Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Military Coup ?

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Hi Good Friends and Readers!

I fear that these two candid bits of confidential News and Facts are only TOO TRUE!   If I were NOT a KJV Bible loving/ believing Christian, I would be extremely depressed and blue after reading the two articles that make all the sense in the world.   An old African saying is:  "When two bull elephants fight each other -- the grass gets trampled."    We the People, are the grass right now, unless enough real Patriots get organized to do the job when TSHTF....  sorry, folks.   Laying the Bible aside for a moment,  there could be so many different variables in the world, and the USA,  EXCEPT FOR WHAT I CALL, the 'God Factor.'   I've got to keep telling myself that.... before things really melt down into a World War [3], we true Christians ought to be Raptured, and I would guess that SOME of you folks are tired of seeing that "R" word... LOL.   In the mean time, we Prep, and do what we can, to help others in any ways we can.   I have found that the Power of Prayer is mighty and it works !  

And when you read article number 2, you will understand why our Gov't is coming down hard on real Christians in the USA... and what a pity.   I highly recommend that all of us Christians try harder to share the GOSPEL with everyone we contact,  because the Lord has the 'only show in town' while the Earth is crumbling fast.   I used the term, "REAL Christians" often because there are so many FALSE Christians and CINO's...  'Christians in Name Only.'   Indeed, as the Gov't continues to put more pressure on Christians in the USA -- WE shall see our ranks thin out, perhaps from persecution, just as prophesied in the Word.   Good!   That will be exciting, huh?   Oh yes !!   And that will include many 'church-goers!'   AS we all should know...  'going to church no more make one a Christian, than standing in a mechanic's garage make one a car !'   Please don't be:  "Sheeple."   Get in the KNOW! 

I am sorry for forwarding some other stuff yesterday  that I did not first read myself-- that may have been unfounded and false.  Today, I DID read these articles before I decided to share them.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Listening to them now Tom, but put these along with what I read last night- it goes pretty well together...