Saturday, May 3, 2014

Prophecy Must come True.

Tom's Journal.

A new buddy advised me to check my font and not use a bright red color that 'screams at my readers' -- and so I am trying to tweak this post a tad.  Please give me you advice and constructive criticism.... because I want to produce something easy on the eyes and pleasant to read.   Thanks.   

Well, another friend of mine named, George, the Aviator [ a name I gave him that best describes him, but also protects his identity.], also a combat Vietnam Vet...  recently fractured his foot, leg, and hyper extended his knees, in a fall.   I was only trying to cheer him up, as he is in great pain right now,  with a scripture from Ecclesiastes 9: 11b, "but time and chance happen to them all."   But read the whole scripture, please, as it gives you the full flavor and content.   Paraphrasing the verse:  You and I can be a jack of all trades, or master of one, have many gifts, smarts, good health, good name, etc.,  but ACCIDENTS befall us all !!   That, according to the book of James [the "Half-Brother" of Jesus] advises us all not to brag too much or be too prideful, because you just never know what will happen tomorrow.

However, real, well studied, Spirit anointed Christians, already KNOW and UNDERSTAND what WILL happen in the near and yonder future !!  We, born-again, Holy Spirit- borne, Christians also can know for sure that we ARE GOING TO HEAVEN !!  And, of course, we can prove that....  although it took a few years to pound that into my Iron Skull... lol.   Why?  Because it was just "too simple !"  If some of us had the trusting faith of little children, according to Jesus, we could accept this fact more readily,  but too many of us are skeptics, and too steeped in the "Wisdom of this world... which is foolishness with God." ~1st Corinthians 2: 19.    We were taught wrong from childhood, in most cases, by false teachers and false churches, in false religions.  How do you tell the difference so that you won't be fooled ??  Study the KJV Bible for yourself, but PRAY FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT  BEFORE YOU CRACK OPEN THAT BOOK !!  

Hey, Friends,  I learned things the hard way, and could have pushed fast forward in a big way, gone to a good bible college and learned Hebrew and Greek!  But as I just said before,  we don't know what will happen tomorrow.  We might be dead, might slip on a banana peel and break our back, head and neck !   The main thing is that we DO learn the basics NOW, and before the Rapture of Jesus Christ!   Because after that great event -- things will be a lot different and a whole lot more scary and frightening !!   But don't take MY word for it...  read it in Revelation. 

Now,  Friends,  I don't really know, and I am not 'counting scalps,'  but I would think that I have led a few souls to Salvation thru Jesus' ransom, sanguinary sacrifice on the cross, 2000 years ago, or maybe I just provided a missing link of information that they needed to put the whole puzzle together in the game of understanding.  I have handed out many good bibles to folks, for free, plus bible tracts and info.  But God prob. wants me to remain humble, without knowing all the folks I've helped.  And I always wanted to teach and preach, share, and explain the bible, etc.   I know one thing for sure,  next to our pure worship of Father God,  sharing the Gospel  of Jesus Christ, is our 2nd most important J.O.B. on Earth!!   

History has been a good measuring tool by which we can see and feel a bad movement or rhythm growing stronger, that will eventually REPEAT itself, and a corrupt ancient  Rome is what we already are here in America !!   We are being "Frog Boiled" RIGHT NOW, FOLKS !!   We are being fed, sugar coated poison, that is killing us, slow but sure, in every respect, so that we don't even know the difference anymore between BAD or GOOD !!  Abortion, murder, thief, gross immorality in the 'Gay agenda', sodomy, political wars of greed and ambition, and gross laziness in the form of Welfare and Food Stamps, when folks are ABLE to work, but don't care to.   At this point, half the people in the USA are working to support the other half who don't want to work !  Our U.S. currency, the dollar will soon be worthless, while China hoards many hundreds of tons of pure gold, etc.   We let a mad man live in the WH, and  destroy our Military, and insult our brave Soldiers and Marines, and our best ally, Israel.  See:  Genesis 12: 3.  Actually our national 'Goose is cooked' by just hurting and insulting Israel, and our Congress and Judiciary are complicit with the unlawful occupant of the WH too.  What a shame that our Constitution is being shredded right now.   "Big Brother" will soon make owning a bible a crime and outlaw the practice of true Christianity, mark my word.  

The conclusion of this short post is:  'What shall We the People do about all of this sin laden, filth and Injustice/ Corruption ?   I have many good friends, mostly brave combat tested war Veterans, whom I love, trust, admire and treasure, who say that we ought to stand up, march to Washington D.C. soon and take back our country, one way or another !!  The Soldier part of my heart wants to do just that thing too, but what does God's Word say about this?   I know that the scriptures say that we can, must, should defend our homes, families, and loved ones with our very lives, if need be, and also bear arms to do this !  Perhaps 300  years ago my people didn't have firearms,  but we do now!  I am also into 'edged weapons' and teach how to throw the knife and tomahawk, accurately, also shoot the bow, etc.  Obviously, I am not going to post all of my treasures on-line.... duh.   But I firmly believe that it is smart and valuable to get professional safety training with fire arms if you choose to purchase one.  Good quality knives too.  See:  [for some of the best quality knives -- to cut and butcher your [ 'yard birds' -- chickens,],  pigs, venison,  etc. 
     But I need to inform my friends that, Bible prophecy MUST be fulfilled ! ! !  So, in order for these things to take place at the proper time, certain events MUST happen, because "God cannot lie."  ~ Titus 1: 2.   So, actually, many things and events are out of our control.  For instance,  how could the people of the collective world ask for [BEG] for the NWO [New World Order] --- and the Anti-Christ, to come, and take over] ??   It will be Jesus Christ, ONLY, who will have the might and Power, to clean up the New Earth, and defeat the wicked, and the father of the lie,  Satan the devil !!   It's important  that we all understand that.    Of course,  I will continue to vote for the person who can best rule our country....  if that is still possible.   I will also support our good Military if and when they can somehow turn this wicked country around and follow the Constitution ---  IF that is also possible.  
       But,  Go figure:  If what we have now is a real,  godly,  Paradise on Earth,   with true,  Peace and Prosperity,  would anyone ask for a change of Gov't,  ---a radical transformation  into a single Dictator  ruled, world order ??   Of course not ~! !  So, one way or another, things on earth will HAVE TO get much, much worse, more violent, widespread Hunger, strife, famine, shortages -- either man-made crop failures,   or from drought and Nature, economic collapse, failure, and chaos !   Yep !  That would do it.  So, now, who can honestly say that we are not on that dangerous slippery slope right now ?   I rest my case.

More latter,

Have a great day !   And please pray for my friend, George, the Aviator's relieve from pain, stress and discomfort, and for his doctors to make the best, educated choice with him and his wife.   Thanks.
Tomorrow:  Sunny in the U.P. !  I just might ride my new motorcycle...  God willing and the river don't rise...   [smile].

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Tom and Terri  Schuckman

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