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The Honey Bees are dying again.

Tom's Journal.

Like I keep telling you guys....  The Bible just tells us THAT certain things, events, happenings WILL happen.   Not exactly how !!   I feel a little bit sorry for all the 'doubting Thomas's'  --- there, and the UN-believers.....  NOT !   Actually,  they will ALL become total believers some day,  but by that time it will be too late!   Without bible training and guidance from the Holy Spirit,  it's like throwing green, ignorant, air heads into a pitched, Military,  battle, even if they were   some    how armed.....   their total confusion would get them killed and the other half would run and desert!    You cannot just attack like a troupe of baboons... lol.   And a pot-smoking 'community organizer' won't help you out either.  
      Even my own wife has some challenges, as she is new 'to this new idea' and her old, non-Christian,   wimmins' Lib mentality, instead of listening and respecting her husband,  duh.   Sorry,  but it's 'hard to soar like an eagle, when you are surrounded by a bunch of turkeys.   That's why the KJV Bible says that it's not a good idea to marry an UN-believer !!!    So...  when you have a sudden emergency in front of you, you just don't have time to teach all the why's, where fore's, and long drawn out explanations to the females in your house, when frantic people are trying to break down the doors and windows to TAKE your food, etc !!   Got it ??    [Don't get me wrong...   there are many ladies out there who are much smarter than a lot of dumb, goofy men...  but you know what I mean.]  Paul said,  "Adam was not misled... but the woman was... in the Garden of Eden."   There was a nasty old, lying, snake  back then , and we have another old snake in the WH, right now!
    I wish the pastor would soon give a talk about being in subjection to the head of the family, BEFORE things get too much worse, and I plan to ask him just that....  or beg him...

Now, friends,  DO NOT expect the Gov't to tell you the truth about how much food they have stored up for us,  PLEASE !!     They will say, of course, that they 'don't want to start a panic.'   And then,  just why in the world are they building so many FEMA camps all over the USA ?   I will bet that we will be seeing so much more strange things happening THIS SPRING AND SUMMER.   Are all of YOU just going to sit back and watch as things get worse? 

Tom Schuckman

Due to the unusually harsh winter, up to 70% of honey bees in the Midwest may be dead.
While California logged its warmest winter on record, seven Midwest states registered a Top 10 coldest winter. These states include Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.
Beekeepers in these areas are now reporting hive losses of up to 70%. Iowa news station KCCI reports:
Iowa beekeeper Mike Swett, of Squaw Creek Honey told KCCI, “It’s devastating. When I came out and saw my loss, I mean you literally just cry.”
Swett said the majority of his 25 honeybee hives are now full of dead bees.
“I have dead bees, and I still have combed honey here and the bees are just basically starved to death,” said Swett.
Some of Squaw Creek Honey is produced near Swett’s Ames house. Out of a total of six hives there, only one is thriving.
“Last year I probably lost 8 to 10 percent of my bees. This year, I’m seeing 60 percent loss,” said Swett.
Swett estimates his losses to have cost him $60,000 to $100,000.
dead bee on wooden background.
An unusually cold winter has killed up to 70% of the bee population in the Midwest.

Off The Grid News reports additional details:
Iowa beekeeper Bob Wolff called the winter of 2013 the worst winter he has ever seen for the honeybee population. The volunteer beekeeper at the Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids told The Gazette newspaper that only two of the 12 hives he kept still remain. Wolff estimates that the colony experienced a 60-70 percent loss overall.
The Iowa Department of Agriculture told KCCI that extreme weather conditions played a significant role in the deaths of “weaker, sicker, or malnourished” honeybee colonies. Andrew Joseph, a bee researcher for the agency estimates the loss at 70 percent or more for beekeepers in the state.
Honey bees are critical to food production because they pollinate plants, allowing them to grow and produce food. Without honey bees, there would be no food.
The news of larger-than-average bee deaths is discouraging, especially since California’s honey bee population has dropped by 30-40%.
One thing is for sure… this trend can’t continue without having significant impacts on U.S. food production. Experts say the significant loss of honey bees could lead to higher food prices.
This is yet one more reason why it makes good sense to have food stored up to last at least 2-3 months, and longer if possible.
Don’t be scared. Be prepared.
-Survival Joe

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