Friday, December 6, 2013

Comforting News and Tidings!

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
In a dismal world, in a cold, heartless, despairing season, [especially when/ if you are all alone, or homeless, as I have been, like in the harsh Winter of 1994-5, in Milwaukee, for a short time... before Chrysler finally called me back.  but I think that is what the Lord planned to "break me down and humble me... and that is when I "FOUND HIM!" ]  -- today we have some very comforting tidings, and mindset to tuck away into our ditty bag, mates!   IN FACT,  I WAS VERY BITTER FOR MANY YEARS AFTERWARD, that not one member of my family cared enough to take me in for that  very hard, cold Winter... and I was NOT  a drunken bum, but actually getting good grades in college, studying more Welding, etc., at MATC!  And that following Spring when I got called back to Chrysler at Kenosha, WI.,  I was suddenly "RESPECTABLE" again, when I had money....Ha!!   Maybe that is why I pushed so hard, worked hard, had my own side business/ Welding shop, plus Financial PFS Investments independent contractor  business, too,  going for me.    My father was Navy, and that is why I joined the Army... LOL !  I never wanted to be like him....  but ended up copying much of his 'stuff.'   Sometimes the 'apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.'   And rearing children doesn't come with a set of instructions....  and I used to tell my 3 kids, "Just wait until you have kids of your own, and see what you put me through!!"   The ultimate punishment is that kids have kids just like them!  Ha!  But... in order to really become a good Christian, I HAD TO forget my hatred and revenge, and FORGIVE all those who hurt me, when I was down and out.  So, I have come full circle, and am a better man for it, I think.  We carry the good times in our pockets -- and the bad times in our hearts.  I know that everyone has a 'hard luck story,'  but you will USUALLY hear me say how blessed I am, and that's correct.
      I just read a post of tithing as a Christian... and of course Christians are NOT under any pressure or "command" to Tithe [that means:  give one tenth of their wealth to the church].  But when we do give to a good, bible teaching church, the Lord always seems to give us much more back --in return.  So it's been that way with me, the past 15 years or more, that I've really known the Lord as my personal Savior.  [smile].   Dear Friends,  the reason I am dumping on you today is because I want you all to know that things didn't just drop out of the sky/ or were easy for me, in my life, either.  I had to study HARD to make things stick into my brain, and work hard for everything I have today.  And getting back up after many serious injuries, plus 2 years in Vietnam, some folks claim that God MUST HAVE LOVED ME VERY MUCH, to keep me alive all this time.  I am thinking/ hoping and praying that a few people read this humble blog post today, and don't feel too sorry for themselves,  that they are not the only ones who have had to fight hard to survive !!  God bless all my Believing brothers and sisters, in the Faith, in Jesus Christ ! !   
        And I also have a good friend in NH, named, Jerry B., who had a rough life too, who worked hard to achieve the top slot in his Fire Dept [Chief].... also a grunt in the Army --Vietnam [grunt,  means: Infantry].  He suffers from some  toxins that OUR Gov't dropped on Vietnam, AO, --- that seriously affected many of our own troops at that time, with lingering effects.  Please pray for him and his wife too.

The big reason that I like Hal Lindsey so much --- is that he and I agree with most everything he says!  Woo Hoo!   But Hal puts a certain 'twist' on his statements that gives them "zing!"  We CAN and SHOULD take comfort in knowing why we cannot and will not be able to live a pure, perfect, Christian life while on earth!  Only a PERFECT MAN could do such a thing.... and no man could ever keep the Mosaic Law Covenant.   It's like an alcoholic finally admitting that he simple cannot use booze in any form,  because he is "allergic" to it, and for him, it is a poison !!  Think how many family get- togethers are/ were spoiled when a member got drunk and abusive at Christmas time, etc.   When a person puts too much [or ANY] dog water in his mouth, it will make him foolish and silly.  And how about taking an innocent life with vehicular homicide.... and being locked in jail over the holidays? ?   I have never had that happen to me... PTL.   But I messed up plenty of other times and brought shame upon myself.  My fine wife told me she doesn't care if I have some beer or wine, but she doesn't like me to ever drink 'dog water' ...whiskey, and I agree with her.   Drunkenness is a serious SIN, and can quench the Holy Spirit, and inhibit our prayers to God!   Please take my word for it, and the Bible's too, dear friends.

Anyone who could KEEP the Law of Moses [and every time you see the term Law, capitalized, it means the Law God gave to Moses, at Exodus, chapter 20, that included over 300 laws -- not just the Ten Commandments, like so many uninformed 'Christians' believe.]  would LIVE FOREVER!!  But that's just the point...  no human ever could!  Except for Jesus Christ, and He died on the Cross.   So, the Law Covenant was made to MAGNIFY the sins and shortcomings of mankind, not to set them free.  It's true that the "Truth will set you free."  But really, the sacrifice of Jesus' blood on the cross set us all free  -- those of us who are humble enough to put ALL our faith in Jesus.  
   Friends,  I usually KNOW when I post something really GOOD!   I also know/ think when I post something just mediocre.... lol.   But without YOUR truthful comments, I will never know for sure !  At the bottom of each post, you will see the words:  Comments.  You just need to click on that word, and then type out your comment.  Simple.
     Our U.P. air temp. today is below zero....   brrrrr!  Frozen Tundra.  Keep Warm, and cuddle with your legally married wife, brothers.  My wife is running her 'erronds' all over town this morning, and still won't be home for a few hours...  even driving to a near by town called Norway, MI., to feed and water her daughter's chicken's on the farm.   What a caring Mom, huh ??  She also does alot to take care of an old, cantankerous, disabled Veteran that I know.....  Tom Schuckman.  My goal for the month and Winter is to lose 75 pounds !!  Help!  Prayers requested, please.  Thanks.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Please click and view the video, Prophcy Signs for Dec. 4th, 2013, that I PROMISE will knock your socks off ! ! !   It's a longer type video but jam packed with some serious eye popping Info that all Believers, and everyone else need to know.  I was truly blessed to watch it today, just now.  PTL.

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----a very cold and snowy, Old Milwaukee, when my Mom was growing up in the 'good old days.'  I love my Mom, and intend to call her up today...

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December 6th, 2013

This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
Last week, I discussed why it's important for us to understand and fully appreciate what it means to be truly secure in our salvation and relationship with God. It is reassuring to realize that we can be fully confident in the keeping power of the Holy Spirit and understand that nothing in heaven or in earth can remove us from the protective and loving hand of God.

Many Christians become discouraged over how difficult it is to live the Christian life. In his discussion of the purpose of the Law of God, the Apostle Paul points out that it is not difficult to live the Christian life -- it's impossible! He said that's one of the reasons the Law was given: to show man that he cannot measure up to God's expectations on his own. He needs God's help.

I also discussed the folly of believing that once we are saved by grace through faith, we can live an overcoming life in the power of our own self-effort. Paul said the Law was given to drive us to despair of that self-effort and lead us to ultimate dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Remember, it's impossible to live a powerful Christian life unless we are completely confident in the security of that relationship. And the good news is, we can be!

This week, I want to continue this discussion of our security in Christ. I call it "Forever Secure."

I will delve deeper into the relationship between faith and grace and faith and works. Millions of Christians completely misunderstand the role of each in the believer's life.

I will show you what Jesus said about how to truly know the will of God.

We'll also look at the concept of the "carnal Christian" and what true believers can expect at the judgment seat of Christ. Did you know that many Christians will make it to heaven smelling of smoke? Judgment smoke.

And finally, I'll share with you the good news that some of the rough times you may be facing could well be cause for joy. The Bible says that God disciplines His sons and daughters. So, if you're going through God's disciplining, don't be discouraged, be grateful, for it means you're truly His child. Conversely, if you realize that you never experience God's correction and discipline in your life, maybe it's wise to reexamine your relationship with Him -- or even consider that perhaps you don't really have a relationship.

And if that's the case, there's no better time than right now to confess your sin, ask His forgiveness, and accept the free gift of pardon Jesus purchased for you with His death on Calvary. Do that in honesty and sincerity and you, too, can be forever secure in your eternal relationship with God.

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On a personal note, I am saddened by the passing earlier this week of my good friend Paul Crouch, Sr., the founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network. Paul, with his wife and co-founder Jan, resolutely pursued God's calling on his life to build a vast global television network to allow the Gospel to be heard in the far corners of the earth.

I was privileged to be part of that effort from its early stages. The miracles that Paul witnessed during the building of TBN are far too numerous to list. But God rewarded Paul's faithfulness and over the years ministers of the Gospel have been able to preach the Good News to the world through TBN's unprecedented global reach.

I thank God for Paul's life and ministry. I will miss his sense of humor and gracious heart. Most of all, I will miss his friendship.

Goodbye, my friend. You are gone but will never be forgotten.

God Bless,