Monday, September 22, 2014

Vets Sick from Toxic Army Base.

Tom's Journal.

It's the same old story of a huge, rich, Company with many hands in the Government's deep pockets, that cannot be touched or prosecuted,  because of it's Gov't ties, etc.   They just keep polluting and harming human being and the environment !!   Money Rules the World, and honest, law abiding folks and Veterans suffer and die --- sometimes by mysterious deaths and "accidents" to frighten away any other would be whistle- blowers !  
And some folks still wonder why Almighty God in Heaven will Judge  greedy, careless,  heathen,  humanity.  But Jesus foretold that it would be the same way as in the days of Noah [book of Matthew],  when the Lord God will have to "clean up the earth again,"  and in the near future.  Go figure:  if God didn't do just that, we would all die from our pollution !   But really, it's a number of wicked, ungodly, corrupt things that have all come together now in the year,  2014, that spell doom for the world.  
       This is not the time to feel sorry, and lay around all depressed, but at the same time, we should understand that it's not by Man's Hand that the clean up job should be done.   Mankind cannot even agree which way he will do to accomplish anything....  but only God can handle this immense undertaking...  and 'God cannot lie !' 
     Who really knows how bad the recent Ebola out break will be, or how many will die ??   IMHO,  PC [Political Correctness] may hamper things to our detriment !!   I would think that closing the borders would be a good start.    Use the able Illegal Aliens to build the long fence, feed them and pay them a fair wage, before sending them all back to their country of origin.   Simple logic....  Every One HAPPY !!   But I realize how complicated this might seem to our Gov't leaders... sorry.   But putting Soldiers in Africa where the Ebola out break is the worst seems foolish to me, and too great a  chance of getting the disease and bringing it back home.  Can I get an Amen on that thought, please ?

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Sue Frasier spent the first six months of her military career at Alabama's Fort McClellan. But that short stint -- 44 years ago at an Army base the EPA later would find so toxic it would shut it down -- was all it took for her to start getting sick, she says.
Her problems began shortly after completing boot camp in 1970 at the Anniston, Ala., base. Today, she says she's coping with asthma, a life-threatening gastrointestinal disease that required surgery, and fibromyalgia that results in long-term pain and tenderness in her joints and muscles.
"It hurts everywhere, but at least I can still walk and talk," she told
Frasier is among thousands of veterans who were stationed at the former Army base who believe they were exposed to dangerous polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs. They repeatedly have turned to the Department of Veterans Affairs for help, seeking aid for medical treatment and a formal study of their ailments -- but say their pleas have been largely ignored or buried in red tape for decades. Today, they're looking to fresh leadership at the VA, and allies in Congress, to finally take on their case.
The true cause of the veterans' ailments has never been officially determined. Fort McClellan housed several Army components, including a division for chemical weapons training and research. But many veterans suspect they were sickened by chemicals dumped near Anniston by Monsanto Co., which had facilities in the area and disposed of chemicals near the base.
The veterans, while not engaged in any legal action against the government, have tried to draw attention to their cause before by lobbying and social media advocacy including Facebook pages describing their conditions. Their reported illnesses and ailments range from heart issues to cancer to reproductive problems.
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