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All About Henry Kissinger.

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Henry Kissinger is the indisputable Master Architect of the New World Order.
However, Kissinger hasn't been seen in public or in the news since January, 2010. I've checked numerous website biographies. Sites that are updated the moment any celebrity/political figure some scandalous/notable incident, injury or death. Yet, none state (or ever will state) that he is dead. Yet, he's been missing for 3.5 years in the media & society. 

The next expose covers The Rockefellers. All four (4), 3rd generation brothers are dead. Each one was killed by a single bullet to the head - all professional hits. Two brothers, Laurence & David, within a week. Nelson, former Vice Pres. under Gerald Ford (1974-76), didn't die of a heart attack on January 26, 1979. The real story - a single bullet to the forehead. The most recent assassinations were by the new Russian Boshevik (Jewish) Mob. They've been using "body doubles", just like our government, impersonators to steal billions from their corporate empire, assume/transfer ownership via majority stock share certificates & leverage the 4th generation heirs out of the dominant first position, which is already accomplished. The Rockefeller Dynasty is nearly extinguished. Welcome to The Russian Globalists…and the next, New World's Order. 

The media sites are so corrupt, they haven't even posted David's death. David, born July 12, 1915 is still listed as 99 years old. He's been dead for a decade.
Laurence died July 11, 2004. David was killed a week later. His girlfriend was killed the night before him same method, both in London. Their bodies were flown back on one of the Rockefeller's private jets the next day to NYC.

He was born Heinz Alfred Kissinger in Furth, Germany, May 27th, 1923 into a Jewish family. He's exactly my father's age, only 3 months older (if alive). His mother, Paula Stern, came from a wealthy & prominent family. His father, Louis Kissinger, was a school teacher. He was shy & purportedly chided/taunted due to his religious belief. His great-grandfather, Meyer Lob, in 1817 changed their surname, after the Bavarian spa town of Bad Kissengen. 

His parents flew Germany to London, England, August 20, 1938 prior to WWII & emigrated to the U.S. when he was 15 years old. They settled in NYC & he graduated high school in 1940. He attended NY City College studying accounting & was drafted by the Army in 1943 after achieving US citizenship. 
Originally assigned to 84th Infantry Division, meeting Fritz Kraemer, a fellow immigrant. The fluency & pronounced intellect allowed him to work in Counter-Intelligence Corps where he earned the rank of Sergeant. He never lost his Frankish accent. 

As a Private, he was placed in charge of the city of Krefeld administration. He was given a team in Hanover, assigned to track down Gestapo officers & saboteurs and awarded the Bronze Star. In 1945, Kissinger was made commandant of the Bensheim metro Criminal Investigation Command (CIC) detachment, district of Hesse. His responsibility was de-Nazifying the district. In 1946, he was reassigned to teach at the European Command Intelligence School at Camp King & continued to served in a civilian capacity when separating from the Army.

Upon returning in 1947, he attended Harvard University & earned a BA in Political Science, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1950, an MA in 1952 & PhD in 1954, studying under William Yandell Elliott. His dissertation was "Peace, Legitimacy & the Equilibrium" (a study of Castlereagh & Metternich) After his doctorate, he was offered to stay on as a faculty member in the Dept. of Government, 1954-69, earning tenure in 1959. 1969-75, he served as National Security Advisor & Secy of State, 1973-77. Essentially, he "managed" Pres. Nixon, Ford & the Country for two terms. He was also a senior panel member on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) with David Rockefeller. 

Later, he advised Pres. Reagan & GH Bush, 1984-90 on American Foreign Policy on their respective Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board & Chaired the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America, 1983. He founded the Kissinger Associates consulting firm in 1982 & served on numerous & trustees to numerous companies & foundations.

He achieved the joint Nobel Peace Prize (Vietnamese Le Duc Tho declined). 22K American troops & countless Vietnamese died, 1969-73 term. His end policy, "Peace with Honor" prolonged the war four years. He used "diplomatic initiatives" & eventual troop withdrawals, his devastating bombing campaigns, designed to improve the American bargaining position & supposed American credibility with its international allies & enemies.

He's part of the "Brotherhood of Darkness", with the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Brzezinski, Queen Eliz II / Prince Philip of Wales (GB), Prince Bernhard (NL), the Black Nobility (Monarchies)/Royal Bloodlines, Bushes, the US established aristocracy & every veteran term Judicial/Congressional member are accomplices in this orchestrated takeover.

The sites researched vary from gossip news to biographies & curriculum vitas. All media sources have biased every on-line source, comparable to the CBS/NBC/ABC/ FOX news shown nightly, which happens to be owned by one giant conglomerate. This multi-tiered masquerade is referred to as the "Illusion of Choice" and "Disguised Controversy". 

Five senior associates of Henry Kissinger were killed on December 12th, 2009, as is Kissinger, who is presumed dead, according to senior intelligence sources. The Texas law firm, Troutman Sanders, functioned as the central nexus for the Bush/Nazi crime families' financial operations. Leon Panetta, CIA Director; his whereabouts is also questionable. 

In 1984, I worked for Sam Farr, 28th District Assemblyman in Monterey, CA & interacted with Panetta during that interim. Penetta served as Director of Office of Management & Budget (OMB) 1993-94 and Chief of Staff (CoS) 1994-97, under Pres. Clinton. Then, as Director, CIA 2009-Present, under Pres. Obama. He was an adjunct professor of Public Policy at CA State University Santa Clara & Distinguished Scholar to Chancellor Charles Reed. Farr & Penetta played "musical chairs"with their political positions. Farr "won" Penetta's federal House of Representatives Seat when Penetta was "selected" for presidential cabinet positions. 

Notice that Penetta orchestrated the Osama Bin Laden (OBL) raid in Pakistan w. Seal Team Six. Farr worked for the Peace Corps 1964-66 in Medellin, Columbia. He's fluent in Spanish. That assignment couldn't have been a coincidence. The South -to- Central American narcotics route was being developed/coordinated/managed by the CIA/DEA for cocaine. Narcotics is a $500 Billion/year industry & very profitable as it creates more dependancies & return business on the Demand vs. Supply side. Drugs are big business, second only to Oil, which float our & global economies. It was harvested & channelled from Peru & Columbia through the Americas & Caribbean since 1960.

All six Seals were eliminated within the year. Five members died in a CH-47 Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan - a firefight arose inside the chopper. The helo had just lifted up after loading an Afghan special forces team for the mission. While going airborne, the Afghans fired on the entire 17 crew & did an emergency/crash landing. The Seals attempted to escape out the rear of the burning craft & ran right into an ambush on the ground & died instantly. The true version wasn't on the news, rather from inside reliable sources. The sixth member was requested to assist a PTSD Marine soldier while at a TX firing range. The Marine shot the Seal in the back. The Seal wrote the unauthorized OBL mission & had the highest kill total of any service; 160 confirmed kills. 
Dead men tell no tales. No witnesses, no controversy. 

No mission video of the OBL compound raid was released, no proof of death video or photos. Obama stated OBL was "buried at sea",conforming to religious traditions. What a scam. OBL was dead of pancreatic cancer by 2003, a condition he'd lived with for several years, which required specialized care, medication & transfusions continuously. Choose any three files for continuity.

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