Friday, November 1, 2013

A Crack in the Foundation.

Tom's Journal.

I highly recommend that every good person with a heart on fire for Jesus, get 'The Daily Jot' in their own mail boxes soon!   I am at that age when I am seeing too many of my old friends die [too young], and many from the rigors of war, including Agent Orange, etc.  At the very least, I wish to leave some good things behind.  That has always been my goal -- to contribute something to society and my loved ones. 
    I just mailed a snail mail letter, hand written, to my oldest daughter in Milwaukee, who is also "too busy" in this rat race, to phone, email, talk to her old Daddy, asking her to meet us someday soon for dinner and talk/ visit.   But this very thing was mentioned in the Bible --in the Last Days,  Matthew 24, and Timothy, where there would come a time where natural affection, love, and human kindness would slip away....   I call my own Mom in a different State almost every day, and also drive the long distance every few months to visit her, and buy her some groceries, etc.  But we lived in a different, kinder, gentler era... LOL.  Sure, we all had good times and bad times, but a mature person learns how to forget the bad and cling to the good stuff !!   And when I compare my own life with others -- it wasn't so bad at all.  My mother says that I had a very rough and pain filled life, and that I should just take it EZ and enjoy the time I have left...   and I do!  
      When I was young, I was inspired by good  teachers and books, and dreamt of high adventure with lots of action.....  and I did it all !!!  But when a person is super active, he is bound to stub his toes a few times, and hopefully learns from his mistakes.   I wish I could have learned the easy way without breaking so many bones, and motorcycles, etc.   I never use the term "Lucky" -- but I do use the correct term, "Blessed."   For some reason, the Great God of the KJV Bible LOVED ME A LOT, and always protected me from death, even in combat, even as I jumped and volunteered from one hot spot to another!   It's just incredible as I look back  -- and lay in bed at night thanking the Lord for my bounty, and life, but most of all the privilege of finding Him before it was too late, and making a strong promise to follow His Son, Jesus Christ, forever.

Just like the last Chapter and verse of Eccl. that Solomon wrote --- about the sum total of man's responsibilities in life....  "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter.  Fear God and keep his commandments,  for this is the whole duty of man.   For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil."  ~Ecclesiastes 12: 13 and 14.   My 40 plus years of intensive Bible study were NOT in vain, and I still don't know enough, IMHO ! !   But that doesn't mean a person can't be Saved after a brief hour of Gospel explanation of the pure Truth that leads to heaven !  If their heart is so inclined, a smart, wise person will 'see the light' and seize the day by joining the Army of God, and then start getting to know  the Lord, thru serious Bible study.    And I can truthfully say:   That if a person like me, a sinner, can reach out and find the Lord, with all my imperfections, anyone can, who has the desire.  That is my personal opinion.

I am going to get a haircut today, later, and maybe cut off my beard !   We shall see what kind of mood I am in latter. 

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman     ---November 1st,  2013.

Here is a picture of my first born daughter and me, Barbara Ann Schuckman.   I love her with all my heart and wish her well.   Now.... who says the beard should be cut off ?

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013  

An acid crack in the socialist foundationIt wasn't just under this occupant of the Oval Office that America began her descent into democratic socialism. Need we be reminded of the price and wage controls by Richard Nixon, or the four terms of Franklin Roosevelt, or the horrible mess made of the country by Jimmy Carter, or the Clinton years, or the second Bush term? But this president has made those one world order folks look like amateurs. He has done exactly what he said he would do. And he has abused his power, committed treason, rendered the Constitution ineffective, and mocked God in the process. It seems as if he were reading this, he would probably look in the mirror, strike that pose with his nose up in the air and say, "Yep, I did that."

Moreover, the Democratic leadership in Congress is proud of these socialist victories and doesn't mind telling everyone about them, as they weave their story by spewing vitriol toward every common-sense, God-fearing, fiscally responsible American. And the Republicans...what can be written about them? They are non-existent on the public stage as an opposition party. Mouthy Senator John McCain may as well be dressed as Fidel Castro. House Speaker John Boehner is really good at drawing ceding lines in the sand and appearing magnanimous in admitting defeat. He beats a pretty good drum, but he can't march a lick. These people are not inept. They are bought into a system that is distinctly anti-American.

But there may be a tiny crack developing in this gnostic/godless socialist foundation. When asked if the president is abusing his power In an interview on "America with Jorge Ramos," Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz said, "I think he has absolutely been abusing his power and when you have a president who says "regardless of whether Congress acts I'm going to force my agenda on the American people," that's wrong, that's not consistent with our constitutional protections." Finally, a man with some courage taking on all these thieves in their den. Yet emails abound around the internet about his wife's connections to the one world order and all sorts of evils.

In playing chess, I may not like to use a certain piece, but I will if it assists me in controlling the middle of the board. I would rather we get behind someone who may be chipping away at the acid crack in the beast establishment than be sacrificed without use. I was reading "Of Plymouth Plantation" where the Pilgrims were negotiating with King James about coming to America. One of the stipulations they put in their proposal was: "Acknowledge obedience to the king, unless he commands them "against God's word."" Our leaders are commanding us against God's word. We are forced to support evil by merely paying our taxes.

Psalm 33:12 says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD." Exodus 18:21 says leaders should be selected who are "able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness." As men and women in God, we must demand accountability. It really starts in the pulpit and extends beyond. Control what you can control. If your pastor does not support righteousness in leadership, find one who does. We need to start in the house of the Lord. And we need to get behind those standing for overcoming evil. Let's turn the acid crack into a gaping hole filled with the righteousness of the Lord.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!  - Bill Wilson,  The Daily Jot
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Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
- Bill Wilson, Daily Jot