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Beware of Tylenol.

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I have avoided Tylenol for the past 40 years after reading an old, herbal type medicine book, and tell everyone I know --- WHAT I KNOW.   I have learned to 'tolerate' the ignorance of pushy, arrogant "medical doctors" while being polite and respectful.  The term "Tact" has be translated:  "Making  your point without making an enemy."   And just recently I turned done/ refused to take a doctor ordered medicine from a well meaning lady at the local VA U.P. here, after researching it on the InterNet...  sorry, it's MY body.   For the most part, most of the medical staff, docs, nurses, etc., have been very good, nice, respectful, and helpful to me, U.P. in Iron Mountain, MI.,   Those folks there  actually ABUSED ME and made me a cripple when they botched up the Right knee replacement surgery about 4 years ago!!!         North Chicago treated me fairly well,  when I used that facility a few years ago.  
      BTW,  I must get up early for a series of VA procedures [again] tomorrow morning for something that they say is serious....  but a good friend advised me not to name everything about my life, on-line,  so much.   So, I will take a new tack by not discussing every little detail about myself, family, or life style, etc.   I guess that emailing my friends who care about me is somewhat different,   and some dear folks pour their heart out to me too, and I love and respect them, for trusting me so much!!   I hope, and pray, that from this point onward, that I will show more respect and kindness for my pretty wife, in that I will NOT hang all our 'dirty laundry' on the out side clothes line, OK?   Thanks.   I have asked a few close friends to verbally TELL ME OUT LOUD, if they saw, heard, observed, listened to me talking or doing something out of line ---- and they have !!   If I am doing something really wrong or bad,  I seek the correction of fellow [trusted Christians] to have the boldness to set me straight, and I asked for it.   Thank you, Brothers!!     Remember, friends and readers:   Proverbs 27: 17, says,  "Iron sharpens Iron."   In other words...  if two good buddies hang around together with the mind set that they both want to work on growing closer to God,  James 4:8., they can and should bring important things up to each other, and thus,  'sharpen each other !'   I said "IMPORTANT" things, and not every little, minute, detail or pet peeve, blowing your nose the wrong way, etc....  because that can and will grow old, and irritating, guys.  
      My wife, Terri, is finally back home, again, but sick and weak, from eating some bad shrimp [she thinks] at a  restaurant up in Marquette, WI.   I am not trying to destroy their reputation,  just warning folks about something, and so I just went back and erased their name.    See?  I am learning !

Warm Regards,

Brother Tom,
I assure you, you have never said one thing out of line with me! You are very much a Gentleman in every single e-mail I get from you.
Regardless what others say, you can open up to me any time you need to. We ALL need a friend or two to share our darkest secrets with and seek advise from, I know I do and trust you enough to do just so.
Tom, you are one of the finest men I have had the pleasure to talk with. Believe me, coming from me, that means a lot.
Just know you have a true friend here at any time I am needed. I will never put down on you of judge you, no matter what the subject may be. The Great Johnny Cash said "We have all done something in our lives we don't want ANYONE else to know about. In other words, we are all just human and make mistakes. God knows I have made my share :)
Yes, Tylenol in VERY bad on your liver! A Lady I know at my bank had to have a liver transplant due to taking too much Tylenol in her life time. I also had a buddy in the Army that died a few years ago from Tylenol over use.
I have told my Wife Yvonne to never bring the stuff in our house. Tylenol is also the medication that was "Hacked" quite a few years ago with poison that took a couple dozen lives before the CDC found out what the cause of death was and the recalled it ALL for about 4 months.
Take care of that knee Brother!! I will keep you in my prayers!
Vietnam Veteran

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A dozen ways to avoid Tylenol
Dear Reader,

Dr. Micozzi's Insiders' Health I've written a lot lately about the dangers of Tylenol--from liver failure to having a child with behavioral problems. Of course, taking Tylenol doesn't automatically mean you'll die of liver failure. (Unless you're a deadly brown tree snake.) Nor does it automatically mean your children will suffer behavioral problems. It only means you have an increased risk of experiencing these adverse outcomes.

But many readers don't want to risk it. They want to know about safe alternatives to Tylenol. And I'll tell you about a dozen safe options in a moment. But first, remember this...

Always consult with your personal physician before trying ANY treatment. Even an over-the-counter (OTC) drug. Or a natural remedy. If you have a bleeding problem or take drugs that reduce blood clotting, the issues can be complex when it comes to pain relief.

That said, let's look at some potentially safe pain-relief options you can bring up with your doctor...

I highly recommend asking your doctor about ibuprofen. When this drug came on the market as a prescription in the early 1980s, it truly seemed like a rare therapeutic breakthrough. It seemed to work for just about everyone...from older people with arthritis pain to young women with menstrual pain.

Today, ibuprofen is available as an OTC remedy in doses of 200 mg. However, this dose is often too small to effectively relieve pain. But doctors can prescribe more effective 800 mg doses.

Some of my readers want to avoid all drugs. And I can understand that preference. I too prefer to avoid drugs whenever possible.

One reader questioned my viewpoint recently because I occasionally use the term "natural know-it-alls." So let me take a moment clear up this misunderstanding...

That term simply implies my concern about "all-natural experts" who don't seem to know the real medicine or science behind their recommendations--pro or con. You can't reach reliable conclusions or make blanket recommendations unless you know the real science.

I have dedicated my career to determining the real natural alternatives to mainstream medical treatments. But I'll also tell you when the science falls short about a natural approach. In fact, I authored and edited entire books on this subject for healthcare professionals. These books have been continuously in print for 20 years. And the 5th edition of my textbook comes out later this year.

During the course of my research, I have found that virtually every folk medicine tradition includes natural and effective remedies for pain. But first, you need to know what type of pain you have. For example, some natural remedies work by reducing inflammation. Indeed, inflammation is a frequent source of pain. Other natural remedies work directly on the brain's perception of pain.

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Taking a fish oil supplement is fantastic for your overall health.

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This first natural remedy, called capsaicin, comes from South America. And it reduces your brain's perception of pain. Derived from hot chili peppers, capsaicin is an effective, natural pain reliever most often applied topically over painful joints. But you can also take it internally.

Ginger is another natural pain-relief powerhouse. And it's been used in Asia for centuries, mainly for gastro-intestinal disorders. But ginger can also help with joint and muscle pain because it helps control inflammation.

Feverfew is an ancient European folk remedy used throughout history for everything from stomachaches to toothaches. Today, research suggests it's most useful for migraine headaches, especially when used together with the essential mineral magnesium.

You can also try these three ancient Indian remedies...

Tumeric can help alleviate pain by controlling inflammation. It's especially effective for reducing joint pain when combined with Boswellia (frankincense) and Ashwagandha (winter cherry). When inflammation is under control, joint cartilage can repair itself naturally and reduce pain and restore function in your joints.

In addition, Native-American Indians traditionally used willow bark (the original source of aspirin) to relieve their aches and pains.

Other natural remedies on the horizon are ginseng for fibromyalgia. Kava kava for tension headaches and neuropathic pain. And valerian root for muscle cramps and spasms.

Of course, the most effective chronic pain management requires the development of specific clinical protocols. A clinical protocol gives doctors specific dosing guidelines, schedules and management plans. It also advises doctors about risk/benefit ratios. Unfortunately, these protocols often don't exist for natural remedies. (Ironically, we do have protocols for iatrogenic conditions--ones caused by medical treatment.)

This lapse leaves responsible medical professionals with a potential quandary. How do they recommend a natural pain reliever when they don't have a clinical protocol?

But alternatives do exist...

You can learn much more about your natural pain relief options in my special report called The Insider's Guide to Pill-Free Pain Cures. Lifetime subscribers to my newsletter get this powerful report for free. You can also purchase it on my website.

Always on the side of science,

Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.
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