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The term, ignorant means that we are not aware of something, and should not be seen as an insult,  right off the bat.   I consider myself well educated in many areas, yet still "ignorant" in many more.  No big deal.  It just translates to how we are raised, encouraged, educated, rich or poor, etc., and what we are willing to do.   And, the HUMBLE man has a great advantage in that he has the 'right stuff' to learn from a learned man, and God Himself !   Paul so instructed Timothy, in the Bible,  "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.  That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."  ---2nd Timothy 3:16.     So, therefore, as  far as finding out the 'mind of God' and doing His Will, we don't have to look, or read any other place but the KJV Bible !!  Don't you just love things that are simple and uncomplicated ?  I do !   And too, we all learn the truth of the Bible at different stages in our life, and so it would be  wrong for any of us to think that we are 'one-up' on some one new just learning the Gospel.  We all ought to have the basics in bible knowledge, but just being "Saved" is the most important part, IMHO.  

Some good folks think that just following the 10 Commandments are all a person needs to do as a Saved Christian.   But the fact is that such a person probably has never studied the Bible ---making an erroneous statement like that, because the "OLD Mosaic Law Covenant is NOT binding on Christians !! !!  Jesus, Himself, changed all of that when He died on the cross for all of mankind, once and for all.  Jesus instituted the "New Testament/ Law" which is that we must love the Lord God with all our strength, power and vital force, and also love our neighbor as ourselves.   I didn't know and understand all these things from the get-go either, friends, but while  there is still breath in me, I will share these things will everyone I meet, God willing.    Too,  the Bible, and God's Laws supersede/ change,   any other human laws or decrees.  PERIOD.   And not everyone can, or should be teachers,  because there is a lot of serious weight on that job, and we must get things right!   When I was a kid who made mistakes in my speech and beliefs, and humiliated by someone older who knew a little more than me,  I didn't just quit.   I doubled down hard and studied twice as hard so as not to make the same mistake twice.   So that now at my present age,  I feel comfortable talking about certain subjects.   And when I hear someone else speaking about something I do not know --- I shut up and listen to him, and if I am interested in his speech, I do more research on that subject until I figure I know enough on that subject.

But we can't possible know everything while we are on Earth, so we must pick and choose what has the highest priority.  To me, heaven and hell seem very worthy of my time and effort, and since we all may die sometime....  IF the Rapture doesn't come in our time.    So then, I NEED TO KNOW THE ABSOLUTE  TRUTH of the matter, of where we [I] am going after I die.   After all,  Jesus said, 'what does it profit a man to win the whole world [or riches], and then lose his very soul ?'     I am happy to enjoy a good standard of living now,  but I well know just how mortal I am today !!   I have had too many close calls on my life, and doctors/ surgeons have told me just how 'lucky' I was to still live.   I broke way too many bones in my body, including my neck in 1997,so that my two years in Vietnam: 68-70, seemed like a 'walk in the park !!'    And I won't soon forget all the pain and agony, also heart break and tears of losing those very close to me.

Many kind people have emailed me to say that they really enjoyed reading and sharing my humble blog posts.   Thank you very much, guys and gals !   I only want to share the good things I have, that took me so long to learn, and Feb. 20th I will be age 65 !!   I am hoping to buy some more Life Insurance, in case I die too soon, so that my wife can continue to live and survive in good manner.    But God will take care of her, someway, somehow.... I just want her to be OK, and relatively happy.   I tried to teach her how to invest, etc., and take care of herself, since we've been married.

I would be happy to help or share more Bible stuff with anyone who is serious about learning.  Learn to use the COMMENTS area.   And I know that my pastor would help out too.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Help and Info for Vietnam Veterans.

Tom's Journal. http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/


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In This Issue February 14, 2014
10 Actions for Responding to a Vet in Crisis
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Special Notice:
If you are a veteran in emotional crisis and need help RIGHT NOW, call this toll-free number 1-800-273-8255, press 1, available 24/7, and tell them you are a veteran. All calls are confidential.

VA Caregiver Hotline
Military Sexual Trauma
Donate to VVA
Holiday Stress

Support Senate Bill 1602

Documents: Judgments Random in Military Sex Crimes

Judgments Random in Military Sex Crimes
In a February 9 AP story filed from Tokyo by Yuri Kageyama and Richard Lardner, at U.S. military bases in Japan, most service members found culpable in sex crimes in recent years did not go to prison, according to internal Department of Defense documents. Instead, in a review of hundreds of cases filed in America's largest overseas military installation, offenders were fined, demoted, restricted to their bases, or removed from the military.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/judgments-random-military-sex-crimes-documents-article-1.1608452#ixzz2t9eiPO7V
From the American Institute of Stress

10 Actions for Responding to a Vet in Crisis

10 Actions for Responding to a Vet in Crisis
From the American Institute of Stress by Alison Lighthall on February 1: Telephone calls from a combat veteran in crisis require different approaches, skills, and tactics than other subjects. 
Read about some basic strategies that can be used by crisis call responders here
VVA Video

2013 VVA Excellence Awards Banquet

VVA Excellence Award Video
At every National Convention, VVA honors those who served in Vietnam and their supporters for their achievements both during and after the war. VVA National President John Rowan was thrilled to present Excellence Awards to Bill Nelson, Dr. Guion Guy Bluford, Jr., H. Lee Barnes, Dr. G. Reid Lyon, U-Haul International, Inc., and Arlo Guthrie.
Watch on YouTube
As Reported by US News & World Report HealthDay

Study Shows Vietnam Vets Exposed to AO Have High Risk of Skin Cancer

Agent Orange Spray
In a February 7 US News & World Report HealthDay post, reporter Robert Preidt writes about a study which demonstrates that Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange may be at increased risk for skin cancer. 
Read the complete story
As Reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Half of Nevada's VA Claims Sent Out-of-State

Half of Nevada’s disability claims sent out of state
In a February 8 post on the Las Vegas Review-Journal by Keith Rogers, the VA’s benefits office in Reno was so overwhelmed by disability claims last year that it sent half of them to out-of-state offices for decisions.
Read the complete story
Town Hall Meeting

Faces of Agent Orange Town Hall Meeting

February 20th 2014
Mooresville, North Carolina
Date: Thursday, February 20, 2013
Time: 1 pm
Town Hall Meeting: Mooresville, North Carolina
Place: Richard's Coffee Shop, 165 North Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115
Contact: Pamela Scheffer: 704-425-5573
To view calendar with upcoming town hall meetings, http://www.vva.org/Committees/AgentOrange/TownHall.htm
As Reported by the Stone Hearth News 

Great Majority of Americans Don't Know Correct Heart Facts

From a February 7 post on the Stone Hearth News, despite the fact that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S., about three-quarters (74 percent) of Americans do not fear dying from it, according to a recent survey by the Cleveland Clinic.
See more at: http://www.stonehearthnewsletters.com/heart-health-facts-unknown-to-majority-of-americans/heart-health/#sthash.altLTiNu.dpuf
Vet Court Con 

OEF/OIF Vets Needed for Comparative PTSD Studies

National Intrepid Center of Excellence
Researchers at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence on the campus of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, are currently recruiting for a study in which they provide free evidence-based therapy to OEF/OIF military veterans, service members, guardsmen, and reservists experiencing combat-related PTSD.
The study is comparing Prolonged Exposure to Virtual Reality Exposure (VRE) with or without cognitive enhancers. The study is offering 9 free sessions of individual treatment to eligible individuals, and all participants receive exposure therapy. The study also offers 2 free functional MRI (brain scans) to assess recovery in those receiving VRE therapy and comparing them to healthy veterans, those with history of blast exposure and those with PTSD receiving usual care. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Study Coordinator, Ms. Patricia Taylor, at 240-507-6339.
NOTE: this study’s I.R.B. documentation has been filed and reviewed by VVA’s I.R.B. research officer and judged to be in compliance with all applicable human subjects research guidelines.
Silver Spring Community Day 

Veterans Against Drugs Hosts
3rd Annual All Skate Free

VAD Skate Free Flyer

The Truth about, Captain Phillips.

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 For some reason I didn't hear about this being covered by the main-stream
media...or did I miss something. According to "Truth Or Fiction," this is a
valid accounting of what happened.

"Now that the movie, "Captain Phillips" about the Maersk Alabama hijacking
by Somali pirates is out, we need be informed about facts of that event that
haven't been made public before.

The following article of facts regarding the incident  was written by Dr.
John "Jack" Wheeler. Dr. Wheeler was a man of honor: a West Point graduate,
a Vietnam veteran, and the man who was the driving force behind financing
the construction of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. He fought long and hard
for the dignity and honor of the fallen Vietnam War soldiers.

He served three presidents as an aide and advisor, for whom  he was a
special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force and a military 
consultant. Jack Wheeler was a graduate student at the Harvard Business 
School when he was recruited to be an adviser to the president regarding 
military tactics. He was a man of integrity and served on the General Staff
at the Pentagon.

Shortly after writing this article, he was mysteriously murdered sometime
between 28 and 31 Dec. in 2010, and his body was dumped in a dumpster in
Newark, Delaware.


Now here's the story as written by Jack Wheeler that was suppressed by the 

All of us need to raise our glasses the highest to the Navy SEALs who
popped those three Somali pirates. And I'm sure you want to hear the real
story of what happened especially because there is a revoltingly 
opportunistic and cowardly side to it.

Why, for example, did it take SEAL Team Six (aka DEVGRU, Navy Special
Warfare Development Group) over 36 hours to get to the scene? Because the
President refused to authorize the SEAL deployment for those 36 hours,
during which the OSC - the on scene commander, Cmdr. Frank Castellano of
the USS Bainbridge - repeatedly requested them. Cmdr. Castellano is a very,
very mature and experienced commanding officer and is rock solid in his 

Once the SEALs arrived - parachuting from a C-17 into the ocean near the
ship - Obama then imposed Rules of Engagement (ROE) specifying the SEALs
could not do anything unless the life of the hostage, Captain Richard
Phillips, was in "imminent" danger. Thus, when Capt. Phillips attempted to
escape by jumping off the lifeboat into the ocean, the SEAL snipers had all
four pirates (one later surrendered) sighted in and could have taken them
out then and there - but they could not fire due to ROE restrictions.

When the SEALs approached the lifeboat in a RIB (rigid-hull inflatable
boat) carrying supplies for Capt. Phillips and the pirates, the pirates
fired upon them. Not only was no fire returned due to ROE, but as the
pirates were shooting at the RIB, SEAL snipers on the Bainbridge had them
all dialed in. Again, no triggers were pulled due to the ROE. Two specific
rescue plans were developed by Cmdr. Castellano and the SEAL teams. Obama
personally refused to authorize them.

After the second refusal and days of dithering, Cmdr. Castellano decided he
had the Operational Area and OSC authority to "solely determine risk to 
hostage" and did not require any further approval by the president. He took
unilateral action on Sunday, April 12, 2009.

Four hours later, the White House is informed that three pirates are dead
and Capt. Phillips has been rescued unharmed. Then a White House press
release was immediately issued, giving credit to the president for his
"daring and decisive" behavior that resulted in such success. Obama
demanded decisional control over the entire hostage drama to the last
detail. All actions required his personal approval. He dithered while the
world laughed at our warships flummoxed by four illiterate teenagers with
worn-out AKs in a lifeboat.

Only when the Navy Commander decided to take action and responsibility
himself, were the incredible skills of the SEALs put into play.

That Obama could cynically and opportunistically claim that his "bold"
"calm" "tough" leadership was responsible should remind everyone that not a
single action, not a single word of this man can be trusted. He is bereft
of honesty and moral character. The HFR raises a glass full of pride and
gratitude to Navy Commander Frank Castellano, the Navy SEALs for their
incredible competence, and our military. Let's hold a Tea Party  in their

Confirmed at Truth Or Fiction:


 God has not given us the spirit of fear;  but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.   II Timothy 1:7
                                      "In GOD We Trust"

Finally !

Tom's Journal. http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/


Hey Friends,
I told my wife NOT to make one of my favorite foods ever again, last night.  It's called,  Macaroni, Cheese, and Tuna casserole.... and I like to put some Salsa or Picante sauce on top and some hot sauce too !!   I used to think that it could possibly be one of the most nutritious and tasty  foods on the planet at one time!    But I made the mistake of eating too late in the day/ supper, and having a 2nd portion.... Grrrrrr!   I was very uncomfortable and had fears of throwing up later, and prayed for a long time in bed last night.   Sometimes I just feel SO stupid, but today is another day, and then I stumbled upon this news article, that I thought was too good not to share.   Terri is gone again on another 'volunteer mission' taking a close friend for a doctor's check up after her surgery today, too.   It just snowed AGAIN last night U.P. in the 'Frozen Tundra.'   And the good Lord has given me another day of life.

But,  I am thinking that....  just what is left to eat now days with so much so-called "bad food" that makes us fat, sick, diabetic, and sluggish... LOL !   I just hope that I can learn something new today by following  up on this new study, and then sharing it with YOU !  Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

When  I was a kid on the farm in Racine County, WI, I was tall for my age, but had big shoulders from hard work, but slim.   I should have lifted weights back then, but we didn't have any, and the Gym class didn't teach us the right way to lift...  as I ended up with a severe injury one night at school, doing a "Clean and Jerk" lift that could have killed me, but I broke both wrists and fore arms at the same time, in my senior year, and had casts on both arms, so that I had to drop out of Typing class!!   My Dad even had to give me a bath, and I got out of farm chores.   My arms still hurt after the casts came off, and I was afraid of not being able to train well in the Army, that I joined on August 21 st, 1967, at Fort Campbell, KY., after my graduation.   I joined because it was, more/ less a "rite of passage" in the Schuckman clan, but mainly because I didn't have enough money saved up for college.   I did finally get to go to college some 20 years latter  when Chrysler let go of 6000 people and tore down the auto plants in Kenosha, WI.   That caused a lot of  sorrow, heart break, and trouble for our community in WI., and also influenced my wife of 22 years to just LEAVE me, two years into that lay off, because I didn't make enough money for her, and decided to sell our nice house in Kenosha, WI.   But I wasn't the only one to have hard times---  and I believe that the Lord used those hard times to take away my foolish pride so that I would hunger for Him, and finally get Saved, in the Milwaukee Winter of 1994- 95.    That changed my whole life !  PTL.  
       Sometimes the Lord allows us to fall into a 'pressure cooker' to separate the gold ore from the dross/ imperfections, so that we can finally see the light.   It's a hard way to learn, but it works.   Anyone can function well in good, prosperous circumstances,  but add a little pressure, poor economy, and a stubborn, nagging wife, and BOOM !!   It's the "pressure" that forms a diamond from coal!   So,  I felt that my 2 years in Vietnam:  68- 70,  were but a 'walk in the park' compared to the next 40 some years back at home.    

Well, now I am come full circle, and a bit wiser, more disabled, but warm and cozy in a harsh climate, but happily married, for the most part.   We are right on the Eve of another huge devastation, and the KJV Bible just happens to agree with me.   Sorry, again, folks,   but things will NOT get better anytime soon -- but they will get much worse !!   I try to explain on my humble blog,  how I am personally preparing for this  mega change in our world society.    I belong to the world wide, Christian Community.   Too many of our  brothers are now sleeping at the switch, even putting their faith in human leaders who are godless, greedy and corrupt !!   Instead of informing, preparing their flocks, those clueless leaders are leading the rank and file away from  God, and have deserted the pure teachings of the KJV Bible !!  Shame, and a clear and present danger ! 

I am presently preparing a list of Priorities, on paper, so I can benefit other people that I had not even met yet, and help my friends too.  To God be the glory. 
And I just heard that we will get another big snow fall later in the week !

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

The #1 WORST Food that CAUSES Faster Aging (beware!)

Do you eat these foods that HARM your blood sugar and age your joints and skin faster?  Some are even deceptively marketed to you as "healthy" by giant food corporations.  Avoid or minimize these and look 5-10 years YOUNGER than your real age.
by Mike Geary - Certified Nutrition Specialist
& Catherine Ebeling - RN, BSN

Due to biochemical reactions in your body that occur with every type of food you eat on a daily basis, some foods age you FASTER than your real age, while other foods help to FIGHT aging.
Eat the wrong foods regularly, and you can look and feel 10 or more years OLDER than your real age (not fun!) ... but eat the right foods, and over time, you can start to look 5-10 years YOUNGER than your real age.
Three of the processes that go on inside your body that have a MAJOR impact on your rate of aging are called "glycation", "inflammation", and "oxidation".
When we talk about aging, we're not just talking about wrinkles on your skin or how thick your hair is... we're also talking about factors that you can't see, such as how well your organs function, and whether your joints are degrading.
Yes, I'm sure you'll agree this is much more important than just how you look superficially (although we'll show you how to improve BOTH below!)
With the title of this article, you might have guessed that obvious answers like sugar or trans fat would be what we talk about in this article.  Yes, we all already know those are bad, but I want to discuss another food that ages your body faster than normal... and it's one that you might not expect!
So let's dig right in and I'll show you how your rate of aging can be directly related to the foods you might eat every day, and how to protect yourself...

The #1 WORST food that ages you faster:
Wheat based foods (yes, even "whole wheat")
Before I tell you why wheat can actually speed up the aging process in your body, let's clarify some simple biochemistry in your body...

This deals with "glycation" in your body, and substances called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs).  These nasty little compounds called AGEs speed up the aging process in your body including damage over time to your organs, your joints, and of course, wrinkled skin.
So with that said, what is one of the biggest factors that increase production of AGEs inside your body?  This may surprise you, but high blood sugar levels over time dramatically increase age-accelerating AGEs in your body.  This is why type 2 diabetics many times appear that they have not aged well and look older than their real age.  But this age-increasing effect is not just limited to diabetics.
So, let's get back to how "whole wheat" relates to this...

Here is a little-known fact that's often covered up by the massive marketing campaigns by giant food companies that want you to believe that "whole wheat" is healthy for you... but the fact is that wheat contains a very unusual type of carbohydrate (not found in other foods) called Amylopectin-A, which has been found in some tests to spike your blood sugar HIGHER than even pure table sugar.
In fact, amylopectin-A (from wheat) raises your blood sugar MORE than almost any other carbohydrate source on earth based on blood sugar response testing that's documented in studies.
This means that wheat-based foods such as breads, bagels, cereals, muffins, and other baked goods often cause MUCH higher blood sugar levels than most other carbohydrate sources.  If you don't believe me, here's something you should know... I ran personal blood sugar tests on myself using a blood glucometer about 45 minutes after eating 2 slices of wheat bread vs eating a bowl of oatmeal, with equivalent grams of carbs.

The blood sugar test results:
2 slices of whole wheat toast:
45 minutes after consumption:  Blood sugar spiked from 86 fasting level to 155.

1 Bowl of Oatmeal (equivalent grams of carbs to 2 slices wheat toast)
45 minutes after consumption:   Blood sugar raised from 86 fasting level to 112

As you know now, the higher your average blood sugar levels are over time, the more AGEs are formed inside your body, which makes you age FASTER.  Clearly, the whole wheat spiked blood sugar MUCH higher than the oatmeal, and if you don't know, 155 is a massive blood sugar reading that will certainly contribute to faster aging if you eat wheat frequently.
You've probably also heard about the potential health-damaging effects of gluten (another problematic compound found in wheat that can cause inflammation in your digestive system) in the news recently, but this blood sugar aspect we just covered is not talked about that often, and is yet another reason to reduce or eliminate wheat-based foods in your diet.  Your body will thank you by aging slower and looking YOUNGER!
And losing bodyfat is typically another fun side effect of eliminating or reducing wheat in your diet!
Yet another problem with wheat-based foods and aging...
As it turns out, baked wheat products contain carcinogenic chemicals called acrylamides that form in the browned portion of breads, cereals, muffins, etc.  These carcinogenic acrylamides have been linked in studies to possible increased risk of cancer and accelerated aging.  Note that acrylamides are also found in high levels in other browned carbohydrate sources such as french fries or any other browned starchy foods.

Don't worry though... There's a trick that you can use to protect yourself from these carcinogenic acrylamides, and it has to do with eating the RIGHT foods that COUNTERACT damage from these nasty chemicals.  I'll show you how to find the EXACT foods that protect your body on the next page!

Other foods to watch out for that can increase aging in your body include corn-based foods that also disrupt blood sugar highly (corn cereals, corn chips, corn syrup), soybean oil and other "vegetable" oils that contain excessively refined and processed fats that cause inflammation in your body, and also excess sugars from candies, cakes, and sweetened drinks.
But the good news is...
We'll show you how to find plenty of delicious foods, spices, herbs, and nutrients that PROTECT your body from aging on the next page!
You will also discover over a dozen surprising tricks you can use daily to FIGHT aging, helping you to look 5-10 years YOUNGER... click the button below to go to the next page to discover unique and delicious anti-aging foods, spices, herbs, teas, and other potent youth-enhancing nutrients: