Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Dems and RINO's are the same thing!

Tom's Journal.

Have you folks ever had a gut feeling of distrust... that someone was lying to you, but you couldn't prove it ? ?  How about attorneys, politicians, cops, Insurance salesmen, etc.??  Once upon a time I was offered a job/ position in a well known company that had to do with Life Insurance, Investments, house loans, etc., and after much training and study,  I found out that, generally speaking:   Bankers and Insurance salesmen are your worst enemies !!  Ha!  It's a racket, and their contracts are really a bunch of gobbledygook, nonsense, purposely designed to mix and mess you up !   I am sure that I will suddenly get all kinds of hate mail and threats now.... LOL.  Actually, any type of Life Insurance with the word, "Life" in it is the BAD STUFF, but I'd have to explain alot of it to you to fully make you understand.  And it's a very, very dry subject that few people will investigate/ look into.  So many people get screwed out of thousands of money in these schemes ....  sorry, when they should really buy Term Life Insurance and seek a well researched Investment in stead of:  Whole Life, Universal Life, You bet your Life, etc., where the money is bundled.... actually BUNGLED!   Never combine your life insurance with your investments or savings !!  I used to teach couples over the kitchen table about those things and how to cut corners, save money, and invest in the good stuff.   But now days, it's a whole different story about investments, and the Gov't WILL ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO STEAL YOUR HARD SAVED INVESTMENTS IF YOU ARE NOT EXTREMELY CAREFUL.... AND it has happened before, here, and in other countries.   Watch out for your 401K's, IRA's, pensions, and Savings too!   I have alot more special, secret info, but am afraid to post it here right now..... on where to physically keep your "treasures", precious metals, etc. ... and certainly NOT in a bank!   My email:   

Some people go into shock and disbelief after it is proven to them about the truth I was just talking about !  Some folks go into DENIAL!   But, the same can be said about true religion, the BIBLE, the Gospel of Jesus Christ!   And now, dear friends, how about the Democrats and the Republicans ???  Guess what ?   They are both the same, and probably laughing at us right now behind closed doors, just holding on to their fancy title and richly adorned offices and staff/ money !!   The article below gives you a good taste of what they are really all about, friends.  

Adolph Hitler told some super big whoopers too!  He blamed alot of problems on the Jews in Europe, and finally tried his best to exterminate them in the gas chambers in Germany, Poland, etc.,--WW-2,   and now the same baloney is starting again, and obama is promoting / supporting it !  Shame!  You will notice that I am so fond of citing the scripture:  Genesis 12: 3,  that warns against hurting Israel or stealing/ carving up her God- given land.   I believe this Bible warning with all my heart and soul.....   but then,  I am a Christian....  with my OWN HEAD ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK,  too.   I am sure that the day will come, even in America, when bloggers like me will be hurt, persecuted, banned, or even jailed and executed.  It's happening in other countries RIGHT NOW!!  We Christians pray for those poor brothers and sisters who are dying for their/ our Lord Jesus.  

Yes!  Jesus!  The only name in the universe that CAN Save a human being from the terrors of hell and banishment.   The only name in the world that can forgive your sins and get  you to heaven !!   Ponder on this, please.  The good pastor Kevin Sullivan, gave his sermon today with the same words and language as I am transferring on this humble blog post right now, and we [or course] are of the same mindset and 'camp.'   Well,  at least I had a chance to tithe [donate some funds to the church] today --- as I was sick, and also broke for the past few weeks.....   The more I give to the Christian church and fellow believers in need, the more Father God blessed me !!   But that's another subject for another time.

The reason I chose to write a few lines about the subject of our two, good for nothing political parties this evening, is because so many people invest so much time, effort and money....  sorry, folks.  So,  if indeed all we say is true about the Dems and the RINO's,  why waste you blood, sweat and treasure on them, when you could be 'storing up your treasures in Heaven ?'   I just happen to be part of the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS, and support them, because they have some 'think tanks' with good ideas on how to keep and hold/ support our dear U.S. Constitution.  The reason being [for my ulterior purposes] is that it's always BETTER to live in a FREE country with a Constitution that protects it's citizens against tyranny and injustice, such as we have now.   Just my humble opinion, folks. 

I am very tired again today, and now.  Good Night.


December 9, 2013
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A Diabolical Agenda is Being Pushed by Democrats & the GOP
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