REPENT America: 'Harbinger' Rabbi: 'Smile Of Heaven' Removed From America
The 'smiles of heaven' removed means we are under judgment.
I agree with most of this J4J Rabbi's message...Except:  God will NOT "heal this land."  He cannot.  If he did, he would be a liar.  I will tell you why:  A nation cannot murder over 55 million babies and expect God to heal it.  God is a God of justice.  A nation that bombs countries at will, the poorest nations of the world, God must deliver justice to those poor nations, because THEY are crying out to him for deliverance FROM us.   God is a JUST God. 
Time and time again, when Israel turned their backs on God, they were SEVERELY judged, they died, were brutally killed.  If God did that to the people of the Bible who he brought forth to bring law, what makes you think he will tolerate evil from us?  He will not.  Grafted in or not.   If he did, he would not be a God of justice.
Repent means to change your heart.  Break up your fallow ground in your hearts and minds.  It does NOT guarantee healing.  It guarantees that God will be gracious and have mercy on your soul at the day of judgment on this land.
Repent and become part of the remnant that God will have mercy upon.
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