Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Very humble Apology.

Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends,
I really hit the panic button last night when I first got back on line after being flat on my back in the hospital and now in the Rehab facility for the last 4 weeks or so.   I am SOOOOOO   SORRY for posting some stupid, silly, crap on Face Book, concerning my dear, lovely wife, Terri, etc.  We made up and I asked for forgiveness, and promised to try to be a better man.   But....  if you want to throw a Combat Veteran into a full blown Panic,  just threaten him with being homeless... getting kicked out of the house [HER house], or being committed into the so-called,  "Funny Farm" type of institution ! ! !   Well, whether I misunderstood something said or whatever, I did push the "Panic Button" and hurt a lot of people, and for that I am truly sorry.   I guess some things are better left 'un-said', and we shouldn't even JOKE about things that are so sensitive, that could drive a Vet whacky.   It's too bad that we could not have learn a different way to handle things.   I don't think that I should even go back to using Face/Book, for a number of reasons.   But I want everyone involved to know that I am very sorry for suggesting that my marriage to Terri is rocky or in jeapordy, please!   I just hope that the right people get this humble blog post soon enough before too many bad rumors start flying.  
       I am sorry, dear Terri.   I am sorry also, Annie Ray, for everything I said that caused you hurt and pain.  Please let me make it up to both of you as soon as I heal up.  And please find it in your Christian hearts to forgive me for my stupid, unknowing, blunders.   I am truly sorry.
         Thank you all for bending an ear.

Warm Regards,

Heaven doesn't want us;
Hell's afraid that we'll take over....

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