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OAS --Operation American Spring.

Tom's Journal.

Why I don't use Face Book any more !!!  Please share with all your smart friends!

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Bundy Ranch: Request for Assistance, The Media on OAS, NM Ranch Dispute‏

Bundy Ranch Alert: Request For Assistance

Started by rock thomson

The Cliven Bundy family has asked us to help them. 
Please read the message below.  Crimes have been committed against many innocent people, at the hands of a criminal, militarized Bureau of Land Management.  Crime reports have been filed, and yet the Sheriff has taken NO ACTION. 
Please contact the Clark County Commissioners (see below for email addresses and phone numbers) and ask them to put pressure on Sheriff Gillespie to protect the people in his county by holding the BLM responsible for their criminal behavior.
 Bundy Family Statement:   It has been several weeks since the BLM's special forces came into the valley with guns raised, barricading our lands, stealing and destroying our property, and terrorizing the community. Their original plan was to occupy the land for seven weeks.
 They would still be in the valley today if the people did not stand and demand departure. We can only imagine what would have happen if they were allowed to remain.
In the six days they were present on the land, people from the community were threatened and interrogated for simply being on there public lands, others were beat to the ground, boot on head, hauled off while their families watched in desperation with guns to their faces.
 Others were violently thrown to the pavement, gang tackled to the rocks, tasered, threatened by guard dogs, and ultimately hundreds of lives balanced on the triggers of the BLM's special army. The people took the right action by standing up to these trained mercenaries.
 If allowed to remain for the seven planned weeks, lives most assuredly would have been taken and the freedom we enjoy on this land would have been forever lost.
 The Bundy family has been approached many times by well known, highly effective lawyers from all over the country offering their services free of charge. This case, they say; "has the makings of greatness".
The crimes and civil rights violations committed by the BLM are a lawyers playground.
 We have chosen not to engage in legal action up to this point for two reasons. First, is simply because we have not felt impressed to do so. We understand that as humans we are limited to knowledge and understanding. We believe that the creator of this world possesses all knowledge and understanding.
We also know that if we seek this knowledge he will share it with us. Until recently, legal action has shown no benefit to this cause. The second, is time based, the people expected Sheriff Gillespie and Governor Sandoval to take action.
We felt it was important to give them ample time to do what is right, time enough to start investigating the crimes that were committed upon their constituents. The primary purpose of both their positions is to protect the lives & liberties of the people they serve, and be a buffer against outside threats.

 It is disheartening to see them betray and run with open arms to the very entities that mock the constitution and threatened the peoples lives. Our governor and sheriff should have been our heroes, but yet they remain corrupted.
 It is first and foremost the responsibility of the PEOPLE of the State of Nevada and Clark County to correct Governor Sandoval and Sheriff Gillespie, they work for us, not the federal government.
 With a sense of sadness and duty we announce that we are assembling a team of legal advisers and will be seeking the wisest action in assisting the PEOPLE in re-establishing individual protection through government.
 Our action will not be for the benefit of person or family. Any action taken will be an effort to protect individual rights and to restore the principles of the Constitution. As always; we will continue to seek the Lord's guidance in these matters.
 We need Your Help!

 Call to Action:  Two Fridays ago around 30 people went to the Sheriff precinct and filed CRIME REPORTS on the action of the BLM agents, many others since then have done the same. The Sheriffs has taken no action in investigating these crimes.
 We need everyone to contact the County Commissioners and insist that they put pressure on the Sheriff to protect the people. This fight will be won by the people. 

Here's a post that you won't see on the website:

This is how the  http://www.washingtontimes. is portraying the Bundy Ranch and OAS.

A group of self-described revolutionary-style patriots with a million mobilized militia members are heading to downtown Washington, D.C., this week to bring a simple message to political leadership, from President Obama to House Speaker John Boehner: Get out.
They’re called the Operation American Spring — and they’re vowing to oust the likes of Mr. Obama, Mr. Boehner, Attorney General Eric Holder, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Raw Story reported.
“We are calling for [their] removal ... as a start toward constitutional restoration,” said retired Army Col. Harry Riley, the leader of the group, Raw Story reported. “They have all abandoned the U.S. Constitution, are unworthy to be retained in a position that calls for servant status.”
The aim of the group, too, is to influence those politicos who aren’t targeted for ouster to “sponsor and pass very constitutionally crafted state legislation to dissolve the size, powers, scope and spending of the U.S. government by two-thirds,” the media outlet reported.
The group expects between 10 million and 30 million similarly thinking Americans to meet them in the capital on Friday for a rally that’s being billed as a sort of “Arab Spring” for Americans.
Meanwhile, the group is holding another event on the same day in Bunerkville, Nev., near cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s property and in support of his stand-off with the Bureau of Land Management over grazing fees.
The Friday event was promoted by Tea Party Nation.
Col. Riley said he hopes the event will go forward peaceably, but that so far, peaceful protests haven’t brought citizens much luck. He also said that more than 1 million militia members have already mobilized for the event — and that projections of 10 million to attend aren’t pie in the sky.

New Mexico County Defies Feds In Another Ranching Dispute

 The governing body of a rural county in southern New Mexico threw down the gauntlet against the Feds this week in another land use dispute, voting to defy the U.S. Forest Service by granting local ranchers access to a watering hole for cattle that the Forest Service had gated and declared off limits.

In a 2-0 vote, the Otero County commission agreed to authorize the county sheriff to open the disputed gate, clearing the way for approximately 200 cattle to venture into a 23-acre area the Forest Service had, for years, quarantined to protect a natural spring and the meadow jumping mouse, which inhabits the area.

“We are reacting to the infringement of the U.S. Forest Service on the water rights of our land-allotment owners,” Otero County Commissioner Tommie Herrell told the Reuters news service. “People have been grazing there since 1956.” “The winds are blowing, we’re in a drought. Sacramento Mountains are dry.

So whatever water source these animals can find, they have to be able to get to it,” fellow commissioner Susan Flores told KVIA news earlier this month. A Forest Service supervisor told KVIA that both parties in the dispute had remained civil in their disagreement so far, assuaging present concerns that the land-rights battle will take on the acrimonious tenor of the Nevada dispute involving Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land

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Tom's Journal.

Why I don't use Face Book anymore:

Hi Friends,
    The best way that I can explain my own mindset and reason for "Prepping" is:   We KJV Bible loving, well studied, Christians KNOW that the Lord will take care of and protect us.   All REAL [instead of fake] Christians believe that the Rapture is near,  is real,  is promised by God in heaven, in the Bible,  but we still have to go on living, and serving our Lord and Master in the mean time, down here on Earth, and do HIS will.    OK,  that means that most of us still have to work every day to pay the bills, food, survive, and that includes putting some money aside for "hard times," emergencies, [hot water heater goes out,  car repair, insurance, retirement, etc.].  

Having been in the Finance business for a while, and Investments, being Security Licensed,  I used to teach how to invest, to get more bang for their buck in quality mutual funds, etc.   But right now with Obama the madman in charge and the stinking man made bad economy---  we need to learn about different options and strategies !!   This is where gold, silver, copper, etc., comes into the picture.  The 'Hand writing on the wall,  the Bible, and reliable sources prove that our American dollar will soon be almost worthless, with other national and international currencies taking the lead and dominating our economy, until the Anti-Christ time comes, wit perhaps some World Bank or IMF credit/ debit system.   What will always survive and be worth something, is GOLD, silver, and other precious metals, that are rare, important, and worth much, in trade, barter, in days ahead, for survival.  I don't have the time or inclination today, to explain all the details, but YOU all need to learn this, and fast, IMHO !!

So....   If the price of one troy once of gold today is about $1400. American, many experts agree that the price is severely pushed down, and will GO MUCH HIGHER after the SHTF... dear people.  The Same with Silver and other precious metals, etc.   The price of silver today is about $20/
Troy Oz. American.   You would not usually go to the store to buy a pack of bubble gum for $1.00, and then hand them a $500 bill.  You would offer a lower denomination of currency, like a $5.00 bill, etc.  That is where silver and even copper coins come into play.  The great company that I deal with below, even has some newly minted, 1/10th of an Oz. pure  silver rounds, that are worth about $2.63 each, for 'making change.'  

Be Warned!   When that dreaded day comes that the American dollar is so depreciated, and devalued to about maybe .17 cents on the dollar,  people will be poor over night !!!  The banks will close for a week, and when they reopen,  everything will be different, with life savings lost, pensions, IRA's, investments, and that is what Obama wants !!   I wish and hope that I am wrong !!   Sorry folks, but I tells 'em like I reads 'em, and if it is in my power, I will save, and invest the best way that I see fit.  My wife and I live frugal and retired.   We are not rich, but we survive.   Jesus is our dear Lord and Savior...  and after we get to heaven we won't even care about any silver coins that we left behind for our relatives that failed to head the call from the KJV Bible, and Lord Jesus.   Sorry.....

In the mean time,  I am home alone, still healing from a lower leg injury, and I just invested in 3 more large print, KJV Bibles, with leather covers, etc.   Someone in my neck of the woods [and I don't know them yet..] needs a good, LARGE print Bible to help them take hold of Salvation from the blood of Christ.   You cannot 'BUY' that Salvation and Love of Christ,  but it's free to only  the humble men and women, willing to bend knee to Jesus, and ask His forgiveness, and ask Him to come live in their hearts, forever, and actively, publically, do HIS Will.   And what is HIS will??    Worship God the Father in Spirit and Truth, and help share he Gospel. Now you know.   The majority of humankind on Earth will be too proud, too lazy, too full of themselves, too independent,  too busy to do this thing, this acknowledgement.   They will be damned just like the devil and his bad angels, and eventually  be Left Behind,  and cast into the lake of fire, mentioned in the later part of Revelation.   Hey!   I am just telling you all what I know from reading the Book, every day.
     So, do you feel lucky today ??   One day, and that may be soon,  your time will have run out, and POOF!  the Rapture will have come and gone, and you will be "Left Behind."  That would be a serious, final, Judgment.   Act now.
       But look at this dilemma from a different prospective, please...   Getting to heaven is one thing.    But what have we all been doing with our lives all this time on Earth?  Working to get rich, or some other selfish reason?   Do you look for a Bible teaching church to fellowship and help others find that true Salvation of Christ, or do you just sit on your anatomy watching TV, non-stop?   There are 24 hours in a day, and how much of it do we, personally, squander of foolishness, or immoral conduct, and illicit pleasures?   I used to have many hobbies, skills, and side lines, endeavors...   like carpentry, wood carving, training good dogs, Rottweiler's, Motorcycles, welding, PC's, veggie gardening, hunting, fishing, etc.    But what portion have we spend doing God's Will ??   You see?  that's the point !   If we expect to just go to heaven, what do we even know about the life and teachings of Christ, and God the Father [Jehovah,  Yahweh, YHWH].   The very best way to know Him is to study His Word, the KJV Bible!   If  you watch TV or read books for entertainment,  what portion of the day do you spend in the Word?  Just do it, now!  Start with 2 important books:  John, and the Book of Romans, and then you will have the basic mindset of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  [smile].  

Warm Regards,

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