Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The VA: And Example of Gov't run Healthcare.

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Hi Friends,
With all the baloney, fluff, and crazy time killers floating the email channels and air waves,  I felt that I ought to cover my own 6,  my own "band of Brothers" who fight our goofy, political wars, who get shot, stabbed, Agent Orange,  poisoned, PTSD, nightmares forever, crippled, disabled and abused at the VAMC all the time  !!!  And, YES !  These things still happen every day at VA "hospitals" all across the USA, where someone goes into surgery, and has the WRONG body part erroneously cut off !!   We also suffer, physical and verbal abuse from so-called doctors [many of which are not even board certified] and other staff members, especially nurses, who have a bad home life, and bring it from home onto the poor Veterans who would rather be somewhere else.

So there it is, folks, and it most likely will not get better any time soon, if at all.   But the main reason I want to bring this plight to your attention, today, is because THIS IS WHAT YOU ALL WILL  SOON RECIEVE IN YOUR OWN HOME TOWN, OR CITY !!    Now,  how do you like them apples ??   Ha!  Ha!

Have a great day.

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Veterans Administration: An Example of Government Run Healthcare

It is my understanding that the Veterans Administration has the second largest budget in this country next to the Pentagon. With such a large budget why is it so hard to get an appointment? Why don’t they have enough doctors and nurses to take care of our veterans with a budget so large? In my opinion they must not have their budget priorities in the right order.
This is a nationwide problem, not just in Phenix where most of the news is coming from lately.
Bonuses to top VA officials who are manipulating wait lists could be used to hire more drastically needed healthcare providers so our veterans don’t have to wait so long for care.
Does the VA healthcare system need to be totally revamped? Why should our veterans have to pay the price to line the pockets of administrators who can’t do their job?
If this deplorable system for our veterans is an example of government run healthcare then what is in store for the rest of the country with the implementation of Obamacare? Will it be run any better? I don’t think so.
Your friend, Harley                      disgusted with government healthcare