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"Let not your heart be troubled."

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A sobering statistic that doesn’t have to be…

Every year in the U.S. nearly 500,000 people acquire catheter-related blood stream infections. Up to 25% die, even though most of these infections are preventable.

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Subject: #1 Cause of death
This is VERY important to watch! It’s short, so it won’t take up much of your time, but what it says really hit home. Please send this around.
Jot down what you think may have been the #1 cause of death in the world in the past 100 years then watch this clip.
Bet you never thought of this!


"Let not your heart be troubled."  ---According to John, Chapter 14, verse 27 b.   Well, that fine scripture is nice and soothing, kind and reassuring, isn't it ?   But not so for many folks who are suffering, in pain, alienated, alone, panicked, very poor, without hope, etc., or so we think.  Frankly,  I have been in so many situations, personally, that would surely test the heart of most Saints !!  Many people look up to me and say that they [personally] could NEVER endure such things.  And in reality, neither could I...  if I didn't have a "Helper" called the Holy Spirit, and God's Grace.  In my most recent 'episode'  I just spent 22 long hard days in places that I loathe, in places that produce panic attacks, nightmares, fear, anxiety and deep depression !!   I feel that I just about got so immersed, almost saturated in God's Word, that I begged for some human contact above the IQ of 70, just to take my mind off my own plight.    And please remember that all of us have some sort of phobia, some fear, some breaking point, if we don't have special training such as we Soldiers in Combat.   Having a solid Faith in the Holy God of the KJV Bible was my anchor, but I used everything I could get to survive. 

When I was younger I went to visit my grand father, my Mom's father, in a  Milwaukee nursing home,  and vividly remember the smell of diarrhea, urine, vomit, etc., and wondered how human beings could confine their fellow men and women in such horrible places.   I hated to put my passed wife, Sharon, in a nursing home in Kenosha, WI., but she became so ill that I could no longer take care of her, as she kept falling down in the house, and was also suffering from CHF [congestive heart failure], diabetes, RLS, and a host of other challenges.  She not only died in that nasty place, but I found out that the head nurse [male] of that wing was very abusive, verbally and other wise.   I came to see her every other day without fail, and we got that male RN fired,   one day before she died.  Good thing that I never saw him after that....  or I might have well been in jail... for all the pain that he gave other patients there at that place !!   I was told later that my dear wife,  Sharon, didn't tell me 'everything' for fear that I might kill that jerk RN !    Of course, not all nursing homes are bad.

I just spent the last 2 weeks at Pinecrest Nursing Facility, at Powers, MI., in the U.P., and 8 days at the Kingsford, MI., VAMC  hospital before that in the U.P. of MI., and still waiting to have my Picc-Line removed....  the Nursing staff is so busy !  If you all still don't know how many VA hospitals run....  I can surely tell you,  but I don't want to completely tick them off, as I may still need to use them, and the one U.P. here in Iron Mtn., MI is not as bad as the one in Milwaukee, WI.   But still has enough problems and challenges to work on, that's for sure !   And sometimes we still have some arrogant 'doctors' who walk around so pompous, as if they were a little bit lower than the Lord Jesus, Himself !!  I would say that doctors: Perez, Dr Weber,  and the good Dr. Carlos Medina, are among the best at that facility, and 3 great RN's, Karen Swiss, Robin Rappley, and Mark Noskey, come to mind.   I really want to have my PICC-LINE removed !
      I never want to burn all my bridges in case I might have to go back to them, and God only knows how fast some accident might befall us.   Just read wise old King Solomon, and Ecclesiastes.   Go to Eccl. 9:11,  'but time and chance happen to them all....'  But please read the whole scripture, and find out why the 'race is not to the swift,  etc.'   I sure didn't PLAN to fall off my 650 Kawasaki, on/ off the road dirt bike one month ago, either !!  And I've never in my life had a serious infection that could have almost cost me my leg either !  Wow!  People always wonder, 'HOW' could something like that happen to a seasoned, experienced motorcycle rider ??   Ha!  

Just ponder on this point for a minute, dear friends and readers....  Even IF, if we are very careful, educated, smart, athletic, clean and healthy, SOMETHING might/ could happen to terminate your life today or tomorrow!   The KJV Bible says that you then enter a 'door way' going to eternity [weather you like to or not... weather you want to believe it or not... in either one place,  or another !   Actually, the Lord Jesus Christ talked more about hell, than He did about Heaven !!   Hell is a real place where there is suffering, and it lasts forever !   On the other hand, 'Purgatory' is NEVER mentioned in the Bible, and does not exist...  sorry folks.   And it's NOT about "being bad or good," friends,  but IF, IF YOU HAVE CONFESSED THE LORD JESUS AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR, OR NOT.   So it depends on YOU ALONE, to have accepted Jesus Christ, or not.   I hope you see what I am driving at, folks.  Most of the time, we cannot choose the time and date when we die.   That holds true for the Rapture of the Church too.   It will come like a thief in the night.  
     And when you have the humility to confess the Lord Jesus, ask Him to forgive all your sins, and ask Him to come into your heart forever, you will have become "Saved" at which point the Holy Spirit will dwell in you, and open up that special "understanding" of the Bible, etc., as you join the 'World Brotherhood of Saints !'   Until God reaches that special "Number" we all ought to join in the preaching/ sharing, witnessing work of sharing the Gospel.   I always tell new folks to read the 2 bible books of:  John, and Romans, to get a good understanding and grasp for the Gospel, the life and death of our Lord Jesus
Christ,  but that's only the beginning.  Study of the KJV Bible is very important, so we know what we are talking about.... also getting to know what God wants of us, etc. 

I want you all to know what I saw in the Nursing Home, that I experienced first hand.  Some are younger who had bad accidents and are paralyzed, in various stages and to different degrees,  but they still have their intellect.   Others have Alsziemers [sp?], dementia, etc., amputees.   You will prob. thank God that you are still relatively healthy !!

I tell people that God loved me so much that He spared my life in Vietnam: 68-70,  two years in combat...  the 2nd year as a helicopter door gunner.   If I would have been killed over there, I would have ended up in HELL !!  Because at that time,  I didn't know the Lord !  But now I do !   I also have a loving wife, and many friends at church, and all over the USA, and the world Brotherhood of Saints --- other 'Born-Again Christians.'    I have heard and read that there are more real, bible-smart Christians in "under ground" China --- than in both Europe and America combined !!!   Yet, here in the USA, we all have free access to brand new Bibles !    Friends:    'Seek God while He may yet be found, and merciful !'

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman


Are You Ready?

Q. I read and hear everywhere from all different sites that we all need to be ready when the Lord comes to Rapture us.  I don’t understand this.  What is it we need to do to be ready?  My understanding is that we need to be saved to be ready, and that’s it!  Am I missing something here?

A. The only qualification the Bible givesus for going in the rapture is to be born again.  This makes us a new creation in the Lord’s sight (2 Cor. 5:17), as righteous as God Himself (2 Cor. 5:21) and when it happens we’ll be changed in an instant from mortal to immortal, from imperfect to perfect (1 Cor. 15:51-53) and from being like Adam to being like Jesus (1 Cor. 15:49). What more could we do to prepare?
That said, it behooves us to live in a manner pleasing to the Lord while we wait, as an expression of our gratitude for having received the free gift of salvation and all that comes