Monday, March 17, 2014

The Daily Jot, and you.

Tom's Journal.

I just started TODAY, supporting this worthy ministry site, "The Daily Jot,"  but have been re-posting The Daily Jot, for years already.   His news letters have helped me immensely, in sharing the true Word of God!   I urge my readers to help join in too.   I could only afford to kick in a check for $50. today, but I wrote down the mailing address in a separate notebook/ record book that I keep in my office.  My wife, Terri, "allowed" me to have a 'man cave', sanctuary/ office, when I moved U.P. here two years ago, from the 'Land of Cheese" --Wisconsin, and there by sold my old house in Union Grove, WI., finally, after much effort and hard work.   What an Albatross around my neck, as the value of houses went South, and hurt many people.  You see,  that part of our failing economy doesn't get fair mention too much either.  But don't worry, friends,  times WILL GET MUCH WORSE... LOL.  

And as things do get worse,  'Lift your heads high, for you know that your deliverance is nigh [near] !'   So....  here is a fine line, dear people,  IF, IF, you KNOW that the Bible says these things -- that Jesus, and the apostle Paul clearly said that the world MUST become darker, more violent, mixed up, crazy, with the devil working over time, etc.,  don't get too upset, please !!  Because for true, Bible smart/ educated Christians, our DELIVERANCE is so near, and the Rapture could come any time now !!  All the 'End Time' prophesies have been fulfilled, and there is nothing stopping us now --- save the exact number of Gentiles who are going to Beam up to a 'Safe and Beautiful Place.'    Yet, human tragedy, death and suffering, are still part of our lives on Earth, so we are exhorted to continue to 'meet together regularly, to help incite each other with love and kindness, at the Christian meetings [church, etc], if there is one in your local area.   We are blessed U.P. here as we have a hard working preacher/ pastor, named, Kevin Sullivan, at Family Baptist Church, in Iron Mtn., MI  49801.   I just happen to be his personal friend, and spiritual brother in Christ !!   He, I, and my pretty wife, Terri, all have a lot in common, all being builders, and carpenters of sorts, hunting and fishing folks, and just love to sit in our living room and talk/ visit !!    Yes !  We are truly blessed, also, with other members of the Congregation, and all the love, respect, that they shower upon me, is addictive and well received.   PTL.  

I have a busy day ahead of me.   The tips of my fingers are mostly split open from dryness, even though I put medicated cream on them at night, and wear thin, cotton gloves to keep the medicine on, and not on the bed clothes...  duh.
    I would also encourage my close friends to buy sliver and gold, NOW !!  Yes!  I mean TODAY!   Something is 'coming our way, in the USA, as foreign countries are pulling their precious metals out of our country, to be on the 'safe side.'   Shhhhhhh !  The American dollar is collapsing, in my humble, studied, opinion.   But let us keep this to ourselves, please, so we don't start a 'run on the goods' -- and then there will be no more good deals, as the prices of gold will be driven UP, UP and AWAY !  
     I  read about 4-5 hours per day, being disabled, and have trouble walking far, and so these things are a matter of great import to me.   Right now, the total price of buying silver is about $25/ troy oz. !   I, personally, expect that to double in the next 6 months.... shhhhh !   I could be wrong, but I am not the guy to gamble with my limited amount of retirement dollars/ pension that I still get every month.   And who really knows when or if, that pension from Chrysler might dry up, due to mismanagement or Gov't "decree ?"    With that Muslim impostor in the WH, who can know what the demons put in him mind ?   And I'm sure that he or his henchmen will behead me for what I post, and also beware of Face Book, too !

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

The Daily Jot

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NOTE: When writing about God and Jesus, The Daily Jot means YHVH as God and Yeshua Ha Mashiach as Jesus--the actual original names and the true nature and character of them. 

Monday, March 17, 2014 
Christian persecution, The Daily Jot, and you 
I have passed through Kano, Nigeria on many trips to Ghana, West Africa where there is an extension of The Daily Jot ministry headed by my friend of 22 years and brother in the Lord, William Agbeti. Kano is a remote village with a small jet port used for refueling air traffic from Europe. It also has a small Christian school and some surrounding villages. It is the focus of Islamic terrorists whose sport is to slaughter Christians. Just last Friday night, AP and FOX News report that Fulani Muslim herders attacked three Christian villages, killing over 100 men, women and children and raising the villages.  This is becoming a normality rather than an exception in West Africa, and very few care about it. 
When you support The Daily Jot ministry a small portion goes to the reporting and analyzing of the news from a Biblical worldview. A significant portion supports feeding and clothing the poor, and assisting pastors in establishing the light of Christ as an alternative to Islam in the rural areas of West Africa. This is very dangerous business. I have preached in some of these remote areas and the Islamists do everything they can to disrupt and harass--even during our services. In our absence, they use bribery and political leverage to steal our pastors' flock. Our pastors are threatened. They are pressured. And this is in addition to the challenges just to stay alive every day.
Our story with the Fulani began when William suggested we begin training up pastors to reach out into the rural areas of Ghana and start small churches as "outposts in the wilderness" to bring the light of Christ to villages often under the demonic oppression of Islam. We began training up pastors and sending them out. We asked local churches in Ghana--mega churches--for small assistance in supporting this ministry, but to no avail. Many of the pastors there have sold out to the prosperity gospel and they drive expensive cars and wear expensive clothes while their congregations are still awaiting their "blessing." But there are never any funds to feed and clothe the poor where our rural pastors are working.
The Fulani are nomadic herders who graze their herds while roaming from village to village. They rob the villagers, demand they accept Islam, kill the village elders, rape the women, and drive the rest from their farmland, thus expanding their territory in the name of Islam. In Nigeria, the military observes the actions and protects the Muslim minority, while the Muslims attack the Christians. Crops are ruined, lives are destroyed, children no longer have an education because they are refugees, and Islam advances. I know this pattern first hand because our ministry has experienced it in neighboring Ghana. The Fulani sweep into villages and attack, rape, kill, pillage and disappear into the bush. 
When the villagers regroup and retaliate, the Fulani falsely claim they are being attacked by Christians without cause. Thanks in part to some of The Daily Jot reports from Northern Ghana and William's connections, the Ghanaian government rounded up many of the Fulani and confined them to a specific area "for their protection." But this does not always solve the problem as we see in Nigeria. As a ministry, we do what we can in feeding, clothing and educating the children from a Christian worldview, but resources are hard to come by. A lot of people just don't care. But you look into the eyes of some of these children as I have and you will get a different perspective. Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
Rarely do I ask for funding because I believe you should hear from the Lord on how to support Christian ministries. So far this year, our funding has been the lowest in many years. Times are difficult and I understand the condition of our nation--I write about it every day. The news of the Fulani in Nigeria gives me a sense of urgency about our Ghana ministry and we need your help. You may not be able to go there with me, but you might be able to support The Daily Jot so we can continue making a difference in people's lives, spreading the gospel and standing firm for the Lord in hostile Islamic areas. I feel compelled to write. There are many needs and very limited resources. 
We are not a large ministry with offices and people working and running here and there. It is only myself and my wife working out of our small office in our home. We keep our overhead low so that the ministry can benefit. If the Lord lays it on your heart, please consider supporting The Daily Jot. You can do so by going to
to make a secure online donation, or send one by mail to: The Daily Jot, 5257 Buckeystown Pike, #314, Frederick, Md. 21704. Thank you in advance for your heartfelt support.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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