Monday, March 24, 2014

Smart, Common, Sense.

Tom's Journal.

"JohnnyB,    survival really depends on what one's heritage consist of, my folks
have always had to prepare for winters by putting up stores of food, smoke
houses, root cellars, canning. Those that are dependent on others for their
survival are simply dangerous. A vast majority of people have to purchase a full
bill of groceries every week or they go without and I fear them more than the
gov't because of their numbers and close presence."

Friends,   I 'cut and paste' this comment from one of the several "Prepper" web sites that I belong to, for a reason.   To show my faithful readers just what kind of real mentality lurks behind the goofy, sarcastic, tell tale smiles of our so-called neighbors that most of us have living near us, in the big cities, at least.   I happened to agree with the Patriot who wrote the above comment,  BTW.  
    Now, dear friends,  I also know that there is a lot of hype, lies, mis-information, and scammers out there trying to make a buck by "Fear-mongering"  and by selling 'snake oil' and junk, stealing money from people who are afraid of the future, selling things that are worthless or over priced, feeding upon others' fears!   I strongly dislike such varmints and greedy hucksters !!  But when a man or woman does the research, in his Army TM's [Technical Manuals], Sports magazines,  on-line,  info from other combat Vets, Survivalists,  and smart men, who just want to save money and BE PREPARED,  I applaud him and her !  Hoo-- Rah!   I like to help good, honest, hard working people, and get a good, warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart, and God loves a Christian full of love for his fellow man.   I also used to take my family camping OFTEN  when we were all younger,  and loved to teach them how to survive, fish,  hunt, skin, clean, gut, prepare, cook over a wood fire,   in style, in the woods, etc.   My son, Andy, loved to camp out with his friends  later on in life.   I sure do miss him so much!!   I camped out in a  warm place called, Vietnam, too.... living in a tent for 8 months, in early 1968.  
      I also remember buying and saving a lot of toilet paper for the Y2K scare, so we had  enough that lasted for the next 2 years after that... lol.   We gave away most of the canned foods and rice, beans, etc.,  we had saved to the local   Victory Baptist church/ school, in Kenosha, WI., when the good pastor, Earl B. Wise, was serving there, [He helped and taught me a LOT!!--- and I miss him dearly!]   ---that put it to immediate good use, and  we got a modest tax write off for it all...  so we were glad that one hand washed the other!   PTL.   My parents, on the farm, were  pretty much the same way, as were most of our farm neighbors, in that we all had beef butchered and put into our 2 freezers, and stayed well fed all Winter, etc.  Dad taught my brother and I how to butcher and freeze wild game, and farm animals which we raised our self.   The Bible says that this work is not only normal, but WISE !   It is the lazy one that will not lift a finger, but relies on others to feed him !!!   Shame on him/ her !  
       So, thanks to all the goofy -minded people who voted for Obama, we now have HALF OF THE USA WORKING HARD --- TO FEED THE OTHER HALF OF OUR POPULATION, WHO WILL NOT WORK....   EVEN THOUGHT THEY CAN !   Shame !   If in deed, the American dollar is decreasing in value, and other countries are pushing to change the "Petro-Dollar" with perhaps the Russian, Japanese or Chinese currency,  that would have a disastrous effect on OUR  fragile, crippled, economy, forcing much higher interest upon us, and also jacking up the cost of food, gas, and energy !!!    Entitlements, food stamps and welfare, might fast be on the 'chopping block' when money is short !!   We already have 4 or 5 Aircraft carriers just sitting in a row,  on the East Coast, without fuel,  because the Obama Gov't claims that they cannot afford to gas them up.... duh !!    But then, the Obama family has got to flaunt their frequent, ultra expensive vacations all over the world at the rest of us, who are trying to survive on baloney ....   duh.   His own Democrats will actually hunt him down some day, I fear, and treat him like  Benito Mussolini....  not a pretty sight.    But just look what he's done to chop up and dismember, our Military and Disabled Veterans,  etc ? ? ?    
     With my already HIGH taxes,  don't even expect ME to give any more of my blood, sweat and tears, and TAXES, nor anything else to the illegal aliens and lazy people who actually LAUGH AT ME FOR BEING STUPID ENOUGH TO WORK....  FOR THEM !!   I have the right to protect hearth, home, and loved ones, against ANYBODY who would invade my home or territory to steal from me !!   And I have taught my wife,  and dog to "protect" too !!    I need not go into anymore detail about the how's, way's and means, of protection,  but I also organize others about  some of my activities, also the U.S. Constitutional Freedoms and Rights, also the Bible.     Suffice it to say, that 'If I hit someone over the head with a base ball bat in the dark of the night, who is breaking and entering my castle, with what ever intention, and they die as a result, the Law would find me INNOCENT !!   And I also have engaged an attorney and pay him a fee every month, to gain such info and education ' protection.   Because once people break in and take your goods and weapons --- you will never get them back!   Without food, water and weapons, a family will get sick and die.   It's as simple as that, folks.   Read 'em and weep !

So, even if I am retired, and could can watch TV or golf all  my waking hours,  I have educated myself, and worked HARD all my life.   There is also a heaven and a  hell, as Jesus said.   "Don't tread on me."   I live by a set of RULES, and expect others to do the same !!   The good thing about the 2nd Amendment is that others don't know what you might be carrying  concealed,  on your person.... and so it's important to conduct yourself with kindness, courtesy,  and civility at all times.   A little old lady might be packing a  very sharp blade [see:],  or a big, old,  "Hog Leg" [gun]...  go BANG ---BOOM !!  Beware.  Get the picture??
     Have a nice day!   [smile].

---We used to call these:   M-16's.,  down below, in early, 1968... in a warm, tropical place called:  Cu Chi, RVN.,  Not far from the Cambodian Mountains.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman  

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