Monday, August 26, 2013

Today at the VAMC --RAT RACE.

Tom's Journal.

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The VA nurses and staff started to get nervous this morning when I asked for a piece of paper to better store my thoughts when I explained that I was getting tired and DIZZY with their 'silly wild goose' baloney today.  Let's see.....  I went to the first available window at the Oscar G. Johnson VAMC hospital in the Iron Mountain, MI  49801 area, actually Kingsford, MI., and asked for a few extra bottles of oxygen when I drive my Ram truck around, go to the store.   Lately, for the past few years, I've been getting so winded, and starved for AIR TO BREATHE !!   After going to [being sent on a Merry-go-round trip] to multiple floors, and then that person wasn't even there, etc., etc.....   well, EVERY MOTHER'S SON--VETERAN KNOWS exactly what I mean, I finally got exasperated [just like they want to get!], I rode my handy power scooter to the ER and told them my story of getting jerked around.   Finally, after THREE long hours of chasing around,  they said that they had to check my blood oxygen level,  which was in the good zone, like 95-98.   So after the whole  morning was shot in the 'anatomy'  [and if I didn't have my power scooter] I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD, I got NOTHING for my bother!!    And I still have to wait for the 'Doctor's appointment, sometime in the future' ... now as I am still gasping for AIR ! ! !  WELCOME TO TRI -CARE, and the VA system, friends!!  And every smart, intelligent person I talk to believes that Obama-care will be ten times worse !!  Oh well, not to worry, Obama's got your back, right ??   Ha!    Sorry to burst your bubbles, folks,  but our dogs get better treatment.  Obama's dog got a personal jet !

Well,  I understand, that no body wants to listen to a cry baby, do I will end this tirade soon.   I just want you all to consider that a bonfide Disabled Combat Veteran-- 2 tours in Vietnam, age 63, also worked at Chrysler for 30.5 years, ou8ght to have SOMETHING to show for all those years of work and toil.   The reason why I have lots of close friends is because I am not a quitter, and the squeaky joint gets the oil !  And playing the 'devil's advocate' -- I've had a ton of earlier heart tests and prognosis last year, stating that I do have congestive heart failure.    But the VA doc's Think that my heart condition is weight related....  hummmmm!  The bottom line is:   I CAN BARELY BREATHE even with walking in the house, from the living room-- to the bathroom.   From my truck --- to the inside of the church !!  So go figure. 

U.P. North in Upper Michigan, at our humble country church, we've seen a 
goodly number of deaths in the short 2 years that I have been blessed to be a member of.    People work hard U.P. here, grow old, and die.  Period.  I think that it's a good place to raise a family, with clean air, water, huge forests and wild life!  The "Inner City" pollution, crime, greed, filth and corruption will not get here, and we won't allow it here.  Most of our people are Conservative, Christian, with many retired Military/ Veterans type, and we like it that way.    People hunt and fish, deer, turkey and fish, and love it!    And don't worry folks,  I  promised not the use the "R" word today.... for when God 'removes' His Saints and Believers from a crumbling Earth, when, in Revelation, the seals are removed, etc...Ha!
     Well, we got a 'hot spell' in the 90's for the rest of the week, but we have central A/C and will endure... PTL.

I hope that all my friends, readers, and fellow combat Veterans are doing OK, and please send a friendly email to say "Hey" and tell me what you think!
Have a great day!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013  

Deceiving and being deceived
The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:12, 13 that in the last days, "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived." Jesus warned in his Matthew 24 explanation of the end times, "Take heed that no man deceive you."  There is tremendous deception at the highest levels of leadership worldwide and American leadership is at the center of this deception. The occupant of the Oval Office is using deception to advance his passion to do the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood in establishing a worldwide Islamic Caliphate in direct opposition to the US Constitution and the word of God. Do not be deceived.

The occupant is rattling the saber to rush into Syria. He is trying to sell the American public and the world on the idea that the Syrian people are being mass murdered by their terrorist leader who is a vassal puppet of Iran. This is the very same page taken from the occupant's Libya playbook, where he claimed the Libyan people were threatened by their dictator Muammar Qadhafi in March 2011. Yet Qadhafi claimed that al Qaeda was behind the rebellion in Libya. Indeed, he was correct. It was the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda that was ginning up the rebellion and the White House was their key supporter. It is the very same in Syria--the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda are the opposition to the Syrian regime.

While the occupant is trying for the second time this year to pin chemical weapons use on the Syrian regime, there are indicators that cast doubt on the story. Just as in April, the White House, parroting the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda narrative, tried to justify military support of the "rebels" using a claim of chemical weapons use. That claim was debunked when it was concluded that the sarin gas used was not military grade and was likely used by the very people the occupant wants to support. There is enough evidence that the current claim of chemical weapons use in Syria was also not military grade as reported by the Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Further, there is a story written by The Daily Star claiming that at least four Hezbollah fighters were receiving treatment in Beirut after coming "into contact with chemical agents while searching a group of rebel tunnels in Damascus over the weekend." Hezbollah is a terrorist arm of Iran and has been fighting as an ally along side the Syrian military against the White House-supported al Qaeda and other rebel factions. It would make little sense for the Syrian government to gas its own fighters while trying to kill its own people. It is consistent with the occupant's mode of operation to have the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda kill the Syrian people and try to blame it on the Syrian government. Libya is an example. Do not be deceived--both sides are doing evil. It is a sad statement that America is even involved.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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