Monday, November 10, 2014

Rapture Ready ?

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
I feel as though I have been back home for a long time, although it's only been since this past Friday, 11-7-14.   Some of the "Old Ways" between a disappointed wife and an Old, worn out, wounded Warrior have already fallen upon me.....  and it's just so strange that some folks just can't resist, "Kicking a Disabled, Wounded Combat Veteran, when he is Down ! !"  Is it because people are so jealous that a poor, old man like me has a decent income from busting his behind in a dirty, hot, sweaty, slave place like American Motors Corp... gobbled up by Chrysler for over 30.5 years, and also a Disabled Combat Vietnam Veteran: 68-70 ??  Lord help me,  I am not looking for a 'pity party' --- but just some short time of breathing room so I can start walking again, even with a CANE for balance and stability !   I am going to bed  early and do a LOT of serious praying, so at least to stem the elder abuse and constant criticism and nagging that I will never be good enough to live in polite, gentle society, or be FIT FOR COMPANY BY ANY OTHER FEMALE ON EARTH !!  Hey!  just give me 31 days to heal, and maybe I will be out of here for good, if things don't get better on a permanent basis.    I want to say that I consider myself a terrible, rotten sinner man,  but the Lord has seen fit to allow me a great, full knowledge of the Bible and the Gospel, so that where ever I go, the H.S. [Holy Spirit] aids me in leading more honest, sincere people to the truth of Salvation, thru the merits of Jesus' blood sacrifice....  no matter what anyone says.   And the local pastor, Kevin Sullivan supports and acknowledges that cold, hard FACT !   As you all know, I like to use the fine Bible Tracts, Inc.,  to hand out to people I meet and also share the good Gospel with them, also making some good friends along the way.  
        In Christ, only, have I put my trust and faith, and what ever time I have left on planet Earth, will be spent on serving Him!   Yes!   I shined my black dress shoes today, and COULD HAVE MADE IT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY TO FELLOWSHIP WITH MY FRIENDS !!   But Terri is into "control" for some reason,  and ordered me not to go.   Sorry to air my dirty laundry in public again....  SORRY.  
       The head Orthopedic Doctor Lulloff, said that I could put some weight on my Left foot again, and I am doing that ever so cautiously,  but it's MY leg/ foot, and I am trying to slowly re-introduce walking, exercise, weight bearing work on it, slowly.   I called my good friend, also the VAMC --Iron Mtn., MI, wound specialist,  Steven Gartland, to make an important appointment with him on Wednesday morning, and begged my wife to take me there.   And if she wants to change her mind at the last minute or play her games...  I will just climb into MY TRUCK  [The Truck Title is in my name only-- Mine] and drive there myself !  Isn't that pure, simple, and sweet?    I love things nice and simple, and I like to be on time and not rush around at the last minute.   I insist on me being ON TIME, and on keeping my Word, and never lying to people...  although the bible says that 'all men are liars, and we are all sinners' -- although my wife still won't admit that simple, true statement, yet.   Frankly,  I don't know what is so hard about admitting a well accepted TRUTH, and maybe there is some hidden 'humility issue' that I don't I don't yet understand with my beloved wife....  I want to help her. 
     As some folks chose to leave me thru the years,  I figure that they were going to leave me anyway, so why sweat the small stuff --- and... it's ALL small stuff ! --- the title of a book I used to own and read.    I've  got bigger fish to fry, like finding a place for peace and quiet, and just live by myself, alone.   I found out that loneliness is much better than living in a nice, pretty house with constant criticism, strife, arguing, being cut to ribbons, and dealing with someone who won't read the KJV Bible and TRY to live by it !   I can dig up lots of scriptures to support this theme too.  
        I also found that I don't need a lot to eat every day, but just 3 small, simple meals!   I am so happy that I have a good start in losing the first 50 pounds that also helped my body to heal, and my old Motorcycle wounds to close and heal, besides my fractured Ankle!  But now I am afraid that I might back slide, and put that same weight back on !!!    My so-called, 'sweet heart' --"wife" is getting bigger than ever, but perish the thought that I might volunteer my 2 cents worth of real, practical, first hand knowledge of how to lose weight and still be happy and content.....  duh.   I will give out my 'secret' to anyone who is having trouble, too !!    Just ask and email me?     ---   
     So, as always,  those who are/ were mean spirited, who love the 'sport' of "Kicking a combat Veteran when he is down..." can get their licks in now, before I am back to normal-- healed...LOL!   God has given me a good body that 'heals itself' -- giving all praise and honor to God, but also my craving for FRESH Veggies and fruits.   If I can just stay away from the Cherry Coke, and apple cider,  I will continue to progress.   I still have a long way to go before I am down to 200 pounds, my goal, and back to the Gym, pumping Iron, again !  And I always need all the prayers, from others, that I can big and muster, please.

I have been told by a mean-spirited few people, that I am NOT a Christian at all,  but I will leave that up to my Lord and Savior, and we shall see who gets Raptured when that moment comes.  But,  honestly,  I am supposed to worry and work on my OWN bad habits, and the "new man" inside me that Christ has claimed, please, dear Father in Heaven, and not worry about others.   I pity, but love our pastor, Kevin Sullivan, who works so hard at church, with so much on his shoulders, poor guy.  Help me pray for him too, friends!!  And if you are near, why not stop in on Sunday Mornings, @ Family Baptist church in Kingsford, MI !   Just go figure:   If they accepted an Old, Rough, Soldier like ME,  they might take anyone !

Warm Regards,  Love and Hugs,
Tommy Schuckman

Have a Great Veterans' Day, my fellow Patriots !   You can't take my Honorable Discharge away from me.... ever!   Vietnam Vet:  68-70.   email:  Or my 30.5 years at Chrysler, or pension, no woman married to me for just 3 short years can ! !

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