Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Killer Soda."

Tom's Journal.

cmblake6 posted: ""
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     Hello Friends !!
May the Lord Bless and help all Believers who read this humble post, especially my dear wife and me !   I am on record for saying that WE WILL ADHERE TO A MORE HEALTHY DIET, and more exercise, so help us,  dear Lord in Heaven ! 

BTW,  IMHO, when I read the Psalms, it really helps reduce my stress level, and I highly recommend this method to others.   Better yet,  try hard to memorize some of your fav. scriptures.   ...For the day might come when Obama and his ilk might incarcerate Christians and take away our beloved Bibles.   Now.... are YOU 'Christians' really ready for something like that?   Where would YOU stand if the SS stormed the front door and asked if you were Christians ? ?  Just whose side would YOU be on ? ?   Why don't we just look up Matthew 10:38 ?   "He that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me is not worthy of me."  ---Jesus own words...   And that whole chapter is just LOADED with important like information !!  Honestly,  IF you don't own a bible or never even crack it open to read this stuff yourself.....  hang  your head in shame !    See:  The DEFINED KJV BIBLE.    []  Easy to read and understand, KJV, and priced very reasonable.  I have purchased many, and have even given some away, along with great Bible tracts, etc.   I have thought about being a Gideon many times, but my disability  took the wind out of my sales...
       Well, below is important to me too,  because the more healthy we are -- the better to serve the Lord, and  help others.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

>>>  this is a picture of me about 20 years ago, power lifter, and I only wish that I had that younger body again........

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EO --Executive Order...Bad.

Tom's Journal.

ATTN:  Kind Readers, Followers and Subscribers:  I think that THIS Sunday News report   [ TOM'S JOURNAL]  ought to be shared as much and as fast as possible.   Executive Order:  Slavery !   SLAVERY IN THE USA !!

I also got hooked onto a few videos about Micro Flying machines... bots of the near future, as this wicked age of the NWO, "Big Brother" that certain industries who get a break on Obama-care, of course, are building. 
12:06 China Is Building an Army of Robotics : Video Blow Your MindPrabh Stories247,905 views

  This is all lending to the Anti-Christ who is waiting in the wings, ready to 'take over' --- as I am very sure that Obama may be setting things up for [I don't really think it's him...].   But if stubborn, arrogant, prideful, UN-believers can's see the Biblical linkage here,  I feel sorry for them !     It just amazes me and many other lovers of God's Word -- how things are all coming together with such speed right now --EVERY SINGLE DAY!!  

And.... good people, who worry, feel bad, continue praying for their loved ones/ relatives, who STILL don't know and accept the Lord Jesus Christ, let me tell you that YOU are not the only ones who carry this heavy burden or worry.  It is well known in the book of Matthew, etc., that our enemies will be from our own households, and that Jesus came with a sword-- to divide people --  Believers, from the ungodly UN-believers !    All we can really do is to PRAY, and set a good, proper example, and let the Lord, and His angels do the 'separating work.'   I keep telling my wife...  that she will HAVE TO MAKE UP HER MIND WHETHER TO SIT DOWN WITH HER LOVED ONES AND SPEAK THE WHOLE TRUTH TO HER 'LOVED ONES' -- or bear the reality of losing them forever, of those "Left Behind !" 

According to Ezekiel,  we bear just that serious responsibility of the 'Watch Man on the tower/ Wall."  If we cannot seem to summon up the courage to speak and warn of the impending danger or the enemy [or the Day of the Lord, the Trib, the New Heavens and New Earth] -- we WILL have blood on our hands ! ! !  It's called,  "BLOOD GUILT !"   ALL Christians are to be Soldiers, Preachers, Soul Winners, as well as Believers !!   I am NOT some special, talented, spirit anointed man, one of the few people who is in charge, or sent forward to write a humble Blog or warning, or encouragement.  I am just a normal, average, regular, Christian, trying hard to do what is commanded of ALL Christians !!!   So.... just maybe I am skilled at welding, cutting steel, building, creating things.   Others can learn how to play guitar too !    Do you think that  you have  the  Holy Spirit ?  Guess what:  "It's Free -- don't cost a dime!"   All  YOU have to do is to ASK FOR IT, and He will come into your life and stay with you forever.  But  you have to be serious and sure that you want the Spirit, because this is a serious, 'forever kind of thing....'    
    Unfortunately,  I found God later in life, AFTER I'd done just about everything wrong in the world...  a sinner [yet, admired, respected by the 'World'], being a Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran...  I got the 'Good Conduct Medal', etc, etc. --Big Deal...  Whoop De Doo !..... duh, kind of like the Prodigal Son....  even as a 'smart',  educated, hard working man, father....     I thought the way to happiness was hard, smart work, study, money, investments, etc., and O, was I ever wrong !   My parents THOUGHT they were doing right, the way they raised us, and I fault them NOT.   But children don't come with instructions... lol, and I fell into the same pit fall as MY parents did, raising my own kids,  raising my children by what I CONSEDERED the "so-called Right way--  the Army way" B.S.     Thankfully, I snapped out of wrongful thinking, when my kids were all leaving the nest, and I TRIED to correct all my erroneous teachings, admitted my wrongs and mistakes, and begged my kids to LISTEN TO ME, and the Bible.  At least they all left that horrible 'church of the poisoned mind -- the JW group/ org !'   But there is much more to do  --- not just leaving a poison church group, SO-CALLED, friends.   I had to re-learn the Bible, the KJV Bible !  It was, kind of like, learning a new language.  And if that is what it takes to learn about SALVATION, thru the merit of Jesus' holy BLOOD, then that is what we must all do !!  Hey,  It only means our everlasting LIFE !!  As we used to say while working hard at the auto factory in Kenosha...  "It's the only game in town!"   It was very hard and dangerous work, but the pay and BENEFITS were so good!   People on the outside were soooooo jealous...  but they could not do the work to reap the same great benefits and pension, etc.,   So..  shut up or put up!  Just kidding......   Not.   And it's the same thing with being a combat Veteran.   IF, IF, by the grace of God, that you survive mortal combat [when you are young and stupid] you can REAP the rewards and good Benefits of the VA ... LOL.   Or, in my case, being crippled for life from the botched up, butchered, messed  up Right knee replacement,  courtesy of the Milwaukee VAMC [Veterans Administration Medical Center...  on West Wisconsin Ave, in Wisconsin !!  Thank you for making me a CRIPPLE !!!  -- AND ABUSING THE HECK OUT OF ME WHILE I WAS THERE IN YOUR RAT HOLE FOR 5 WHOLE DAYS!!   I ought to sue them $$$$$, but the 'end times' are just about here.
       And now, I am just starting to settle down with my new wife, Terri, and get to know her mind and heart.  There is a big difference between being a 'GOOD PERSON' and getting right with the Lord.  Just like having 'High Blood Sugar' -- it's not just a diet, but a new way of life  that is a MUST ! !  It's too bad that we need 'one foot in the grave' before we move on an important fork in the road, to save ourselves--- FROM OURSELVES...

Big Bear Hugs, Warm Regards,
tom Schuckman

THIS should NOT be a surprise to you people !!   Please see the short video below >>>

Check out the video 'Obama Executive Order 13603 Authorizes Slavery In The US'
This is a video released only yesterday on YOuTube. I need your help to make it go viral. This video needs to be seen by EVERY American.

Obama Executive Order 13603 Authorizes Slavery In The US
Obama Executive Order 13603 Authorizes Slavery In The US
Published on Aug 30, 2013 Slavery is once more legal in the United States. In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bob Powell reveals...
Video link:
Obama Executive Order 13603 Authorizes Slavery In The US


A comment from Mary Gomez: 

Sent from my iPad. Tom , hi! Thanks for the video . pretty sick stuff . They are really out of their minds ! This is what the Nazis did in Germany to their own people . I also want to congratulate you for coming to Christ , even if its a little later than others . The main thing is you did . It's never too late as long as we have breath in us . It takes a big man to admit to others publicly your regrets. God loves a humble spirit , we should all follow your example and confess our shortcomings to other believers . A humble heart wins many souls , and you , my brother are a soul winner . Keep up the good work , the time grows short . No evil lasts a hundred years , and God is very much on His throne looking after his children . Have a very blessed day . Mary

From Elaine Morris: 

I know two deacons in a church in Ft. Worth, TX and I have asked them twice, "why aren't you gathering your congregation to be more involved?
"We don't get involved in politics."