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Sometimes writers use various 'tools' to get the readers' attention on important discussions and subject matter.   I STUDIED hard, in English Lit., writing, speech, college 'Communications Principles 101', @ Gateway Tech., in Kenosha, WI., and many other college books and libraries.   When I set out to do something different, I want to do it right !!  I want to succeed, be dignified, and considered a professional !   I want to have all the "tools" to deliver subjects that I [and God the Father] consider to be extremely IMPORTANT,  such as a person's Salvation and every-lasting life in Heaven... and NOT hell !   At the very least,  let all men I meet have the knowledge of the opportunity to choose what the right/ correct course is,  according to the pure KJV Bible.   Please see:   THIS particular KJV Bible version, pure and true, is what put me on the fast track of learning what the KJV actually teaches, and gave ME a 'quantum leap' in learning.   I have bought and given many away, in large print !  God has truly blessed me.  Thank you, Lord.  In Jesus name. Amen.   --   --

To that end, I suppose that I sound like a broken record [for us "Old School" guys and], or a nagging voice that needs to be changed/ or replaced.   And I am human too, needing new, fresh material, needing recreation, a ride in the warm sunshine, visiting with friends in the back yard over sizzling "T-bone steaks" -- grilled zucchini squash, right next to the beef,  and a cold drink !!  [smile].   My good wife, Terri, has busted her back working on her house that she had paid for before she met me, being an expert carpenter, better than me!!  All her years working at Home Depot, made her so knowledgeable and handy with a hammer and a drill [screw gun], etc., that the way she uses small pieces of  modern hardware --  she actually strengthens and supports her projects BETTER than my old school ways and methods, I admit.   She was all smiles when I brought all my carpentry power tools U.P. here, like my new Radial Arm Saw, Saw's All, Mouse sanders, Milwaukee drills, Routers,  and MANY other tools,  and married her!  Men love modern tools that make the task at hand, more easy.  And my huge Ram 4 by 4 pick up truck that SHE paid off for me, so she could use it to haul more lumber home... lol.  [smile].  Yes, she loves my 'White Mule' with a "Big Horn" - Engine on board, that never gets stuck in the Winter time.

Lately, since I had my motorcycle mishap that tore my Left lower leg open with a 1 inch gap of bleeding flesh, in a "complex laceration" -- according to the surgeons,  Terri has been a pure angel with medical skills to tenderly help me heal well and quickly.  Praise the Lord, for a good woman and wife!   I have changed too, inside my sometimes narrow minded German-American head... lol.  God can, and does change us for the best, IF, IF we ask for His help and wisdom !!  'Ask and ye shall receive,' is no idle fairytale, brothers !   The Holy Spirit IS very active and powerful, and part of the triune God that we  worship!   It was the Holy Spirit that gave Samson his mighty power to kill so many of the Philistine enemy with the jawbone of an ass !   Not vitamins and hard work outs at the local Vic Tanny health club! 

Many folks think that the Gov't is putting SOMETHING in our drinking water, that feminizes our men folk and turns them into little girls in nature and deed !   But we older combat Veterans still have what the Lord 'gave us at birth' --- our manhood !  We just cannot carry the whole nation anymore, as we get old, injured, crippled from hard work all our lives, with PTSD, and COPD, etc.  We need the 'other men' to step up to the plate and PLAY BALL !   It's just too bad that we smart, active Veterans have to teach our valuable women the manly arts of War, and self defense!   I taught my sweet lady/ wife how to handle the gun and knife, safely and correctly, and had her study with me in a CCW course last year, and fitted her with a nice 'piece of hardware.'   She will get angry with me for even talking about this subject, and aware of 'big Brother', the real enemy, who is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood....  duh.  If that ain't treason, I don't know what is !   We fought long and hard for Freedom and Liberty in a place called Vietnam, in South East Asia, over 40 some years ago, also guaranteeing the Freedom of our U.S. Constitution --- so we THOUGHT we could rest and raise our families in peace.   But now, we are looking at the devil who lives in the WH, on our dime !!  Shame !  Impeach him, now !

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May 16th, 2014
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
A few days ago, the leader of a small political party in England was arrested after speaking on the steps of Guildhall in Winchester. Paul Weston is chairman of Liberty-GB. To see his picture, you would think he is a lawyer or a doctor or a CPA or even a local pastor.

However, Paul Weston must be a rabble-rouser, at the least, or an anarchist, at worst, who advocates the overthrow of the British government. Otherwise, why would the authorities arrest him for his public speech?

He may be a rabble-rouser, but he's not an anarchist.

The public comments that caused Weston's arrest on "suspicion of racial harassment," were much more incendiary than the toppling of the government or the overthrow of the monarchy. Weston was critical of Islam.

On top of that, it wasn't even Weston's words which were critical of the world's most protected and coddled religion and to which the authorities objected. They were the words of none other than Great Britain's revered favorite son: Sir Winston Churchill.

Mr. Weston read a passage from a book by Churchill entitled The River War. A young Churchill wrote the book around 1899 based on his experiences as a British Army officer during the Mahdist War in the Sudan.

I have long been an admirer of Winston Churchill and have quoted him often on The Hal Lindsey Report. I have also been critical of Mr. Churchill's complicity in the naive drawing of the borders of the nations of the modern Middle East. Despite those criticisms, however, I have always acknowledged that few men in history had a way of grasping a situation and its implications as thoroughly as Winston Churchill.

That's why it's worth noting when Winston Churchill describes Islam by saying, "The influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world."

And those are just some of the words that landed Paul Weston in jail.

I think it's eerily ironic that the two practices you cannot criticize without risking your livelihood, your social standing, or even your life are Islam and homosexuality. But what's even more bizarre is that if you're Muslim and live in a society governed by Sharia law, it's acceptable to not only criticize homosexuality, but execute homosexuals.

And though the Gay movement doesn't hesitate to publicly crucify - even destroy - anyone who doesn't "approve" of their agenda, they're strangely silent when it comes to criticizing Islam for its beliefs and practices.

That's part of the problem they're facing over the Beverly Hills Hotel. A company owned by the Sultan of Brunei now owns the famous hotel, home of the even more famous Polo Lounge, long a gathering place of Hollywood's A-list.

Brunei is a tiny, oil rich country in Southeast Asia. And what the country owns belongs to the Sultan. That's why he's one of the world's richest people.

That's not the problem, though. His wealth and mind-blowing extravagance (he has 7,000 cars and, probably, his very own parking garage!) alone would make him a really popular guy in Hollywood. But the rub comes when his nation, Brunei, acted in accordance with its Islamic roots and recently instituted laws that include death by stoning for homosexuals and adulterers.

Now, it's understandable that that news would shake up a lot of folks in Hollywood. If someone stoned all the homosexuals and adulterers there, the place would probably be buried in rocks. Of course, the media is once again focusing on the disapproving celebrities and not on the real story -- these shocking laws are just another example of what happens when Islam rules.

And, if Paul Weston's story is any indication, it may not be long before Islam rules in Great Britain. It's already secured more than a foothold in other European nations where the Islamic population is growing nine times faster than the non-Islamic population. And, as I shared with you a few weeks ago, Muslims are demanding that they be allowed to live their lives according to Sharia law, not the law of the host nation.

And some Europeans want to capitulate and allow them to do so. But, be warned, that won't satisfy them. They will demand more and more until, finally, they will demand that the entire nation be governed by Sharia law.

In Nigeria, in an effort to appease radical Muslim groups, the government allowed the northern part of the nation to be subject to Sharia. But that's not enough to satisfy some Nigerian Muslims. They want the entire nation to submit.

That desire gave birth to a group loosely called Boko Haram. That westernized name is best translated, "Non-Muslim education is forbidden." However, the formal name of the group includes (in various translations) the words "jihad" or "Holy War." So you get the idea.

In the last few years, Boko Haram has grown increasingly radical and aggressive. Last month, they raided a girls' school and kidnapped 276 young women. They were whisked away into a forbidding jungle larger than the state of Indiana.

Boko Haram's leader has announced that he plans to sell the girls as slaves or child brides, for as little as $12 each. In fact, he insists that he's acting in accordance with the teachings and traditions of Islam, and on the direction of Allah. And it's difficult for so-called "moderate" Muslim groups around the world to denounce him because they have to acknowledge that he is, indeed, Koranically-correct.

What makes this heinous crime even more despicable is that no serious observer believes Boko Haram is bluffing. In February, they raided a Christian boys' school and slaughtered 50 boys. The Muslim jihadists shot some of them in their beds, slit others' throats, hacked them to death, or locked them in their dorms and burned them alive. Simply because they were Christians and being educated as such.

Some analysts say that Boko Haram has killed more than 10,000 people.

Almost no media reported when the boys were killed. Hundreds of Christians have been slaughtered and their churches burned while the mainstream media and the American government yawned. In fact, the media and the administration ignored the kidnapping of the girls until a frantic social media campaign, mostly on Twitter, shamed them into action.


Why did former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refuse to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group, although now she feigns disgust at their actions? I think it's because President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a host of other world leaders, past and present, made a strategic choice to get along with Muslim terrorists by giving in to them. Appeasement became the mantra of the day.

Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave.

I know beyond doubt that, if he were alive today (and based on his life's example), he would remind us that if we don't recognize the nature of the enemy and the struggle we're in, we'll lose before we even start to resist. As he warned his fellow Britons almost 75 years ago, we must understand WHO and WHAT we're fighting if we have any hope of winning.

Even former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recognizes this mistake. In an interview on CNN, he said: "The Bush administration didn't do a good job.... you can't win a battle of ideas unless you describe the enemy, say who it is, say what's wrong with it, say what we do and why it"s right. We did that in the Cold War and we defeated Communism. We were tongue-tied over this and the Obama administration is much worse, they won't even use the word."

You probably know some "moderate" Muslims. That's okay. I do, too. They are usually very sweet and courteous. In fact, in The River War, Churchill also wrote that some "individual Moslems may show splendid qualities." But the fact is, "moderate Muslims" are not "good Muslims." To the extent that Muslims are moderate, they are not following the literal Koran and the Hadith.

Once again, the media is telling the story in a way that actually protects the source of the problem, and that is Islam itself. Somehow in our politically-correct, multicultural society, we've come to confuse "All men are created equal" with the notion that "all ideas are equal." They are not. Some ideas are just bad. And Islam is a bad idea.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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