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Subject: #1 Cause of death
This is VERY important to watch! It’s short, so it won’t take up much of your time, but what it says really hit home. Please send this around.
Jot down what you think may have been the #1 cause of death in the world in the past 100 years then watch this clip.
Bet you never thought of this!


G0od Day, my Friends!
    It's about 11:00 AM, now, and a great, beautiful sunny day in the U.P., and I got the mail already, and planning to strip down [modestly] and get some sun rays in the back yard-- deck,   that my wife, Terri, made and built so nicely.  She happens to be one of the best, detail-oriented,   carpenter that I've know, and better than I am !!  When I first got up here, I asked the neighbors, confidentially, what they thought of her....   and they said, "She a worker !"  And she transformed a run down, burnt out old house, into a palace, IMHO [In my humble opinion.], and I LOVE IT HERE, WITH HER,  and she is very pretty, well endowed, usually kind and considerate.   I taught Terri a lot including the pistol,  the knife, [self defense], and the KJV Bible, among other things.  I also spoiled her rotten...  lol.  

Well,  you all know that I like Hal Lindsey, and he is old enough and a brave Christian enough to speak his mind [which is ALWAYS in tune with the Bible], because...  just 'what can man do to him ??'  It's better to store up our treasures in Heaven, by sharing the Gospel and telling the absolute Truth, then to just sneak by and hide in our homes, without have the courage to say:  BOO !   I have also said and shared enough in my humble Blog to lose my own head, literally, or have a CIA accident........   and I am old  enough, and 'Christian enough' for that too.   I led a very active life   but  not that  "wild"...  Ha!.    But having fun and adventure, working hard for 30.5 at AMC/ Chrysler, in Kenosha, WI., and many other places, welding, Finance, etc.,  ---was balanced by hours of hard, diligent study of the BIBLE.   And, please, let me say that or life on planet Earth, and walking the path of our Lord and Master, is an ongoing thing that will 'translate into heaven.'   So, we don't just reach a plateau, or certain level of understanding, but it's a life long walk with God, and personal study...  rather than just attending some church and thinking that we will be somehow, "OK."  

If a person  doesn't honestly KNOW for a Fact that he/ she is positively going to heaven when he or she dies,  they still don't have the right mindset and knowledge.     Heck!   It took me so many years to just accept that very fact, even though it was repeated to me often!!  And to understand certain facets of Grace, Justification, Salvation, the Holy Spirit, etc., took a long time.  But I found one sure thing that I captured and stuffed in my leather bag...   the knowledge of the Holy Spirit, and asking Father God to send the Spirit to ME, so I COULD understand many things.   I could go on for pages how each of us "Spirit anointed Christians" are given certain, individual "Gifts,"  but suffice it to say, that if we are truly Saved, we can and should ask for more understanding, so that we can share the Gospel with others, where ever we go.  But not to confuse anyone...  we ALL get   the Holy Spirit when we get Saved.

Few of my friends or followers of  this modest blog have emailed me, or learned how to leave a COMMENT, right here on this blog site, to start a discussion, or what ever....  But if a person has benefited from this site, or at least been stirred up, that will be thanks enough.  All honor and praise goes to the Father in Heaven, anyway.  I am but a simple Soldier and Servant....   and that's good enough too.

My email address is: 

Please pray for a few close friends of mine who need some big prayers and help with personal challenges, physical pain and agony from mishaps, etc....   George, the Aviator, from Louisiana.   Dan R., from AZ.  Pastor Kevin Sullivan, from Iron Mtn., MI., who has a full plate, helping all those in the congregation,  and his "Jail Ministry"--helping those incarcerated, to know the Lord, and all my friends, world wide !  Thank You !!

BTW...  When people pray that prayer at Matthew 6:9,  "Let your Kingdom come,  Let your Will be done,"   they probably don't know that they are praying for their OWN DESTRUCTION...  if they are not truly Saved !!  In fact, the majority of people who 'know' that powerful prayer, don't even know where it is found, in the Bible !  Matthew is one of my favorite books, of all 66, and easy for me to understand.  Why not read that whole book, and I bet it might take you, perhaps, a whole 2 hours ! ? !  Pray for understanding before you begin, please.   The Holy Spirit is so powerful, and discerning !!  It was the Holy Spirit that gave Samson that mighty power when he picked up the jawbone of an ass and whacked the Philistines, Big Time,  you know !

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Realistically,  My legs are not quite strong enough to warrant getting another bike, but I just get so anxious, and lonely home alone, when my wife goes on her frequent "field trips" for all the Weddings, Shower, baby sitting, visiting all her relatives in far flung areas, with her 3 day week ends....   And that stuff gets old..  same old, same old.   I told her last Winter, all cooped up with high winds and tons of snow,  that if she really wanted to continue with her 'road trips' for any old reason, leaving me home,  that I would buy a bike to get around, meet new people, and see the area -- do some exploring.   Well,  I bought the wrong bike, a super 'high off the ground' dirt bike, and dumped it, in slow motion, and wounded myself with a deep rip in my shin, lower leg,  but I think that it's healing fast !!  Thanks for all the prayers, guys !!   But....  here I am again, home alone, and nothing good or decent on TV.   Ha!  I asked her to day to keep a log of how many times she bolts out the house, for those long trips, away from me.....   I will prob. in the dog house now for writing about this subject.    With my "luck" [and I don't even believe in luck !!]  the day after I buy another motorcycle,  the Rapture will come.... lol,  or the American dollar will fail !  Yikes !   Or, a dozen new Chinese restaurants will spring up over night in our small town, and all across the nation...  as they prob own most of the land and industry already...  with POTUS and Congress having full knowledge of this for the past few years.  Make no mistake,  there is so much hidden from our view right now, that would shock us to heart attacks, if we only knew.

May 30th, 2014
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
Another mass killing shocked America last weekend. A young man went on a premeditated and planned rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara. He stabbed to death three young men in his apartment, then shot two coeds at a nearby sorority house and another young man at a streetside deli. He also wounded 13 others before taking his own life.

The frantic calls for more gun control began immediately. But the alleged killer, Elliot Rodger, killed half of his victims with a knife instead of a gun. The point is, the tool of destruction is not as critical as the cause of destruction.

The FBI defines "mass killing" as those having at least four victims. From 1900 to 1960, when there were very few gun laws if any, there were 28 "mass killings" in the United States. From 1960 until today (54 years) with gun laws verging on draconian in some cities and states, there have been 130 "mass killings." And this decade is on pace to be the worst ever.

What's happening? Besides the near universal presence of psychotropic drugs and mental health issues in these episodes, what is happening is that we are witnessing the disintegration of our culture.

America is now largely a pagan society. Pagan societies are characterized by the worship of evil and its manifestation -- Satan and his demonic minions. In popular music, video games, television programs, even theme parks, Satan and his influence (demons, witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, zombies and the walking dead, monsters, over-the-top evil characters, and more) are standard fare. In fact, in the minds of many of our youth, the more gruesome and evil the better!

The Apostle Paul warned of these days. He said, " the last days perilous times will come." (2 Timothy 3:1) Then he goes on to list a catalog of attitudes and attributes that could only have been culled from modern newspapers and daily television shows and radio reports. It's not only uncannily accurate, it's downright spooky the way Paul described America today.

And the rot isn't found just among our entertainment-crazed youth. If anything, it's more devious and just as destructive among our adults and leaders. Witness the scandal exploding within the Veterans Administration. I don't need to detail for you the shocking revelations that have come our way the last few weeks or the obvious and frightening parallels with the onrushing Obamacare. The disgusting aspect of this callous and wanton mistreatment of our nation's heroes is that much of it was perpetrated by bureaucrats to achieve cash performance bonuses or please their superiors -- up to and including the President.

I fear that the corruption at the VA is merely a glimpse of the corruption running rampant in our government -- at all levels -- and throughout the business, academic, and entertainment worlds. I believe that one thing that has always defined the United States and made us exceptional is that we were largely a corruption-free society. In our everyday living, we don't have to pay bribes to everyone who has authority over us. That's not the case in many nations, even many of our allies.

But corruption manifests itself in many ways. And it always destroys the foundation that makes liberty, security, and prosperity possible in a nation. Integrity is that foundation. Liberty dies with corruption because when people are no longer trustworthy, they have to be watched more closely. But who watches the watchers?

Corruption, like a cancer, eventually kills the very body that gave it life. Proverbs 11:11 warns, "By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is torn down."

Though I was born as the Great Depression was setting in, most of my life has been lived in America's halcyon days. Over my lifetime, the U.S. has endured many challenges and hardships, but it has also risen to become the greatest power the world has ever known. We have been blessed by God with success, prosperity, and freedoms that no other nation in history has ever enjoyed. And during my lifetime, I firmly believe America has been God's blessing to the world. We have stopped forces of evil and secured liberty for untold millions. At times, we have virtually fed the world. America has been the world's driving force for good in so many ways.

But America is something akin to the Land of Oz from Frank Baum's classic tale, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." In that story, Oz was a strange, exotic, and wonderful place that seemed to promise more than it delivered. When all was revealed, the wonderful "Wizard of Oz" turned out to be a fraud, an illusion full of fire and smoke, but with no real power.

So, too, is America now. Once it was not only the most powerful nation on earth, but perhaps its most trustworthy. I believe that today it is only a shell of its former self. Fire and smoke with no real power. We've lost our focus on the things that are truly important. Our allies don't trust us. Our enemies don't fear us. Women and Christians can be repressed and persecuted around the world and we won't utter a word of protest. But let a friend or foe fail to affirm the gay agenda and America will go to the mat to make it pay a price.

But this downfall is not just a result of politics, even ideology. I believe much of the blame lies squarely with the Church in America. The Book of Revelation describes seven churches that would have the dominant characteristics of the seven future stages of Church history. The seventh and final stage of Church history is that of the Church of Laodicea.

Jesus described it by saying, "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot.... because you are lukewarm... I will vomit you out of My mouth. Because you say, 'I'm rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing' -- and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked...." (Revelation 3:15-17) Isn't this a perfect description of today's lukewarm Church? It isn't cold enough to be easily identified as a false Church that has lost its fundamental purpose. And it is not hot enough to preach the Gospel and make disciples no matter the cost in persecution and sufferings for Christ's sake.

We have forgotten that it is either all about Him or not at all about Him. We've sought to make Jesus a mere "feature" and not the driving force of our lives. We've remade God and the Gospel into a simple means to selfish ends -- our own wealth and pleasure. Too many have made prayer something we do when we're in trouble, or when we're buying lottery tickets. Fellow Christians are suffering and dying around the world and we fill our minds and mouths with the latest news about people we don't even know.

The modern church is miles wide and inches deep. We try to convince the world that they should accept us because we are like them, not because we have the Answer or because we stand for something greater. America can only change when the American Church changes, not before.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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