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Tom's Journal.

Why I don't use Face Book anymore:

Hi Friends,
    The best way that I can explain my own mindset and reason for "Prepping" is:   We KJV Bible loving, well studied, Christians KNOW that the Lord will take care of and protect us.   All REAL [instead of fake] Christians believe that the Rapture is near,  is real,  is promised by God in heaven, in the Bible,  but we still have to go on living, and serving our Lord and Master in the mean time, down here on Earth, and do HIS will.    OK,  that means that most of us still have to work every day to pay the bills, food, survive, and that includes putting some money aside for "hard times," emergencies, [hot water heater goes out,  car repair, insurance, retirement, etc.].  

Having been in the Finance business for a while, and Investments, being Security Licensed,  I used to teach how to invest, to get more bang for their buck in quality mutual funds, etc.   But right now with Obama the madman in charge and the stinking man made bad economy---  we need to learn about different options and strategies !!   This is where gold, silver, copper, etc., comes into the picture.  The 'Hand writing on the wall,  the Bible, and reliable sources prove that our American dollar will soon be almost worthless, with other national and international currencies taking the lead and dominating our economy, until the Anti-Christ time comes, wit perhaps some World Bank or IMF credit/ debit system.   What will always survive and be worth something, is GOLD, silver, and other precious metals, that are rare, important, and worth much, in trade, barter, in days ahead, for survival.  I don't have the time or inclination today, to explain all the details, but YOU all need to learn this, and fast, IMHO !!

So....   If the price of one troy once of gold today is about $1400. American, many experts agree that the price is severely pushed down, and will GO MUCH HIGHER after the SHTF... dear people.  The Same with Silver and other precious metals, etc.   The price of silver today is about $20/
Troy Oz. American.   You would not usually go to the store to buy a pack of bubble gum for $1.00, and then hand them a $500 bill.  You would offer a lower denomination of currency, like a $5.00 bill, etc.  That is where silver and even copper coins come into play.  The great company that I deal with below, even has some newly minted, 1/10th of an Oz. pure  silver rounds, that are worth about $2.63 each, for 'making change.'  

Be Warned!   When that dreaded day comes that the American dollar is so depreciated, and devalued to about maybe .17 cents on the dollar,  people will be poor over night !!!  The banks will close for a week, and when they reopen,  everything will be different, with life savings lost, pensions, IRA's, investments, and that is what Obama wants !!   I wish and hope that I am wrong !!   Sorry folks, but I tells 'em like I reads 'em, and if it is in my power, I will save, and invest the best way that I see fit.  My wife and I live frugal and retired.   We are not rich, but we survive.   Jesus is our dear Lord and Savior...  and after we get to heaven we won't even care about any silver coins that we left behind for our relatives that failed to head the call from the KJV Bible, and Lord Jesus.   Sorry.....

In the mean time,  I am home alone, still healing from a lower leg injury, and I just invested in 3 more large print, KJV Bibles, with leather covers, etc.   Someone in my neck of the woods [and I don't know them yet..] needs a good, LARGE print Bible to help them take hold of Salvation from the blood of Christ.   You cannot 'BUY' that Salvation and Love of Christ,  but it's free to only  the humble men and women, willing to bend knee to Jesus, and ask His forgiveness, and ask Him to come live in their hearts, forever, and actively, publically, do HIS Will.   And what is HIS will??    Worship God the Father in Spirit and Truth, and help share he Gospel. Now you know.   The majority of humankind on Earth will be too proud, too lazy, too full of themselves, too independent,  too busy to do this thing, this acknowledgement.   They will be damned just like the devil and his bad angels, and eventually  be Left Behind,  and cast into the lake of fire, mentioned in the later part of Revelation.   Hey!   I am just telling you all what I know from reading the Book, every day.
     So, do you feel lucky today ??   One day, and that may be soon,  your time will have run out, and POOF!  the Rapture will have come and gone, and you will be "Left Behind."  That would be a serious, final, Judgment.   Act now.
       But look at this dilemma from a different prospective, please...   Getting to heaven is one thing.    But what have we all been doing with our lives all this time on Earth?  Working to get rich, or some other selfish reason?   Do you look for a Bible teaching church to fellowship and help others find that true Salvation of Christ, or do you just sit on your anatomy watching TV, non-stop?   There are 24 hours in a day, and how much of it do we, personally, squander of foolishness, or immoral conduct, and illicit pleasures?   I used to have many hobbies, skills, and side lines, endeavors...   like carpentry, wood carving, training good dogs, Rottweiler's, Motorcycles, welding, PC's, veggie gardening, hunting, fishing, etc.    But what portion have we spend doing God's Will ??   You see?  that's the point !   If we expect to just go to heaven, what do we even know about the life and teachings of Christ, and God the Father [Jehovah,  Yahweh, YHWH].   The very best way to know Him is to study His Word, the KJV Bible!   If  you watch TV or read books for entertainment,  what portion of the day do you spend in the Word?  Just do it, now!  Start with 2 important books:  John, and the Book of Romans, and then you will have the basic mindset of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  [smile].  

Warm Regards,

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