Saturday, March 29, 2014

Killing the U.S. Dollar.

Tom's Journal.

My name is:   "Chicken Little," -- and the sky is falling.  I know this for sure because part of it hit me on the head this morning !!
     Hey guys!  When you put the puzzle together, you will get the whole picture, and no wonder Obama is arming all the goofy Gov't agencies with .40 cal. pistol ammo., etc !!   Because they know what will happen once the People realize they have been robbed of most everything !!   I suppose that my good, old Chrysler pension would be worth a hoot, either !    The Bible predicted this 2000 years ago, and God knew this would happen too.   It's all, after all,  just a repetition of ancient Rome, with all of it's corruption and immorality, and now we have a powerful "Nero" too, who has made himself the dictator, surrounded by cowards who rubber stamp everything he dictates!   'We reap what we sow.'   

The devil is super busy, even attacking solid Christians at this point, hoping to drag them away from beloved Lord Jesus Christ.    I have a constant fight on MY hands, battling the devil !!!    I am tired, weary, disabled, and kind of cranky these days, and can use all the help and prayers YOU guys can muster, please.  
     I had my first hard work out at the Gym this year, and now I am totally wiped out and tired.   I had to beat myself with a whip to finally drive to Bianco's Gym, in IM,    pUMPING IRON!!!   I  feel like I am retired, but in a 3 ring circus most of the day, just barely keeping up with all the paper work, bills, and final "Preparations" before the 'SHTF' [sorry to be so blunt and direct, folks...], and I know that I will lose a lot of 'Creature Comforts.'   But many folks in inner cities who never worked before, like 4th Generation Welfare Queens, etc., could soon be cut off the public tit, and of course, all those folks know is rioting, and pillaging stores and homes of those who HAVE WORKED ALL THEIR LIVES !!   That just isn't fair  --- and DON'T EXPECT THE POLICE TO COME AND PROTECT YOU !!  They just might be your enemies too.   Or they might just 'disappear' like they did when Katrina came visiting.   
      Just remember that WE Saved Christians always have that Hope of God's Salvation,  and the promised  Rapture !!    To reinforce your mind, heart and soul,  we all ought to just turn to the book of Psalms, and start reading at the 1st Chapter, and the 1st verse.   Just read a few [a few means:  3] chapters, and see if you feel stronger and ready to fight that devil, and his human henchmen, etc. !!!  It sure helps me, and I 'HAD TO' memorize the 1st part of that book after I joined the UR group, to help men and ladies quit bad habits,  like over drinking, getting drunk, smoking, swearing, anger, gambling, immorality, etc.   They have something like a 97% success rate !!!   906-774-8239 is the phone number of my personal friend,  Pastor Kevin Sullivan,  who takes the lead at the small, country Christian church where my find wife, and I attend....  Family Baptist church, in Iron Mountain, MI   49801 [or is it Kingsford....duh?]    Anyway,  Pastor "Sully" is a very busy man, and a master brick layer too, who could really use your financial support and prayers, PLEASE.    Sometimes, I even need to help him with gas money, as he has so many ministries in the area, like his 'Jail Ministry' where he is allowed to go into the County Jail, and minister to the incarcerated, fallen people there, even giving them KJV Bibles, and showing them, leading them to Salvation in the blood of Jesus Christ.   Yes,  they have to pay for their crimes here on Earth, but after they are SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS, they can KNOW FOR A FACT, as the Bible says, that they are going to heaven, and that just may be sooner than later !!   I try to work my own sort of ministry too, by this humble Blog:  TOM'S  JOURNAL, and every day, preaching and handing out my Bible tracts, and Bibles too.  The :   "Fruitage of the Lips!"   And  EVERYONE who has a good, well grounded, basic knowledge of the Bible can, and should share the Gospel !!!      And I have  a secret weapon...  The Brotherhood of Saints!   They are the fellowship of other Saved Christian brother I know, all over the world, that email, phone or write me.  Bless You, my Brothers in Christ!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

  • The process of killing the U.S. dollar‏

The process of killing the U.S. dollar

 By Doug Hagmann

wrote about it nearly one year ago to the day. The Obama agenda is to simply “kill the U.S. dollar,” where the ultimate objective is to implement an international currency in tandem with a system of global governance.

Some people laughed, saying it was hype. Others held a death grip onto their normalcy bias, saying it was not possible.  Exactly a year later, the stage is being set for the murder of the U.S. dollar. This is a process that has been long in the planning, and is no accident, nor is it a result of the amateurish handling of our economic affairs by the Obama regime or the last few presidential administrations. It is a deliberate process, covered by the fog of the geopolitical machinations between the U.S., Russia and the controlling power elite.

The U.S. dollar is now exhibiting signs of cheyne-stoking, as it is in its last phase of life. It is obvious not only by “Old Yellen’s” lipstick-to-pig process, but by the actions of Russia in response to our caliphate building process in the Levant and Eastern Europe. It is asymmetrical warfare at the highest of levels, as Putin knows the sting created by the deliberate destruction of the Ruble from years ago.
Those who don’t yet understand what is taking place may be enlightened by rereading my article from March 30, 2013, which contains information given to me by an intelligence insider and is actively taking place as I write this. For the current state of our economic affairs, Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge explains the active process well in his article “Petrodollar alert: Putin Prepares to Announce Holy Grail Gas Deal with China.”  While the eyes of the world are transfixed in thousand yard stares at their televisions in a new reality show involving the disappearance of a Boeing 777, our wealth is being plundered.

This is all part of a process that ties together seemingly disparate events such as the Arab Spring, the take-over of Libya, the continued attempts to destabilize Syria, and, of course, our meddling in Ukraine. All of these events are interrelated, as are the so-called “banker deaths,” which are obviously much more. One simply has to step back and look at the big picture to understand exactly how we are being led into a global governance of wealth confiscation, redistribution and financial bondage.

Many have wondered why the federal government needs all of the ammunition and military style equipment on the streets of America. When people suddenly realize that they have no more retirement or savings left and no way to sustain themselves, it will get ugly. Some will be convinced that it was all a series of unfortunate misdeed, or some cosmic accident that Americans and those who trade with the U.S. dollar are unable to buy food, gas and other necessities. In reality, however, it was all planned long ago. Soon, we’ll see the effects of those plans

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