Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why Veterans don't Trust the Gov't or the VA.

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Dear Friends,
Pray, let me break off the beaten cow path for just a second so that I can hammer down something dearly on my pea brain mind....   the small book of James,  Chapter FIVE, verse 12,  which says,  "But above all, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, nether by any other oath, but let your yea be yea [YES], and  your nay nay, nay, lest ye fall into condemnation."   In other simple terms,  DON'T BREAK  YOUR WORD !!  If your wife says that she is coming STRAIGHT HOME after she drops off her little 10 year old grand daughter,  LET IT BE SO !!   I should not have to play all those silly,  STUPID games of making her "Promise" or swear on the Bible, or what ever....   it should just be a simple, "Yes, or No Condition !!!"   And the very same quality of yes, or no, ought to be true for me, the husband of my wife, in the house, out of the house, in  Yogahama,  Milwaukee, Berlin, Germany, or where ever, all the time, forever !   It just so happens that telling the truth and keeping my word was ingrained into me and my sibling from toddler on up, and so we knew the simple principle of Truth very well.  After also reading about German Sociology, Culture, Russian, etc., and Japanese etiquette, etc., early in life, and also from in/ about the KJV Bible,  I feel that I have a firm understanding of it now, or did have.   Things taught,  are said to be, "Understood" and therefore in a society,  so that no one oversteps their bounds, in a "Polite Society/ Culture," BUT,  now  days most things have changed including:  values, dignity, rules, TRUTH, RIGHT AND WRONG, SIN, and many more.   People near and dear to me have lied to me on and off, for one reason or another,  worry to vent and dump, guys and gals.    I am still:   "Old School."   I demand that my friends adhere to the old Biblical standard of telling me the truth,  even if it hurts.  
      Well,  OK, let's move on now.   I am getting an upset stomach, and I am just wondering if it  is all from the telephone conversation with my dear, lovely, smart, witty wife, Terri, or  the newly found  hard, Apple Cider, that I have come to love, having given up beer and booze lately...  hummmm...  also good, Braeburn apples I have come to love ?   Peoples' likes and dislikes change during the course of time and I remember sitting up in an apple tree with a salt shaker as a young kid on our small farm orchard, eating lots of apples,  Yum, Yum!  I ate tons of food, but was still too slim, tall, with hollow legs, 6 feet tall, but lean and mean... lol.   I didn't seem to gain 2 pounds in the Army, for 3 years either, although I learned so much in those 3 years of active duty, and then married with our first child, Barbra Ann Schuckman, a fine girl that brightened my day,  even though I was too stupid to have wanted a BOY....  duh.  Barbie was a good girl who never gave me too much trouble, and thank the Lord for that!  My GOOD Andy did give me some trouble latter on, but I loved him all the same, and we had lots of fun together, with his  younger sister, Sarah, as all 3 kids were spread apart evenly, by two years, each.   I only  regret that my first wife and I were arguing all the time, and that poison spilled over onto our 3 innocent kids, God forgive me, please.   But we do love our kids, evenly, as  much as we can, until they demand to walk out the back door, and then we can only hope that we did our best, instructing them and raising them by the ruler:  the KJV Bible !   So when they go astray as they often do, they will turn back into the right teachings.  

I am sorry...  I wanted to talk and blog about VETERANS and this special day,  but I got side-tracked again...  grrrrr!   I wanted to post a different story/ article about how crooked and dangerous the VAMC's are today, and how they used to "Treat" the Veterans [and how I have my own story, too!].  but I put the wrong story in, so I must adhere to this one.    But this story about the COMMING event of Marshall Law and internment camps all over the USA, is true enough, and accurate also.  
     I would say:  Be a good, model citizen, and don't make too big of waves between hard times and intentional Gov't threats and accusations/ deeds....  but then, don't left Obama's punk armies push us around too much either.   If they try to invade your private space, push them back and lock the doors and then "camp in!"    You should already have all y our foods, pure drinking water, candles, batteries, ammo, and special 'arms' ready for action, also your "BUG OUT BAG !!"      Canned food, the kind you like to EAT right out of the can if  you HAD TO, but your Bar B Q kit, fuel and charcoal all set to cook for a few months too!  Do you all have a skill or trade with which you could barter ---trade or work for food, or silver, which might just be our "New Dollar" on the Black Market...  and I urge most of you guys to buy as much Silver as you can RIGHT NOW !!  Dear Friends, and Fellow Patriots,  yesterday was the lowest I've ever seen Silver for a long time!   $15.68.  Gold:  $1165 !!   Platinum:  $1209.   Palladium:  $770 !   Wow!  Now, even the so-called poor can even buy some Silver, instead of burning up their filthy smokes for the same amount of hard earned money.   When  you look back and kick yourself that you could not, or would not give up that selfish, foul habit like I, personally did in  1972, [and I loved to smoke Marlboro cigarettes!], for what???    something that I loved...  duh, smokes, but it could have been a lot more, what ever...Ha!   It will be the smartest move you've ever made, for  your heart and lungs, and those of  your families too!   The H.S. [Holy Spirit WILL help and assist you!  Pray!

Well....  it's so good to be Home at last, and the only "Better Place" to be, IMHO, would be HEAVEN !!   !!    Smile.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Happy Veterans' Day !

Above is:  Thomas G. Schuckman,  age 19, at CuChi, RVN, just got 'in-country' at my first 'duty station.'   God help me !   They  told us that it was a "Tropical Paradise,"  LOL !

Dear rock,  
Where is *your* nearest FEMA camp?
An NBC news crew may have stumbled
across one in Upstate New York...

Executive Directive 51 was signed by
George W. Bush in 2007, which gives
the US Federal gov't the power to
declare impose martial law in the event
a 'national emergency', giving the
White House and Homeland Security
(DHS) the ability to detain millions of
Americans on US soil under Rex 84 and
other military programs previously
planned and run as inter-agency
exercise drills.

A local NBC news crew claim they were
simply filming a news package for the
"129th anniversary of Ulysses S. Grant's
passing" (bizarre anniversary date, 129
years?), and then decided to use an
abandoned prison as the backdrop while
their news man was speaking to the
camera. Quite the odd incident occurred
however when a prison 'Lieutenant' rolled
up to stop their filming.

According local NBC affiliate WNYT,
"Corrections employees who are still
working at the empty prison made every
attempt to stop Mark Mulholland from
doing his job." This included a demand
from a private contractor to 'get off state
land' and then to hand over the tape - or
face arrest.

Why the secrecy? Why the stress on the
part of the private prison contractors (from
Wakenhut, or Serco?) when it's supposed
to be 'closed'?
P.S. (Article Redacted from Pakalert Press).

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