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"I am a Disabled Vet."

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From a close friend in Louisiana,  George, the Aviator, a  Chopper Pilot, and fellow Vietnam Veteran:

I have watched that movie a dozen times on DVD. We are currently under the
same level of danger TODAY with what our PISS POOR Government is allowing to
flood into our country!!

Mary, this blog needs to go viral! I have seen first hand what is crossing
our border!!!! Children so sick, others had to carry them into our Country,
known cases of TB, known cases of multiple strains of "Fever" induced

This is a MAJOR danger to each and every one of us!!!!

I strongly encourage any able bodied and willing Patriot to report to our
Border, Armed and willing to seal off the border that our own damned
worthless Government Won't seal!!!!

Our very lives depend on it now,  I shit you not!

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From:   I protect my friends, especially combat Vets !
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Subject: This should thrill ya to death!


Today's  short note.

How can I compete with the likes of the message below?  Ha!  It's so true, but few will take notice!   My good wife just made me some steak and eggs for breakfast, and that was a nice gesture....   but I can't hardly wait for the VA Dentist to fit me with some new replacement teeth/ partials.   I am also worried about my kidneys going kaput, after 3 long weeks of intensive IV antibiotics, for my leg wound, via Picc-Line, that was just removed yesterday, by a very nice, professional RN, named Robin, in Iron Mountain, MI-- VAMC.   But Yes,  I will raise Cain if they messed with my kidneys, and yes, I am worried.  The doctor's nurse says NOT to worry, but to drink lots of water.   OK,  I am part camel, anyway, and love pure, cold water!  

Well,  I am quite sure that NO BODY wants to hear an old man complain, but I just wanted to make a point, for all the other combat Veterans there are out there, who fought for....   God knows what, weather it was Vietnam, or Iraq, and we gave all that back to the so-called "winning side"... Communists or what ever.   However,  I will NEVER abandon my old friends--  Army and Marine brothers in Arms !!   The Gov's might have LIED to US, and still does, but we love the Corps, that Grand Body of Men that we fought with, trained with, living and dead !   For what it's worth...  The protected will never taste the true flavor of Freedom that WE Soldiers fought for, no matter what age or what War we survived, to tell the true stories.   Well,  that didn't come out quite the way I wanted,  but I am sure you all get the picture.   I am sure that the VA helped many people, who otherwise could not afford it, but please don't tell ME how great and glorious they are [the VA], a writer and blogger, and Disabled Vet, have heard from so many other screwed Vets shared and spilled their guts to me, these past 40 years, after the fact ! ! !

Some day [and that day cannot come soon enough, IMHO] the VA and the Gov't will have to 'pay the piper' and answer for all their "mistakes" and other sins.   THEIR Main job now is:  to try and keep as much INFO under the radar, and the lid on things, like 'cooked books' secrets, etc.  What we really need IS:  a special out side the box Inspector and Attorney !!  If that entity is appointed by Obama --- he won't go far enough.  Period.    I just hope you guys are starting to see the "Trend" by now, and how the machine works, stalls, covers things up, hides those facts, takes the money under the table.   In the mean time, more Veterans will die, long before their time, so the Gov't will "Save the Money" and give it to more deserving Illegal Aliens !

Vote those old Turkeys OUT !!   Support your local Legions and VFW's, and individual Veterans, with everything that you have !

Thanks,  Guys!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Also on FaceBook, discreetly.

'I'm a disabled Vietnam Vet. I
don't look too bad for a beat-up old fart, do I? And
that's my ride. She's looking pretty good also,
especially when you consider that she'll turn twenty
this summer. That's right, it's a 1990 with a 1990
sidecar. I can't ride a solo bike, ergo the sidecar
rig.  It's my sole means of transportation - rain or
shine, snow or wind, and this summer also marks a
milestone in both of our lives, as I will finally be
able to pay her off. Twenty years old? What? Why did
it take so long? You weren't paying attention, were
you? It's right at the beginning of this

I am a disabled vet, which means I receive a
veterans administration disability pension, which
also means "I'm broke!" Just one step ahead of being
homeless every month, and  that's not an idle
statement or an "Oh, woe is me" dire complaint.
There’s a point to this, so hang in there a minute
or two and read on.

There's a 25-year-old
illegal immigrant woman living in Florida, with
eight kids.  Yes, eight "anchor babies" and she
receives just shy of $1,500 per month per kid,
plus medical, plus food stamps. 

Oh, wait. I've been informed that
I shouldn't call them Food Stamps anymore. That's
not PC. It's all called “Social Assistance” now. You
do the math on that yourself. I'd say that she was
schooled early in how to make it in the system.
Twenty-five years old, eight kids......yep, she
started early.

You can whip out the calculator if
you want, but this woman, who never has paid a
dime in taxes of any kind, (and still doesn't –
she's 'illegal,' remember?) is here in this country
illegally.  She hasn’t paid out one cent in
medical for all the “anchor babies,” makes more in
one month, legally, than I receive in over a year
and a half in disability payments and I can't even
get food stamps!  Oops, I mean “Social

Technically I am eligible for
“Social Assistance.”  I was told it would be a walk
through – a gimme – being disabled. No problem, and
in the very next breath I was also informed
that under the law the amount I received in
“Social  Assistance” would be deducted from my
disability pension.

Let's say I take a great photograph. It was just
luck, a one of a kind accident, in the right place
at the right time shot. My local newspaper offers me
fifty bucks to use the photo in a featured story. (I
live in a small town and fifty bucks is all they
could afford.) I have to report that fifty
dollars to the VA as earned income, which will
immediately be deducted from my next month’s
disability check. If I don't report it I’m in
violation of federal law and technically they can
stop my disability pension and prosecute me under
a federal felony. Pretty cool, eh? For fifty bucks.

I see no point in dealing with two
federal bureaucracies, so I don't bother. What's 
the point?

She's here illegally and with just
one kid would make over twice what I receive per
month.  She has eight and she’s not a stand-out
case.  She’s not alone.  That's the way the system
works.  Millions of illegal immigrants know this,
know how the system works and know how to use it. 
(Haven't you seen the pamphlet?  It's handed out all
along our borders, "The Illegal Immigrants' Guide to
Keeping America Just The Way It Is.") and that's
just the way it works.

Did you know that the federal
government provides a “refugee” in this country with
a monthly “stipend” of $1,890, plus $580 a month in
“Social Assistance?”  That’s $2,470 a month,
tax-free.That's two and a half times what I’m
allowed to receive as a disabled vet.  And just what did they do
to earn this?  All you have to do is show up on our
collective doorstep, raise your right hand and swear
that you're a refugee and, bingo, receive $30,000 a
year, tax-free.  That's more than someone making $15
an hour, and they have to pay taxes to boot!

The point to this
“story?”  Just why are you paying such high taxes to
support this  incredibly screwed-up government? 
Why?   And I’m not proposing you stop paying your
taxes.  That's wrong.  There are good programs and
reasons to pay your taxes and support our
What am I proposing? It's quite
simple. Vote.

The government, our government, is
broken and we as the voters serve as the maintenance
crew.  We fix it..... by voting.  If your state
Senator has been in office more than two terms, vote
'em out at the next election.  If your state
representative has been in office more than two
terms, vote 'em out of office.  We put term limits
on just about every publicly-elected official in the
country except the House and Senate.

Why? Believe me, they know this
and love it! Ahhh - the power!

I don't care how much you believe
your Senator or Representative is doing a good job.
They're not! Look at the government you have....that
we have. How can you state they are doing what you
want as the voter that put them there? How?

Vote them out of office.  Do it.

Change the course of this
country's history by what you are granted and
guaranteed under the law. Vote! And if you have the
guts, the anger, the outrage, start a petition in
your state for a state-wide initiative to be placed
on your next state ballot. Limiting the terms of
office for your state senators and state
representatives to your federal government to two

The federal government will never
pass such a law, but you can. You can get it done.
You can force it. You can make it a law.

This is the first step
in “getting it right.” Just vote. It's simple. It's
easy, dammit!
This first step will send a very clear message.
It’ll work. It’ll put “us” back in control of
“them.” As it should be. As it was intended in the
first place.

Are you an American? Born and raised? Then vote!

Side note:  I sent
this e-mail to a little over one hundred on my
e-mail list.  If you believe I’m wrong or misguided
or you simply don't agree, that's fine.  Go right
ahead and delete this e-mail.  No problem.  Sorry to
have bothered you.  But if you think I just might
have a worthwhile idea, something we can easily 
accomplish, something that could be a small part  at
getting this country back under “our” control, then
please pass this along

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