Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Mad Jewess.

Tom's Journal.

OK, Guys, Gals, Friends, and Readers,
   I did the dirty deed today ---  I sold my 650 Kaw dirt bike, and got most of my money back this morning, to the same Motorcycle shop that I bought it from, and they were even nice to me!!  Ha!  I guess that an old 65 year old man found out that he wasn't 21 anymore, with all his bangs, bumps, bruises, and multiple disabilities.   It was a wake up call from our Father above, that what we live in now is s savage world of greedy, selfish, ruthless people how talk and text while driving....   and I am tired of playing "Russian Roulette" on the highway on a motorcycle built too high off the ground for me, with my two "bionic, replaced knees" still not healed, etc, etc.  Not to worry,  Tommy can still get into mischief and skin his butt....ha!   In fact, I was just watching TV and trying to sharpen my old bayonet on a fine, smooth, Arkansas Black Stone, slipped and cut my thumb !!  Oh boy, what next... 
    Below is the MAD Jewess, and she printed that she likes one of my recent comment on her web site,  so I decided to post it now, along with my own news.  You might find her a bit wild and sassy, but truthful.
     And today on our back yard sun deck, I got my FIRST SUN BURN OF THE YEAR !!  Woo Woo!    It feel good to lay out there with Nature, and all the blooming wildlife, bugs, and flowers, and or Lilac tree is getting ready to bud.... how sweet the fragrance !   PTL.   And Terri clipped my hard toe nails out side and actually use a 'rotary tool' -- to grind, smooth out my nails and heavy callouses on my feet.  For free !!   And our dear friend, Annie Rae, brought our dinner over and cooked a great meal in our kitchen, and provided good, Christian company and camaraderie !    She also gave Terri a hand washing dishes and cleaning up around our house.  What a sweet, Christian sister!   Terri is putting/ installing new siding all around the exterior of the house, too. 
    I have an appointment at the Iron Mountain VAMC tomorrow, so they can check and re-dress my wound.  I hope they also treat my complex upper respiratory congestion..... as I just cannot shake it, and cough all the time, but not productive.   When I go there, I am on my best behavior, and treat all the staff, nurses and doctors with respect, and that is the best way to be with all people, IMHO.  Most of the time, U.P. here, I get good treatment, but sometimes I MUST step on toes to get what is legally mine, the right treatment.  
       Some Liberal and Democratic butt heads say out loud, that we older, sick, disabled combat Veterans should just be shot in the head [according the  News today, on-line, etc], because we are too costly to continue treating.   What we really need is to police and ferret out all the corruption, piss poor mismanagement, graph, stupidity and not only fire, but JAIL THOSE WHO THINK THAT THEY CAN CONTINUE TO ABUSE OUR COMBAT VETERANS.   And let my tell you all a little secret,  We older Vets would just like to live in peace, and harmony, with our own small place in the sun, and we EARNED THAT MANY TIMES OVER...  When I got home from RVN --Vietnam, I worked hard the rest of my life, and put in over 30.5 years at AMC/ Chrysler, plus worked as a welder many other places just to survive !!!  I am NOT a dumb animal, like a dog that needs to be "put down !!"   I am a combat Vet, and still know how to protect, defend and kick ass, also an edged  weapons expert.   But Jesus is Lord, and I will try all other ways to get what is mine, and for my wife, the peaceful, dignified way.   Jesus is my Lord, Master, and Savior.    But I can tell you that most other Veterans will NOT be stepped on or abused VA system any longer.  Too bad that DHS lists US Vets as possible, suspect "TERRORISTS" ---  duh.  They are the terrorists, and God will deal with them.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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