Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Will We be Judged?

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Hi Friends,
Well,  this short article is pretty 'cut and dried' -- to the point, clear as a bell !

IMHO, When I first heard the real truth about this subject of total FORGIVENESS, it took a while to really sink in --- because I had to weed out all the old false teachings of past false religion.   A friend of mine named Robby B, who worked with me on the Chrysler assembly line tried his level best to explain this to me, and with positive reinforcement-- the KJV Bible, etc.,  I finally accepted it.  Again,  it's the Holy Spirit that allows us to understand and digest these things.   In THIS case, the subject matter is honestly "too simple !"   We humans are/ were looking for a more complicated answer.....duh.   Some of those false TV preachers like to keep things mystic and cloudy, claiming that only THEY have some 'magic power'  or a funneled pipe line directly from God, like the JW org...  church of the poisoned mind!   How many good, honest people have been sucked into their false Org, poisoned and led to hell  ???  I was one of the few blessed ones who questioned their false authority, and exited their WatchTower Cult, PTL !   They both hate and fear me now....   although now I have bigger fish to fry, in these last days.  

But we have to insert that just because we have Grace and Salvation from our past, present and future sins --- doesn't give us license to go robbing, raping and pillaging thru towns like the heathen and Islamic sort!  Our Lord commands us to FOLLOW HIS COMMANDMENTS, and follow His lifestyle and perfect example !!  And we may not always get the correct information from some church preacher...  so we best READ THE WORD, daily!   I highly recommend buying an inexpensive DEFINED KJV Bible.   Just go to:   biblefortoday.org

My pretty wife is visiting her son in Wisconsin for a few days, and I know that I will be lonely then.  Please leave a comment on this Blog...  it's not so hard, and let's visit.   I sure need to expand my circle of Christian friends, etc.
    Sometimes I get a grouchy,  negative, picky comment,  even from so-called Christians, but 99% of all my comments are warm, complementary and kind!

Also, this is the best TIME to invest in some Silver, if you can.......  but also in quality Bible Tracts to hand out to people.  I just got some more:  CHICK PUBLICATIONS in my snail mail this morning!!   Website:  www.chick.com        --from Ontario, CA.   phone:  909-987-0771.  I like to leave a good tract along with a good tip when we eat out.   And they are great to put in little kids' bags along with some candy.... LOL, although I do not celebrate that Satanic holiday..... !    I would rather tell and inform people about the truth and the Light --Jesus Christ, and Salvation!  Please check them out.    Make hay while the sun shines !

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman


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Will We Be Judged For Unconfessed Sins?

Q. I recently heard a teacher state that Christians will be judged for their sins which have not been confessed. He said that if sins were confessed and forgiveness was asked, the sins would not have to be accounted for. However, he said that if we have unconfessed sin, we will be judged for it, not for salvation, but be judged for it nevertheless. Is this something that is Biblical? I can’t seem to find this teaching for judgment of Christians for their sins.

A. Stop and think about this for a minute. None of your sins had been committed when Jesus went to the cross and died for them. And yet Colossians 2:13-14 says He forgave all our sins. That means all the sins of our life, not just the ones we’ve confessed, were covered at the cross.  When we accepted the Lord’s death as payment for them the slate was wiped clean.  2 Cor. 5:17 says if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, that the old has gone and the new has come.  In Romans 7:18-20 Paul taught that all our sins belong to the old self, not the new one.   Hebrews 10:14 says by His one sacrifice he has made us perfect forever.  You couldn’t confirm this person’s  teaching in Scripture because it doesn’t exist there.

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