Monday, February 10, 2014

My Mother is very Sick.

Tom's Journal.

Just a note tonight...   I just found out with only ME doing the asking/ my own phone calls, that my dear mother is very ill, with hypertension, etc., and was hospitalized for a few days in Wisconsin.   She is in her mid-80's and I call her almost every day just to see how she is doing and to visit.   She is very afraid to go into a nursing home, and I have suggested many alternatives... besides, my sister is looking after her in the same town.   I plan to see her in one week in person, but I want to ask all my friends and readers to please Pray for her health, but also for her SALVATION through Jesus Christ. 
     There is only so much I can to and cannot 'fix everything, nor everybody.'   I spend more time just praying for myself !   I know that everything is in God's hands, yet He wants us to petition Him.   My Mom has treated me well all my life, yet said that she wishes she would have done some things differently in my life.   I never held her accountable for anything, and only knew that she was legally blind from birth a few years ago !!   So, I have nothing to complain about, having said that.   That should teach us all a lesson in complaining about our lot in life, and my heart is half broken [again], after losing two of my most beloved people on earth a few years ago.   I know and believe that I am very blessed to have a good wife now, who loves me, and  great pastor, Kevin Sullivan.    Every year I lose a few more friends, but that is my life now at age 65...  too many good Vietnam Veterans are going home to the Father's House up in Heaven.   The Bible and the Holy Spirit tell me that I am SAVED too, and so that will be my home some day.   Until then, God wants me and others to continue to serve HIM by sharing the Gospel to everyone I meet, and I like to use my Bible tracts to augment that mission.

Thanks for reading this Blog.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Here is an older pic of my Mom and I at her 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

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