2008. Yet, based on his expert analysis as a former law enforcement officer, the long-form birth certificate document is indeed a fabrication.
“From the beginning, I have always said, as a law enforcement officer and patriot, if I can be proven wrong, I will back down, will declare my mistake and apologize.” He has issued numerous public challenges for anyone with credible evidence to come forward.
“This is not fun; it is not easy,” he said. “I have been marginalized and insulted simply for stating the truth of the matter. As a patriot, ex-cop, father and grandfather, I know what I know. Please prove me wrong. I will back away.”
Mr. Gallups echoes the sentiment of many who have looked at the evidence: initial dismissal, then shock, disbelief, an assumption that it is all a mistake that will quickly be debunked and then the horror of concluding that the certificate Mr. Obama has presented is fake.
What many in the media fail to grasp is that so-called “birthers” would rather be wrong than right. It is more upsetting for many of them to believe that this kind of crime can be committed than that it was not.
The difference between a conspiracy theory and a crime is that a conspiracy theory cannot stand against the test of forensic evidence. Those who dismiss this investigation as merely “kooky” must answer these questions: Are leading experts in their field who have provided their professional assessment to a criminal investigation merely to be ignored?
Why would these experts risk their reputation and also commit perjury? It is therefore kookier to disregard these assessments summarily than to view them with an unbiased eye.
The evidence currently being accumulated by the Cold Case Posse requires consideration. It is time for Congress to do its constitutional duty and examine all this hard evidence in the clear light of day.
Grace Vuoto is the Editor of Politics and Culture at World Tribune, host of American Heartland with Dr. Grace on WTSB Radio and is the founder of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal.
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1st Thes. 4: 16-17.

Tom's Journal.

We shall have good, HOT weather in the Upper Peninsula for the whole week ahead with no showers in sight!  Hot, like 89 degree F., and that's OK with me, as the Sun is my friend and healer --for my skin and peace of mind.  However, some say that the sun is in a certain 'mode' or season, of giving off super 'flares' that could short out of kill our national electrical grid....Ouch!   I'll bet that the USA is NOT ready for that storm. 

There is so much nasty 'News' going on every single day, lately, to strike fear into our hearts and minds !!  Many folks take pills and anti-depressants to stay sane.  I have found that reading the Bible's promises of peaceful, joyful, love and security in Heaven help me to withstand the wiles and roaring of Satan the Devil....PTL [Praise the Lord]. 
    I ordered too many new 1599 Geneva Bibles by mistake, but will give one to Pastor Kevin Sullivan, @ Family Baptist church today, in a few minutes, and send the rest back, except one for me.  They are good, but I love my KJV --King James versions better...



Seven Raptures?

Q.  The number 7 is mentioned throughout the Bible. Recently I read an article dealing with the 7 raptures ( 5 have already come to pass and 2 more are waiting to happen).  The first 5 involved: Enoch, Elijah, Moses, Christ, and the old testament saints. The  future raptures involve the Church and the two witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Jesus Christ is right in the middle of all the 7 raptures as represented in the Menorah. Is this a true Biblical teaching?

A.  The rapture is a unique event where all living believers will suddenly be taken to be with the Lord without dying first (1 Thes. 4:16-17).  There is only one of these.  It is the rapture of the Church which will take place before the end times judgments begin. There are several other events that are considered models or types such as Enoch and Elijah who also went to be with God without dying first. All the others you mention are models of the resurrection, where believers who have died come back to life.  Jesus is the prototype of the resurrection.