Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Who goes Where and When?

Tom's Journal.

I used to be a bit selfish, I think, in that I just wanted things to happen quickly to get them over with.   But you/ we just cannot rush God, and when you think of it, what if He wanted to get things going before YOU and I were Saved, and 'tucked in ??'   We all come into the fold at different stages of our lives.  I pray hard for many of my friends who still have not taken that big step of Salvation to commit themselves fully to Jesus Christ in open confession of Faith !!  Nor do we really know if they EVER will commit and join the Brotherhood of Saints !!  For too many years, I also didn't think that I could ever be worthy of heaven, and still have a problem of calling myself a "Saint !!"

Dear Friends,  If you have a similar lack of faith and conviction, I strongly urge you to PRAY earnestly for the Holy Spirit to actively come into your heart, along with Jesus Christ, and give you that biblical discernment and understanding.   Reach out and call someone that  you trust, someone that  you believe is a real, biblical Christian !!  I have taken the liberty [and he hasn't whacked me yet... lol] of mentioning my pastor, of Family Baptist church, in Iron Mountain, MI  49801, Kevin Sullivan, but there are thousands of other well educated, true Christians that can and will  assist those begging for help !   All I know is that many in the UPPER PENINSULA, of Northern Michigan, are finding the Lord, and their whole life has been changed --- for the better !!  And I am willing to bet, that anyone who earnestly begs the Father for mercy and understanding -- thru the merits of Jesus Christ, will 'get someone, from someplace' to help them understand what is holding them up from getting right with God!   Try it !  But, unfortunately, it is usually a question of rotten Pride that holds us back from bending knee to the Lord, and asking for help.   Examine yourself to see if you are that kind of person, who thinks they don't NEED ANYONE'S HELP IN THIS WORLD.  

You are not going to learn everything at once, in one day, week, month, etc.,  but you can and will get to a certain threshold of learning, by reading and studying the Gospel account....  reading the 2 bible books that I recommend, and please have a sense of urgency, and just READ THEM now !!  The books of John, and Romans.     Always pray FIRST before you begin reading.   And then just read the whole New Testament, as it pertains to us, now.    Some of those New Testament books are only one page long !!    If you all think that is too hard, to tough, too dry, too boring -- FORGET IT!   I would not want to have dialogue or inter change with a dumb, lazy, indifferent, prideful person, that is too stupid to take that first step anyway !!  It's just like Basic Training/ Boot Camp, in the Army or Marines [Navy too, of course].  I want others as friends, who can say that they have accomplished SOMETHING in their life, pushing themselves to achieve something greater than themselves.... and humility is a must !

Again,  if your heart is not in it --- Pray for a new Heart !!  If you think that times are rough now,  just wait until AFTER the Rapture... lol.  It will be worse than ANYTHING evil that has happened in the History of Earth and Mankind !   Not even a 'brave man or woman' would want to be around in those coming days. 
    One of the reasons that I love the Psalms so much, is because they tell about how powerful our God in heaven is, was, and always will be, and how David was running for his life from murderous, jealous people, like King Saul, etc., who wanted his life.  Jehovah, Father God, and His Son, Jesus Christ can and will save anyone who has a contrite, humble heart, who asks for mercy and consideration.  But there is a time table, and a limit to God's mercy, and all who continue to procrastinate and side on the fence are playing a stupid game of "Russian roulette !"   And, it's also a very selfish thing to think that you will eventually get into the Congregation of God at the very last second...  under the wire.  And let others do all the Kingdom work of witnessing and sharing the Word !   God's Grace is FREE, AND SO IS HIS EVERLASTING LOVE !!   Pick the fruit from the tree today and eat it.
     To get a fine, understandable Bible, go to:   -- and buy the DEFINED KJV BIBLE, and you will never be sorry !  It explains all the Old English, archaic terms that were penned back in Shakespeare's time, of 1610- 1611, at the bottom of each page, highlighted above, and teaches you how to put things together, while  enjoying a very poetic, pure translation of God's Word.  Smile,  Jesus loves you !

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Who Goes Where And When?

Q. I recently read your article about the pre trib rapture in which you seemed to indicate that all the people with the exception of Israel will either be destroyed or cast off the earth after the rapture. Perhaps I read it wrong. If not what about the tribulation saints?

A. Here’s how it will work. The Church will be raptured before the end times judgments begin and will go to live in the New Jerusalem (1 Thes. 4:16-17. John 14:3, Rev. 21:27).
All people who become believers after the rapture but die before the Lord returns will be resurrected at the time of the 2nd Coming along with believing Jews of Old Testament times (Daniel 12:1-2, Rev. 20:4).
Believers who survive the Great Tribulation will go into the Millennium in their natural states and will repopulate Planet Earth (Matt. 25:34).  Jews will go to Israel, while Gentiles will go to the nations. All surviving unbelievers will be taken off the planet just after the 2nd Coming (Matt. 25:41).
The remaining unbelievers from all ages will be resurrected at the end of the Millennium to face the Great White Throne judgment (Rev. 20:11-15).
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