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I am constantly amazed at the POWER of the Holy Spirit [and there is an in depth study right there for you all !!  -- the Holy Spirit !].  The good Pastor Sully kindly drove my dirt bike to the Cycle shop outside of town at 0900 today, as I am still very sore from the injury, [ and a few bumps and bruises] and he knew some of the guys there!  His son went to school with another guy's son, etc.  Pastor Sullivan is so active in this area that he just knows so much about so many people !!  I am still new here-- as of 2  years ago.  So, I got a lot to learn.   Anyway, I learned a lot today and also met a nice fellow who 'just happened to be' a fellow Christian, who was Bible smart, and he intends to see me after work.    I am going to give him one of my GIANT Print KJV Bibles.   He is  a sales person at the bike store, and I was looking at some nice, beautiful bikes there today.   But I still don't know if my legs are strong enough to manage a big heavy bike, yet.   I will pray more on this subject, and search my heart....  but Terri is very afraid that I will get killed on a motorcycle.... and I can understand that now.     I was looking at the Honda Shadow, very low to the ground, and not comfortable for me, as I need to loose 100 pound to fit on that bike.  The other was a Kawasaki 2-cyclinder Vulcan, 900 cc's bike.   I will have to see what  they will give me for my old Kaw 650 trade in, and if it don't work for me, I will  take that bike back and/ or maybe sell it myself.   The problem is, partially, that I am disabled ,  and need to lose weight and also STRENGTHEN MY LEGS to be able to control the bike better.  I won't lose ,  what ever comes down the pike.    Pray for Wisdom.  Holy Spirit, guide me right. In Jesus' name, Amen.  
      In the mean time, my upper respiratory system,  is clogged up with mucus lined lungs,  are plugged up so that I have so much stress in just breathing, and every night scars me, because of this challenge....  to the point where I just might check myself into the VA hospital in IM [Iron Mtn., MI.].   I might also fast from eating food, except a little bit to buffer the harsh meds that the VA   gives   me for every thing in the book... lol.    But I will see the VA people  on Thursday, and explain all my problems.   They usually treat me fairly good U.P. here in Iron Mtn.  VAMC.  Milwaukee is a whole different story.....  puke.
      Actually,  I THOUGHT I took good care of my body all my life, but my work load was so hard and dangerous, welding in high places, when I was laid off for 5 long years on the street,  plus all those years working on the AMC/ Chrysler assembly line with very foul air, oils, mists, and industrial by=products,  which I did not care for, but forced myself to overcome many fears and phobias---- talking about high places, and the danger of falling, etc..   Go figure:   Standing on a ladder constantly welding, while holding on by your 'toenails' so you don't fall...  but every time you drop your welding helmet, [your "hood" ] --- you are immediately IN THE DARK !!!   duh... Ha!  
        I became a spot welder when I got hired at AMC, on 11-7- 72, and EVERY man knows his seniority date !!   Because it allows a person to bid on another, better job in the huge plant, and also toward your retirement, after 30 years of long, hard, bone busting service, and then [after I had Chrysler "bought us out" but our company told us the lie that it was a simple merger...lol.  I can hardly tolerate a LIE !     And believe me, it is never for the good of the men and woman who work their butts off for "The  Man"  Some of the working condition in the large shop where over 6000 people in Kenosha, WI., worked were sub human, at best !  But they paid a fair wage and great benefits... PTL.   So many people are jealous of my pension, but they would/ could NEVER do the work or put up with the BS day after day.  And our collective families didn't really know or care what we did to earn our paycheck, never getting a chance to be in the factory.   The real kick in the gut was when all 6000 people [with a small remnant left behind to sort things out and rebuild the factory and assembly lines gain] went through a living hell getting laid off at middle age, 40's- 50's, and not many people or companies wanted to hire us.  But I chose [along with the smart people] to go back to college and "re-train"-- so I picked welding, and I learn so much about all the different kinds and methods of welding, so that we graduated as "Combination Welders" with  Blue Print reading, Math, English, etc.,  and it really boosted our esteem that was before,  dragging in the mud up until then.    But that just barely got our feet in the door!  Starting all over again in a new, strange shop, we all had to 'earn our spurs again.'   
       And about my greedy wife, Karen,  our 22 years of marriage broke up, as she later said:  'Because I decided to sell our nice house in the suburbs-- to stay afloat, which I think was a mistake, but we were all panic stricken at that time when the economy sank so low in the early 90's....  but she just picked up and left me.   I mean her no harm nor malice, and we get along, for the sake of the kids.   She is an un-believer, and told me that she doesn't even believe in Jesus.....    but for all concerned, I hope that she finds the Lord, before it is too late.     Five or Six years latter, Chrysler calls me back, and I am in the money again [smile], and I worked until I had over 30.5 years in, and decided to retire at age 54, in 2002,  but Karen, at this point in her life, wasn't doing so well.   She never remarried, but just shacked up with a series of other men, many who drank to excess, smoked and were turkeys... to put it mildly.   And I am thinking,  she left ME for the likes of them ????    Ha!   They were mere shadows of what I used to be !!   I guess she got into that Wimmins Lib crap, and wanted her "Freedom."    Oh well...  We all make our beds -- and then have to sleep in them.   I have made MANY mistakes thru my life,  but dealt  with the hand of cards that I got... and lived to tell about it.   The One, Big, crowning jewel that I did find when I was at the end of my rope ,  in a cockroach infested, flop [one room bed room, with a common/ community wash room]  house in the cold, assed Winter of '94-'95, was that I got down on my knees by my simple, busted down  bed and prayed to the Lord and God of Heaven,  Jehovah, YHWH,   of the KJV Bible, to forgive me, and steer me to the real church where His Word was being taught, and accepted Jesus as my Savior.  After that, things started getting better for me.   I DID FIND A FEW GOOD BIBLE TEACHING CHURCHES AND JOINED THEM.
     Now.....  I am not the perfect man, and still have a bunch of personality flaws [ask my wife], but I know that the Bible tells me that I am "SAVED" and going to heaven ! ! !   I surround myself with Christians of like Faith, and same mindset, and am happy to still be alive and in a warm house with a good lady.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G. Schuckman

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