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Top Ten Languages of Refugees in the USA.

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I must apologize again for accidentally stroking the wrong key and erasing my last, past, Blog post, that I thought was so interesting, concerning the Heart, and drinking water.   I like to speed type as fast as I can go when blogging, and sometimes hit the wrong key on the bottom of my keyboard.... with disastrous effects, erasing the whole text !!!    And I cannot recover it !   Grrrrrrr !    If any body knows how to help me, or correct this goof up, please tell me.  Maybe it's the ALT button, or the Microsoft button, or a combination of them, or what ever....  duh.  it vexes me to death !    And, this is the 3rd new Keyboard that my wife has had to replace for me, as for some reason, all of a sudden, it just won't type any letters !!  What in the world brings that on, folks ?   My Inter Net/ computer life is very important to me, as I have stated before, because U.P. here in the "Frozen Tundra" -- North of Green Bay, WI.,  I can't get out and about as well in the brrrrrr...  Winter time, and this year has been brutal, for me.
      Sometimes I even wonder if the Lord is behind some of my computer black outs, for printing harmful stuff that won't benefit most folks, but should not be aired as a Christian...  talking out loud, or "thinking out loud."   As I re-read, and "proof read" my posts,  also F/B stuff, to put it a better, nicer way.   Is that called, "2nd guessing ?"

About the subject matter of this post,  I guessed wrong on that too...  thinking  that the number one language of refugees would be Spanish.   But you must KNOW that Obama is responsible for the great influx of Islamic people in the USA !!   And if you've ever run into them at a grocery store, market place, auction, etc., they are very RUDE, and think that they own the place.   That has been my experience.   And you can't help but distrust people who stay and cling to themselves, instead of merging into our AMERICAN CULTURE, like my fore fathers who came here for freedom, from Northern Europe, like Germany, etc.  We ASSIMILATED, learned the language, fought in America's Wars, became part of the national culture, etc., while still teaching our young the binding principles of the Old World, and 'Hard Work Ethic mentality.'   I think that we, collectively, kept our Faith in the God of the Bible, our Mother language, and distinct personality, and proud of it.   But we never got any special holidays named after someone, or something in our native heritage or back ground.  We never had anything to prove !    We work, we live, we have babies, and we educate ourselves, and we pray and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  

I have been blessed lately, to have some heart to heart conversations with my dear wife, Terri, about things that are near and dear to my heart and understanding.   I cannot and should not come into a marriage demanding that she, think, do and say everything, just like I do....   but it makes sense that we both wanted to choose someone who had the core belief system, pure Christianity from the Bible, same goals and orientation, education level, etc.   Of course, Terri, being well endowed, pretty, kind, and generous, certainly helped me love her from the start too.  [smile].    I am not completely sure why she picked me, except that I am kind and generous too, and I love the Bible, and like to work with my great ownership of many tools, carpentry, welding, etc.  

BTW,  for anyone in our general location,  there will be a Sportsmen's Seminar and Supper, U.P. here in Iron Mountain, MI., 49801, on Saturday, March 1st, @ 3:00P @  the Iron Mtn., Central Middle School Gym and Cafeteria ! ! !  Archery, Fishing, Outdoor things, lectures, hunting skills, talks, etc !   I plan to be there...   fun for the whole family.

Terri just came home with my lunch, so I am OUT OF HERE !
Live well, and Prosper!   I love to get comments and emails from your all.

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Top ten languages spoken by refugees admitted to US (2008-2013)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 4, 2014
Your tax dollars! 
What did convicted murderer Esar Met’s translation services cost the taxpayers of Utah?
Note especially to our Wyoming and Toledo, Ohio readers!
When your “welcoming” community is preparing to open its arms to refugees for the first time, remember it is required by federal law that your local government is responsible for the cost of educating the kids (don’t forget the ESL budget), and for providing interpreters for medical services (refugees come with HIV/AIDS and TB, need costly meds) and for any court proceedings (how much did that recent refugee murder trial cost Utah or the Colorado rape trial cost?).
One huge problem that happened near where I live is that fire and rescue had an emergency involving a refugee they were not aware of, and due to a language barrier an unnecessarily expensive and frightening ‘rescue’ occurred because they thought the woman had Ebola (a disease first discovered in the Congo)!
Here is some useful data for your consideration.  Local governments! Better get your translators lined up!
Top ten languages spoken by recent refugees!  (from WRAPSnet)  Note Arabic is number one!
RankLanguageFY 2008FY 2009FY 2010FY 2011FY 2012FY 2013Total
3Sgaw Karen7,4603,3315,8336,5214,1485,01132,304
10Other Minor Languages1,7871,9131,6676731,0051,2778,322
Report Total41,25355,61352,47640,20040,96149,545280,048

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