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Goining Home Tomorrow !

Tom's Journal.

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    Lord's Prayer spoken in German, probably with a slight American accent!

  • Hello Dear Friends and Followers!

    I just talked to the good Dr. Donald W. Smith, here at the Rehab facility U.P. at Chrystal Falls, MI.....[Iron County Medical Center Facility], and he gave me the green light to leave for home TOMORROW !!  I get along well with all of the staff, great, professional, hard working, respectful Nurses, CNA's, P.T. and O.T. [Physical and Occupational training people], and now it's time for me to go home and continue healing my fractured Left Ankle and dislocation.  The old morotcycle accident wound is also 95% HEALED too!!  It's all because of the great professional treatment, but especially, the perfect surgery of the great Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Lulloff, of St.Mary's in Green Bay, Wisconsin !!  And he prescribed the elevation and compression of my leg/ foot, which was the correct way to treat me....  after the goofy VA in Iron Mountain, could not figure that out for the past 5 months, although the good, buddy, Steve G., tried everything in the book, and no fault should be laid on him!  I should mention that the VA just is NOT allocated the MONEY $$$$ from the obama Gov't to buy and purchase all the modern, technical hardware necessary to treat this nations Veterans!!  That money goes to illegal aliens, and other favorite groups, like welfare for folks who don't WANT to work, etc.  And yes, that IS a sore point with me and most other combat Veterans and their families who have paid the price several times over.  
           Great, kind, but professional RN's like Lisa Rogers, etc., and many hard working CNA's [nurse's aids] have washed and cared for me for the past 4 weeks, and made my 'tour' here almost bearable.  The food was almost edible, and some of it was GOOD!   I know it's hard to serve good food in a large facility... and I think that the head cook did a good job.  
            I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this fine, modern, very clean and attractive facility to any and all older people who need to be cared for here, in the beautiful setting of the Great Northern Woods of Chrystal Falls, MI !!  The snow has covered the ground and so nice to see the deer playing in the forest and back drop of pleasant scenery.   For the most part, these people try hard to cheer people up and make their stay as pleasant as possible.   If I HAD to go to a nursing home or Rehab place --- THIS would be my choice.   And the other place I was last Summer in Powers, MI... Pinecrest....  I would give a "D+  plus, rating."  Sorry,  that's  the way I read them and compare them.  IMHO, they had a smoky, head RN, who was very bossy, arrogant, nit-picking, opinionated Nurse, that another Veteran buddy also a resident there, who was harassed on purpose, tangled with, and that nurse, Lisa, was afterward 'corrected,' after the fact.   Sorry to be negative on tthis note/ person, but she never missed a stroke picking on me.     The place I am in right now, ICMCF, I must give an " A-  minus,"  Rating"    I wish they had a better connected Cable TV system, and just a bit better grade of food that the good cooks could work with.  Mr. Rob Willman, is a great, energetic, "Road Warrior" --front man, who interviews prospective new comers, and also a fair balanced 'complaint man', and happy, vibrant gentleman whom I like a lot and wish to call him "friend."  The PT crew of Rick, Andy, Diane,  --sorry I don't know all their last names... and the O.T. [Occupational Therapy] pretty lady, Susan Jackson, were all kind, smart, witty,  knowledgable, and just cool to work with.   They all did a great job with my wieght and strength training!    Even though I've been a power lifter most of my adult life,  I let myself get out of shape these past few  years, and with some serious injuries from accidents, motorcycles, etc.,  most 'normal men' would be dead....   but a combat Soldier, in my humble opinion was trained and motivated to "aquire" that extra strength and spunk that makes 'keep on ticking,'  Ha!   And, The good Lord doesn't want me up in heaven...  YET !  He has more preaching, sharing and witnessing work for me to do, especially with my Bible Tracts work.   See:   Bible Tracts, Inc.    Pray...He is so merciful to forgive my stupid blunders, goof ups, errors, MISUNDERSTANDINGS, and many sins,  PTL [Praise the Lord!].     
            But I miss my great wife's great home cooking, that has more real nutrition in it, as we can afford to buy the better cuts and fresher foods, and my own huge, bed at home!  Yes, I am home sick after all this time away.  Thank everyone who sent me snail mail 'Greeting/ Get Well Cards.'  And also Pastor Kevin Sullivan, who encourages and 'sets me straight' on things that I need to work on---  miserable sinner man that I am.   I am very sorry for anything and everything I have said and done that was hurtful or offensive... please forgive me.   I felt trapped and out of my natural, comfortable surrondings/ element, not being to control my own business, Finances, etc., and that is something I FEAR !!  I don't like to be told what to do concerning my own resting place, the house where I pay all the bills, etc.   I dislike being "Controlled" or threatened in any way, shape or form, and the only reason I am still alive if because of my awareness of my surroundings, in battle, also real life right now.   But most of all, I am alive and safe because my God up above LOVES me, and I am FORGIVEN thru the merits of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Without Him I am nothing but 'dust in the wind !'
         I am looking forward to chatting with all my friends, ASAP....  good Lord willing, and the big blizzards don't get too intense, UP here... LOL.
          I welcome all and every email, suggestions, comments, and hellos, etc.   I love all my friends and wish them well !
          I just got a nice 'Get Well Card' from my cousin Wanda Jane Becker, in Hays, Kansas today, right before lunch !  Thank You, favorite cousin !

    Warm Regards,
    Tommy  Schuckman

    "Am I therefore become your enemy,  because I tell you the truth?"   ---Galatians 4: 16

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