Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Great Winter's Day.

Tom's Journal.

Welcome to my world, dear Friends and Readers !

My tidings be warm, though the outside air temps be -8 below ZERO, in the pristine Frozen Tundra of the U.P.  --LOL !   We just had a very fine new speaker, evangelist, named, Ross, at church today, and I gave him my business card with my email address on it, with a small 'gift offering' this chilly morning.   Actually, the temperature is not so bad IF, IF  the wind don't kick up.   My wife was busy [of course -- ALWAYS] in the church nursery... PTL.  those screaming young kids.   And right in back of me, a baby was making a fuss, crying and carrying on, until the Mom finally got up to take the baby to the back of the church.  PTL --Praise the Lord !!   I took notes today because the subject was very close to my own heart.   We Christians pray constantly, daily, for God to forgive our sins,  but don't go any farther to get to the root of our problems...  to root out the very thing that is causing us to fall all the time ! ! !   We must MORTIFY OUR MEMBERS so that we successfully REMOVE the threat that the devil, Satan, throws at us !!   I, yes, I, have that same frustration in my own life, that vexes me to no end !!  Well, the gentleman, Ross, was a great speaker -- loud and clear, very articulate, and I needed to thank him, personally.   I KNOW that he will email me, as he promised.  

I, Tom Schuckman, ask YOU fine people, also in Face/Book, to pray for me.   Yet, it is up to me, and me alone, that has to do MORE, to fight my demons !  I always pray for forgiveness, mercy, Patience, Long Suffering, etc.,  but what do I really do to STOP the BS that sets me off into losing my temper ?   The devil wants me to just give up and move on, move out, hide in a hole some where, and be tempted yet !   I see myself as a good, smart, well educated man...  but the devil is having a field day with me, by allowing "others" to push my buttons, and make me angry.   I have prayed forever, to get some peace of mind, balance, gentleness, and just let things roll off my back... like a DUCK !   BTW, I love ducks !   Who knows that this challenge/ problem has been the cause of former failed relationships.   My comrade, dear, Combat Vet friends would simply tell me that I am suffering from Combat PTSD.  But as a Christian serious student of the KJV Bible, I know that is only partly true.   When I finally stand before the "Bema Seat" in heaven, I will have to account for all of my actions in the past.   What will I say ?    The good pastor says that the Lord is getting us all ready for heaven, and the Bema Seat... throne of God, Yahweh.   Kevin Sullivan is smarter than me, so I accept his words and help.   I am taking steps to help myself, and attend more church prayer meetings, etc. 
       The woman I love and married, is  so busy with other things and all people love her for her talents and hard work.... that sometimes I just feel jealous... like:   where is my part,  my quality time ?   So, there is my dilemma.
        Remember me not, good friends, in this long [Genesis 12: 3] Winter of 2013- 2014, that is only the fore front of things to come, this SPRING TIME !  I may be wrong, and embarrassed, but I believe that this Spring will visit/ bring some new, scary, storm winds our way.   Obama has no  real enemies that have gonads to fight him, or hold him to Constitutional accountability !!  As of now,  all 3 Branches of Gov't are defunct, totally corrupt, and complicit, and so there is no way out.... Save a shedding of Patriot blood and total recall and re-organizing, fresh start.   "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with new blood, of Patriots and Tyrants !!"   Gentlemen and Patriots,  what will happen?   I think that we need much preparation, ammo, organization, courage, but also Bible knowledge and savvy !   Correct me if I am wrong, please.  Connecticut just may be the 'flash point.'   Prepare, get ready, store up food and water, ammo, and strengthen Christian relationships,  PLEASE!    You well know my email:    --Bless all my friends and Believers. 

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman