Monday, February 17, 2014

Of the Inept and Ungodly.

Tom's Journal.

Good Day, Friends, and  Blog  Followers,
I am happy to post this snowy day in the great, cold, frozen tundra of the U.P., "OF THE INEPT AND UNGODLY."   At last, one of my fav. gentlemen has nailed this subject dead on --- right on target !!   Why ought we complicate this matter when it is so simple ??  It really comes down to a question of courage and guts!   The Legislative Branch has the power, Right, and authority to put the brakes on this illegal impostor, occupant of the WH, pure and simple !!  They can and should impeach him now, today!  And then put him in prison or kick him out of our country!  Just my humble opinion, guys.     Or are they complicit too ?  Well, the Congress, as well as the Judiciary all take an Oath when they take the post, so they are liable in more than just one way, to protect our U.S. CONSTITUTION.  God will Judge them too.

We the People are not guiltless either, because we were suppose to vet the candidates before we voted them into office....  so don't worry, folks,  we will reap the whirlwind too.   It's called,  "Community Responsibility."   Just as President Truman gave orders to drop the Atomic bomb on Japan at the close of the  WW-2,  but the people alive at that time voted him in, along with FDR --- so those people, my father's generation bares a Community Responsibility too.   In the books of Samuel, and Kings,  God warned the Israelites about choosing a human king [when they already had  HIM,  Jehovah  God, as King!!];  What would happen, as the human king would grow greedy and foolish....  King Saul, etc., had his foolish, unjust ways, and  Israelites did suffer from that moment onward.    They said, 'All the  rest of the Nations have their own king, so we  want one too!'   Are most of Americans happy now, that Obama is their king ??   We sure cannot blame God for our actions, can we ?  But we are suffering right now, and things will only get worse, as we sink to be a 3rd world country, bankrupt, broke, and full of moral decay !   We only wait for the NUMBER of Saved Christians in God's fold before He calls us home to safety, dear friends.   But even now,  "We the Christians" are also dragging OUR feet in churches, not  preaching and sharing the true, pure KJV Bible truth as we should, but rubbing elbows with the sinful, rebellious world under Satan !   Shame! 

God has the right to wipe us out completely, just for the sins of abortion!   But He cannot lie [Titus 1:2] and must keep His promise to Save His people, just as He said He would.   And so we are waiting --- but we should still be active in sharing the Gospel of Salvation of Jesus Christ, even NOW!! 

Personally,  I like to order a bunch [a bag full of Bible tracts, that I can keep, folded up in my wallet, to pass out free [of course] to ANYONE I meet in my day to day, 'Walk of Life' in these Last Days.  God to:   Bible tracts, Inc.  P.O. Box 188,  Bloomington, IL  61702- 0188.     I picked on up many years ago while working at Chrysler in Kenosha, WI., that helped me find a good, Christian church that helped me learn about the Lord Jesus Christ, back in 1995....  PTL.

Our last female dog, chew up Terri's nice KJV, leather Bible, and that was the last straw, as she was just too destructive to keep at our house...   I just ordered another good Bible --- I hope is the correct kind that Terri wanted.... duh, that cost me, $105., but I want Terri to enjoy it and love it.   The last one was a wedding present from me, so it also had sentimental value.   I prefer the Old Scofield Study System KJV Bible, so I can really give down to the Nitty Gritty, of bible research.   Now it's so peaceful and quiet here at home, besides Terri's singing canaries that make a cheerful noise when the sun comes up... PTL !   If I want noise, I can always turn on the radio or TV, or listen to Terri sing.  [smile].   She has a sweet, tender voice.  

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for my dear, old Mom, whom I love and cherish, in Wisconsin.   She has been a very generous, kind, loving Mother to me all her life, and I figure I owe her tons of gratitude and thanks !   Please continue to pray for her Salvation.   Thanks.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
     My Mom, and I >>>

Monday, February 17, 2014 
Of the Inept and ungodly
On Fox News Sunday, Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee discussed presidential authority using socialist healthcare as an example. Lee said that if the Occupant of the Oval Office can rewrite law, "then there's almost no limit to his authority." He said, "It is not the president's prerogative to simply make this the law by the stroke of the executive pen...The whole reason why we have a Constitution is to help prevent and protect us against the excessive concentration of power in the hands of a few, or in this case, in the hands of one person." Lee's solution to this Constitutional crisis is clear evidence that both political parties are malfeasants conspiring to do evil to this nation and the hard working citizens they represent.
Lee and other well-intended Republicans can cite the Constitution all day, every day. They know what is in it and are all too ready to show anybody who will listen their vast knowledge of the Constitution. But this is like a hole in the roof. We can all recognize there is a hole in the roof and we can discuss that it needs fixed while the floor is getting wet from the rain. It is one thing for these politicians to recognize the violations of the Constitution and debate it repeatedly, it is still another thing to use the Constitution to put a stop to this unconstitutional White House. If our politicians do not have the will to do what the people elected them to do--which is uphold the Constitution--then we suffer tyranny. We suffer tyranny.
Lee's solution is equally disturbing: "The solution is for the president to come to congress and make the case to congress on the policy merits of this question that Congress needs to act. Then its up to Congress to Act at that point. It is not the president's prerogative to make this the law by the stroke of the executive pen." We all know this, Mr. Lee. What we want to know is when will the folks we elected to uphold the Constitution actually use the power granted in it, and the authority conveyed by the people to put an end to this unconstitutional oligarchy running the country into despotism? It is ridiculous to expect the power monger to come to Congress to seek permission when he is acting without it.
These inept and ungodly men and women in Congress and the Court system need to go. They are not Americans in the sense that being American is not a nationality, but a chosen way of life.  Their actions are un-American because they cower to evil and do not uphold what is good. They allow the subversion of the Constitution with impunity. As written in 2 Timothy 3:13, "Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived." Lee and others are deceived into thinking that a usurper will come to them and ask permission to continue usurping. Congress has the authority to enforce the Constitution, but lacks of will and the Godly righteousness. 
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson