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Gun Confication--The New Order's New Year's Resolution.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends and Readers !
I've been wanting to post this INFO for a long time....  and now I figure that "something will have to give, come this Spring time !"   At least, before the month of August, IMHO,  2014.   If some other World Power finally takes the initiative to "claim the Petro Dollar" and change it into their OWN National currency to buy Petroleum/ Oil/ Gas, that would change the whole world equation of how we all do business, our various Credit Rating, Loans, Borrowing, Life Style, etc., OVER NIGHT !   The USA HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE 'TOP DOG' and had a very high standard of living....  at least for the past 200 years.    Other than rich folks who can afford to travel over seas a lot, and Military people who have seen 3rd World conditions, know and understand how impoverished most of the other countries are, have been, and will probably continue to exist that same way....  extreme poverty, and lack of real Freedom !!    The Scriptures, under the Holy Spirit, say:  "Man has dominated man, to his injury."   We need good, Laws,  but not slavery and oppression.   Please educate yourselves, right here --- right now !! 
        Of course, where ever true Christians live-- they already have what's  called,  "A Spiritual Paradise."   With Jesus Christ as their true Leader, Lord, and Savior,  those people KNOW that they will be going to Heaven, sooner or later.   They has the same Bibles that we in America study and read from!   They are MY Christian brothers and sisters!   However, in THIS Satanic, nasty world, they will, most likely stay poor, until the Lord comes down with the Rapture....  or death.   Either way, they are 'locked into the fold' and ear marked for Heaven.  
     In the meantime,  I want people to know that they might be able to fight for their God-given Freedoms, or at least stand up and say their piece, for Freedom.   We all are standing up now, in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, are we not ??   At least in America, we still have special, very important Freedoms found in our U.S. Constitution, such as the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and we ought NEVER to give them up !!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman 

Gun Confiscation – The New World Order’s New Year’s Resolution
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Will the Second Amendment be completely eradicated in 2014?
Adan Salazar
December 31, 2013
For many Americans, 2013 was the year “gun confiscation” became an undeniable reality, but it has merely set the precedent for what’s to come in 2014.
NWOgunarticleThe Second Amendment represents the biggest obstacle blocking the elimination of individual sovereignty and private property, and is one of the only things preventing a total Homeland Security dictatorship.
However, in states like California and New York, laws restricting firearms have already been passed, and gun confiscation from private citizens is already being forcibly carried out.
As Infowars has furiously documented, numerous federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have divulged they are being trained to confiscate Americans’ firearms. One Austin politician even flat-out stated this is the ultimate goal behind “gun control” (see video below).
These warnings go hand-in-hand with rumors of a litmus test in which commanding officers gauge whether soldiers would feel comfortable firing on Americans who resist orders.
All of this leads us to question how long it will be before the rest of the nation imposes identical gun control measures, and begs the question as to whether military and police will ultimately comply with orders to violently engage the public.
Considering the frequency of attacks leveled at the Second Amendment, the question of the new year is: Will the Second Amendment be completely eradicated in 2014?
Here are just a few videos encapsulating the ensuing War on Gun Rights and the emerging Police State:
Message to Police
Upon noticing the prevailing culture of police brutality, a woman nicknamed “Josie the Outlaw” issued a viral public plea asking police to disobey unlawful orders, including raiding homes without warrants, illegally conducting checkpoints and confiscating Americans’ firearms.

Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns
Last year, Infowars broke down how the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, eerily containing wording similar to a 1961 State Department memorandum (7277), outlined how “all types of weapons, notably including small arms and light weapons” would be targeted under the guise of preventing war.

Ron Paul Warns of 2nd American Revolution if Obama Bans Guns by Executive Order
Before Congressman Ron Paul left office, he appeared on the Alex Jones Show and asserted that Americans would view an effort by Obama to confiscate firearms as a “line in the sand.” “I don’t think the American people will (turn in their guns),” Paul stated.

Democratic Official Admits Plan To Confiscate Guns
Back in April of this year, Infowars exposed how Democratic City Council member and the potential next mayor of the City of Austin, Mike Martinez, admitted during an anti-gun rally hosted by Moms Demand Action that the ultimate goal behind their efforts was to “ban guns.”

EMERGENCY ALERT: Soldiers Warn of Coming Gun Confiscation and War Against Patriots
In an interview with Alex Jones in October, former Navy SEAL Ben Smith startlingly claimed members of the military were being questioned as to whether they felt “comfortable disarming American citizens.”

Gun Confiscation Begins In California
Californians have actually been surrendering their firearms since October 2007, according to a Bloomberg article which highlighted how citizens in the Golden State deemed “illegal” were having their guns taken, but in August, we documented how California also produced the label “Armed Prohibited Persons” (APPs) in order to further confiscate legally purchased guns from registered gun owners.

Lt. Col. Wants To Pry Guns From Your “Cold Dead Fingers”
And just this month, we exposed how an Esquire magazine article, written by a decorated military officer, indicated he was more than willing to “pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers.”

Fortunately, not all is lost. 2013 was also the year the sleeping giant that is the American people became aware of the assault on the Bill of Rights.
After Infowars blew the lid off the DHS’s massive ammo splurges, and after Obama was re-elected, and after the tragedy at Sandy Hook spawned 23 executive orders aimed at firearms, and after Alex Jones sounded the alarm during his appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, gun sales surged to all-time highs and an ammo shortage followed.
These are promising indicators that Americans won’t stand idly by as their gun rights are violated. This “line in the sand” must be firmly held in 2014 and beyond if Americans are to maintain our rights and the Second Amendment intact.
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