Monday, March 10, 2014

What do KJV Words Mean?

Tom's Journal.

Just so you all understand and realize, that the honest, intended TRUTH of the venerable KJV Bible, can and should be known to all people with an honest, searching heart.   The Holy Spirit allows US to understand all the important things in the Bible, so that WE can ALL gain Salvation, for sure, know and believe it with a certainty ! ! !   Please,  NEVER get the idea that the Bible is full of mistakes and therefore of no benefit !!   2nd Timothy 3: 16, says, "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:  T hat the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."   I believe this with all my heart, and have personally, never found anything in the Bible that was untrue, or impossible to make sense of.     And to be sure, it is Satan the devil, who is misleading the entire inhabited Earth, who is the father of the lie, bent on deceiving as many humans as possible, leading them to hell, forever!!   So, the main  reason why I am posting this is to educate people as to the ever changing meanings of all modern languages/ words, terms,  even if they appear to be a 'foreign language' ... LOL !   But...  if we HAD TO LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE to gain Salvation, and Heaven, would it not be worth it ??   Remember that our heavenly Father, Jehovah, loves everyone, and hopes that we all might be Saved.   Unfortunately,   Satan, the LIAR seeks to destroy all of mankind, and he never sleeps, but continues to throw about entanglements and snares for us all,  especially the true Followers, and Fellow Believers in Christ, our Lord, Jesus.

Enjoy, and learn.

Tommy Schuckman

What do words in the King James Bible MEAN?

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Although the English used in the 1611 King James Version (KJV) Bible is "modern," many of the words it employs are different than today. Some words are no longer used and many have changed their spelling over the years. The meaning of a word translated in the 17th century can at times be significantly different from the meaning we attach to it today.
An example of an archaic and confusing word in the KJV Bible is found in Leviticus 16. While discussing the preparations, events, etc. for the day of Atonement the word 'scapegoat' (Leviticus 16:8,10) is used. Our modern definition of a scapegoat is a person (or group, etc.) who is unjustly blamed for the negative actions of others. A boss, for example, who is stealing from the company he works for may try to blame an innocent lower-level worker for the thefts in order to avoid losing his job. This is not, however, the meaning intended by the verses. The scapegoat actually represents Satan the devil and his part in the sins of humanity. He will be responsible for his actions in deceiving others. He is certainly not an innocent party blamed for the actions of others!
Below is a list of words and phrases in the King James Bible with their modern English meaning.
KJV word or phraseModern MeaningReferences
AdoptionSonshipRomans 8:23, 9:4; Ephesians 1:5
Affection(s)Mind, PassionsColossians 3:2,
Galatians 5:24
Afflict soulFastLeviticus 23:27, 32
ApothecaryPerfumerExodus 37:29
AssayedAttempted1Samuel 17:39
BeguileJudge against youColossians 2:18
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get the Scriptures?
When was the
Old Testament
When was the
New Testament
Old Testament
Important People
New Testament
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KJV word / phraseModern MeaningReferencesKJV word / phraseModern MeaningReferences
BestowedStationed1Kings 10:26Lusteth afterEarnestly
Deuteronomy 14:26
BlainsInflammatory swelling, BlistersExodus 9:9MammonMoney, Riches, Material wealthMatthew 6:24
BosomHave Intimate
Relationship with
2Samuel 12:3, 8;
John 1:18
MansionsOfficesJohn 14:2
CarriageBaggage1Samuel 17:22MeatWheatLeviticus 2:1
Charity Love1Corinthians 13MeetFitting,
Matthew 3:8;
Genesis 2:18
Clean HeartRight AttitudePsalm 51:10, 73:1MeltDismayed2Samuel 17:10
CoastDistrictsDeuteronomy 16:4MockedDeceivedGalatians 6:7
CommunicateShareHebrews 13:16Morning StarsAngelsJob 38:7
1Corinthians 15:33MortifyTo killRomans 8:13
ConversationConduct, CitizenshipPhilippians 2:27;
1Peter 3:1
or Under
Deuteronomy 24:6
ConvinceConvictTitus 1:9, James 2:9PassionSufferingActs 1:3
CoulterBlade or disc
on plough that
cuts through soil
1Samuel 13:20PavilionsBooths1Kings 20:12
Covereth his feetGoing to
the bathroom
Judges 3:24; 1Samuel 24:3PerfectUpright, Sincere, Spiritually matureGenesis 17:1;
Job 1:1
CreatureCreationRomans 8:20-21; 2Corinthians 5:17; Galatians 6:15PerformFinishPhilippians 1:6
Crisping pinPurseIsaiah 3:22PersonSubstanceHebrews 1:3
CrossStakeMatthew 10:38;
Mark 15:30;
Luke 9:23, etc.
Pisseth against
the wall
Men, Males2Kings 9:8, etc
CruseJug1Samuel 26:11PollsOne by OneNumbers 1:2
CursedReviled1Kings 2:8PrincesChief Officers1Kings 4:2
DamnedJudgedMark 16:16ProphesyInspired
1Corinthians 14
Do you
to wit
Make known
to you
2Corinthians 8:1PublicansTax CollectorMatthew 5:46
DissimulationHypocrisyGalatians 2:13QuickLivingActs 10:42
DiversDifferentMatthew 24:7;
Acts 19:9;
Hebrews 1:1
QuickenMake AliveRomans 8:11
DividingExpounding, Dissecting2Timothy 2:15QuitKeep on1Corinthians 16:13
DotingSick1Timothy 6:4RequiteOffer Support for1Timothy 5:4
Sexual Dues1Corinthians 7:3RudimentsElementsColossians 2:8
EnsamplesExamples1Corinthians 10:11Secret partsPrivate parts1Samuel 5:9
EschewedAvoidedJob 1:1SeetheBoilExodus 34:26
FaintGive UpLuke 18:1;
Galatians 6:9
ServantSlavePhilippians 2:7
FoxesJackalsJudges 15:4SheetsShirtsJudges 14:13
FrowardEvil, WrongProverbs 2:12ShoesSandalsExodus 3:5
GarnishedSet in orderMatthew 12:44SimpleHarmlessRomans 16:19
James 2:3Slept with
his Fathers
Died2Kings 13:9, 2 Chronicles 16:12
(Holy Ghost)
Holy SpiritMatthew 1:18, 20;
Luke 1:15;
John 1:33, etc.
Sons of
AngelsJob 1:6
GlassMirror1Corinthians 13:12,
James 1:23
SoreGreatly1Samuel 17:24
HaplyPerhapsMark 11:13SprinkleAstonish, StartleIsaiah 52:15
HardnessBlindnessMark 3:5StrangerNewcomer,
New Convert
Deuteronomy 14:29
HastingDesiring2Peter 3:12SufferLet, Allow,
Mark 10:14, Revelation 11:9
HeartAttitude of mindJeremiah 17:9TarryWaitLuke 24:49;
1Corinthians 16:8
HostCampJudges 7:10TenorIntent or
Exodus 34:27
HusbandmanFarmer, RancherJames 5:7TonguesForeign
Mark 16:17;
1Corinthians 14
InnPlace to LodgeExodus 4:24TowerSecret Place2Kings 5:24
IniquityLawlessnessMatthew 24:12TrowThinkLuke 17:9
JealousZealous2Corinthians 11:2UnctionAnointing1John 2:20
KnewHad Sex withGenesis 4:1UnworthilyIrreverently1Corinthians 11:29
LaudCelebrateRomans 15:11VirtuePowerMark 5:30
LetHinderExodus 5:4VisageAppearanceIsaiah 52:14
LettethRestrains2Thessalonians 2:7WhoringAstrayExodus 34:15
ListedChoseJohn 3:8   
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