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Why are Apples so Healthy ?

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Hello Again, Friends,

For all my head knowledge about Meds., Herbs, Nutrition and Foods,  I SHOULD be a happy, healthy man !!  And when I was a young man, home from the Vietnam War [NOT 'police action!!'] at age 21,  I was in good shape, at about 165 pounds, and 6 feet tall, as I show some of my pix right here on this humble blog!  People tell me that.    And I've been told that we ought not wish or desire that we were born a different way, or individual.  In high school, I had a crummy, inarticulate, jack ass, Algebra teacher named Jerry the Goof Ball, who, IMHO, could not teach anything !!   I studied my head off and still had challenges, and that man said that everyone in the world needed Algebra in order to get a job!!  My personal Theory in life was:  Even if you do poorly in one subject, a person can attack all the other subjects with 'super study' and win the job, and win the day, and be successful in life !!!  My strengths were History, Geography, English and foreign languages, Biology, Typing, Agriculture, Metal Shop, etc.  Well, I had a chance to go back to school  for a 2nd time at MATC --Milwaukee Area Technical College, to study more technical welding and Blue Print reading, and did well,  all "straight B's" -- although I should have gotten an A, but the teacher didn't care for me that well... lol.  He was a married man, chasing after other women/ teachers on the side.   But he told me to teach others how to weld in certain areas, etc.   Heck,  I had been welding for years before that happened, plus 17.3 years welding for Chrysler, etc.   The point I am trying to make is:  I managed to take that college entrance exam, and passed it just fine, almost.   The exam facilitator came up to ask me, " How is it that your verbal aptitude scores ran off the chart, but your Math scores were so low...?"   I replied, "I'm sorry, but I just hate Math, as it was apparent that I just guessed at most of the Math questions..."  ...  duh.  But they admitted me anyway.  Actually, my Math skills turn on every PAYDAY, and when I have to weld or do carpentry stuff.... lol.  
      I am NOT bragging!   When the circumstances presented them selves, I was  offered a job in Finance... PFS Investments [as I've said before], I took and passed my Life Insurance exam the first time in Milwaukee, and one year latter passed my Federal 
       Securities Exam, that about 57% of all the people that take it ---   FLUNK  the first time, and I have heard of some folks flunking it up to 17 times, but it's worth a ton of  gold $$$$$ in the inter-connected business that they do, helping to put families in QUALITY MUTUAL FUNDS and Investments !!  Proving that old, hasty Algebra teacher to be wrong, again.   I am not rich, but comfortable and pay my bills on time....  and all the credit and thanks go to GOD -- our Eternal Father in Heaven !  However, today in 2014, unfortunately,  the World Finances look very bleak and pitiful, mostly because Obama has made all the WRONG moves, doing a great job destroying  America !!  And don't forget the do nothing, cowardly Congress, that allows Obama to get away with all his evil machinations !!   Shame !   And I just read some devastating news today about the end of 2014.... and silver.  Email me for those projections and thoughts, if you think I have merit, guys and gals.   tschuckman@aol.com    If some of you baby boomers still remember that Aqua Shave TV commercial...  I need to slash some of that juice on my hand and slap my face a few times, as we are 'going down in the aircraft... LOL !'    And I remember being in a huge Jet one time coming Home, that lasted 17 hours !!  But usually the Jet [Freedom Birds] stopped a few times to refuel and take on more goodies.   Sometimes we were loaded with 300 passengers-- Military flights.

So, the simple things in life are mostly the best, like:   APPLES !
     We had a good 3 -4 acre orchard on our family farm in Racine County, WI, and we picked many apples, nuts, pears, Mulberries, and berries, that Mom made into pies and such.  I think that we lived good, average, middle class people, and hard work on the farm never hurt us one bit!!     My father was hard to please, rough and tough, WW-2 Navy man, and to the best of my knowledge, only told me that he loved me ONCE in my life !  I still loved him to the day he died and tried hard to please him-- but sometimes there are 'favorites' in the family, and you are always going to be "runner up" finishing 2nd, in someone's eyes....  sorry.  I certainly don't think he was a Believer, and I want to tell you all something about that, please. 
       I like to/ want to     emulate Jesus ,  and His parable teaching style, especially.   IF, IF, someone worked hard to find a CURE for diabetes or cancer,  most good human beings, especially Christians, IMHO, would share that secret cure with others, even if they knew that they wouldn't get rich !!  Most likely the Medical Scientist WOULD get rich anyway...  but I am just taking the 'high ground' here.   I have freely shared   some of my riches, and also helped many people in my life,  because I think it's the right thing to do [to a certain point, or degree], God likes it, and it makes me feel good inside.  But some folks would say, "NO, Tom,  and that's is why you still struggle, or am not rich !!"  But I KNOW the KJV Bible !   I don't care what people say about me after I am gone and buried, or Raptured!  Heaven will be the best reward in the Universe !   And I don't care if the Lord makes me a shoe shine boy, in heaven, just so I get there !    And there is not a day that goes by, that I don't think about Heaven and the Rapture, and I say my comforting/ sleeping Prayers right before I fall off to sleep, and it almost always works to put me into  a deep REM-3 sleep mode !    And if you just cannot fall asleep and are anxious for some reason, just turn your KJV Bible to the book of Psalms, and start at the beginning, Chapter One, verse One.   I had to memorize that whole Psalm 1: 1-6 @ the RU meetings, where they do an incredible amount of memorization !  That's another reason to stay off the drugs and heavy drinking, as it messes up  your memory system.  Still,  you'd be surprised what the human brain is capable of !  
    In fact, the original purpose of our Father the Creator,  along with His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ,  in His pre-human existence, that PERFECT HUMANS should "multiply and become many, and  fill the earth, and subdue it!''    Yes, the human brain was designed to last FOREVER  ! ! !  When we die after 70-80- 90 years old on earth as imperfect humans, we will have only used a small portion of our brains, maybe about 3-5%  or what ever.   Albert Einstein had a large brain, but they figure that he too only used a small portion of it.  So we might ask:  "If swans live to be about 70-80 years old, and big trees on the West Coast live to be thousands of years old, and tortoises live to be about 150,  WHY do human beings only live to be about 70-80 years old ??  Genesis and the book of Romans have the answer:   SIN. The term: sin, means:  falling short of the mark of perfection.  [as if you were an archer.    My wife, Terri ,and I are studying the book of Romans together right now, like a half hour at a time, depending her attention span... lol.  She is not used to just sitting down and biting off a chunk of heavy reading for too long.   Just like my own story of  hating Math, we don't all like certain things, and so we have to make things exciting and fun.
       One time I was bragging to my Dad  that I COULD do this and that...  because I did that stuff in the Army.  And then he said, "But you HAD to do it then !"    I may not have the desire to tough it out anymore, nor the strong body and mind set.  Smile!    And U.P. here where we live, it's not uncommon for deer and bears to wonder into town looking for food, and of course they can be dangerous.  Good to have a big brave Rottweiler with you.   Duh,  I don't know why I threw that in....  Duh!  But it's just that, IF we are 'out of shape' and it's been a long time since we had to be in that "study mode" in college or high     school....   but  it's best to get back into the swing of things, friends.  Actually, when in college and one of my jobs,  they taught courses on:  'HOW TO STUDY!'  And 'HOW TO TAKE A CERTAIN EXAM !'   And I've paid $75 just to take a short course for 12 hours straight just to learn stuff like that.   I have also had to drive all the way to Florida to make special seminars and learn, learn, learn.   So, we  want to get more bang for our buck.   Remember, if young children can learn how to locate, memorize and explain specific scriptural texts,  so can YOU and I !   The day may come [and I pray NOT] that we Christians may be stripped of our very Bibles !!!  And then what will we do?   It's pretty illegal to even own or hold a Bible in countries like China, and perhaps Muslim, Islamic lands.   I've got:   "Jesus is Lord" on my Left shoulder, so I couldn't hide too long.   Beep Beep !  I would be a dead Road Runner, mates !  OK, send me to heaven and don't miss the TARGET !

Now, please read and share this bit about how great APPLES are for you !

Warm Regards,

---Tom's old,  2005,  6 cylinder,  1800 cc, GoldWing motorcycle, sorry I sold it, but I thought that some foolish woman texting would eventually kill me on the highway, or take off my leg.....  I paid $22K for that scooter !   That is more than my Mom and Dad paid for their 80 acre farm in Wisconsin, when I was just 12 years old.

Tom S., at the Gym working the Triceps.

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  Why Are Apples So Healthy?

We all know that old saying: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
But have you ever wondered why that is? How one apple a day can bring about significant health benefits? If you have, then you'll be glad to read this article. From strengthening the immune system, through preventing cancerous growths and to losing weight, say hello to your one apple a day!

How do apples do what they do?

An important research published in 2008 by the German cancer research center, showed that apples offer a significant health advantage. When comparing between a group that had less than one apple per day and a group that had one or more apples a day, the latter was found to have less risk of mouth cancer, larynx cancer, breast cancer, intestinal cancer, kidney cancer and ovarian cancer.

These findings support a new research performed at Cornell university, showing that the peel of the apple has strong anti-oxidant properties, a powerful block against the influences of breast cancer cells. Researchers found that the higher the concentraion of apples, the lower the concentration of cancerous cells.

Cancerous growths are uncontrollable growths of cells independently spreading through the body. The growths are based on three principal levels: The first stage causes mutations in cell DNA. The second, when the growth becomes malignant and grows faster, and finally when it metastases and spreads throughout the body.

In the case of a cancerous growth, apples aren't only used as anti-oxidants, but also improve the function of the immune system, which helps clean out the growths at the early stages.

In addition to boosting the immune system and fighting cancerous growths, apples also help control the levels of cholesterol and sugars in the blood, prevent heart disease and improve mouth hygiene. The fact that they contain more than 80% water and a long line of essential vitamins, makes them one of the healthiest foods available.

The secret is in the nutritional fibers

Apples are considered a vital source of nutritional fibers. Eating one apple a day (with peel) can award us about 4.4 grams of nutritional fibers, which is 1/5 of our entire day's recommended amount.

Nutritional fibers are materials found in foods that come from plants, and have a very important role in stimulating the digestive system and encouraging its function. Since they are not digested and taken apart in the body, they sate our hunger for a longer period of time. Extensive research has shown that those that do not get their daily recommended amount (at least 25 grams a day), deny themselves a host of health benefits. In addition, the researchers found that consuming these fibers is quite the effective method of losing weight.

The secret is in the chewing. Drinking apple juice will not bring about the same health benefits. We'd be happy to receive the essential sugars and vitamins, but we would not get the fibers.

A research conducted in China found that chewing can help the body regulate the amount of calories it absorbs from food. 

What does this have to do with apples?

Everything. Apples are a terrific source of nutritional fibers, especially a group of fibers called Pectin. This is a group of complex carbohydrates that regulate our bowels, improve good cholesterol rates and is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial. 

Researchers from UCLA have shown that consuming pectin instead of regular fibers, doubles the time it takes the stomach to empty from one hour to two. Meaning that we don't feel hungry for a longer time. In fact, a recent research paper entitled: "Weight Loss Associated with a Daily Intake of Three Apples or Three Pears among Overweight Women", shows that women suffering from overweight and were instructed to eat an apple or pear before each meal, lost significant weight, just for doing so. The women in the experiment were asked to eat regularly and just add the apple before the meal. What happened was that the apples and fibers crowded the stomach, increased the feeling of being full, and made the body absorb less calories.

Other sources of nutritional fibers are: Pears, Peaches, peas, carrots, seeds, nuts, peel of fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, oats and whole wheat. But apples offer many more advantages.

So if you want to:

Lose weight, eat one apple a day.

Strengthen your immune system, eat one apple a day.

Control the level of cholesterol, eat one apple a day.

Prevent the spread of cancerous cells, eat one apple a day.

And if you want to keep the doctor away - EAT ONE APPLE A DAY!