Saturday, November 8, 2014

Home at Last-- and much Learned about Life, and "Friends."

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends, and Loyal Followers,
I've always felt that if a person could learn some important valuable lesson from a tragic moment, an accident, even a terrible sin and total 'screw up,'  that Man or Woman is a Winner!   I really don't know why some folks have to learn the hard way ---  but please consider a few covered over points that my good wife and I just acknowledged/ figured out  last night after all the dust settled...    On October 8th in the early afternoon, when I yelled out for my wife, who was then working in the garage on some carpentry project, and she rushed into the bed room to help and assist me back into bed as I was in so much physical and mental torment/ PAIN,  she noticed that I was totally gray in color for lack of Oxygen, and it felt as if my ribs were caved in and I could not catch my breath for at least 5 long minutes !!  Fact:   I could have died right on the bed room floor from asphyxiation !  We both now believe that Terri M. Schuckman,  Saved  MY LIFE !!  Yes!  God allowed me to life another day, but I owe my sweet, beautiful, Terri my LIFE, and I won't soon forget that !  From now on,  I will carry that fact of life with me and see her in a different light, for sure, and perhaps she will remind me of it, to take some of the pompous 'wind out of my sails...'  LOL !  

I don't feel like rehashing all the misunderstandings, problems, stupid rotten things I said on FaceBook, to Terri and her friend, Annie Ray, [ Please forgive me, I big you all...]  --except that I am truly sorry [again, and again] for posting that CRAP, and time will tell if those -- wounded,  will forgive me, except that my wife forgives me, and there is a lot more to be said and explained in private that MIGHT makes sense of that whole, short episode in our lives, when I was really rattled at some things that were said to me, a hard working, disabled battle worn Veteran with PTSD, but still a servant of Jesus Christ, and FORGIVEN.   Only another Vietnam Veteran Combat Soldier or Marine, with some PTSD, could possibly understand what was going thru my mind to make me push the "Panic Button" and post those words.   I sincerely thought that I was being kicked out of my own house, and kicked out to the snow bank, or worse... put into a "Funny Farm asylum" that would be worse than death for a man of my bearing,  AND THAT, AFTER ALL MY YEARS OF HARD WORK, and paying all the bills in this house and many others in my long life !!      So...  you all can believe it or not.  Some, so-called "friends" have already left me for good after 'burning me alive at the torture stake' for what they termed as 'unforgivable sins' --- Ha!   That shows how myopic, and shallow their puny knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is...a real lack of forgiveness on their lofty, holier than thou,  BS, mindset, ....  Duh.   Let's face it,  they were never friends of mine in the first place !!   Some loyal 'friends'... so pure and righteous, with their own, personal set of COMMANDMENTS.  Good reddens !  They [he] sounded like the ancient  'religious' Pharoses in Jesus' time, heaping huge rocks of burden on the backs of the Jewish Believers in those days....with all their baloney, etc.  --Ha!     Better to desert me now, then when I really needed them !!   According to another REAL buddy,  ---that particular "veteran" could NOT have been in a certain part of Vietnam when he said he was, anyway, as that particular military unit had already left the area..... so......if you get my drift, some of his 'tall tales' speak for themselves.   I am not even going to bother naming names.  Good Bye !  

As for me and my charming, hard working, beautiful wife, Terri, we are all back to normal, and I am healing super fast with her expert nursing skills, and REAL, FRESH,  FOOD!!    I love Terri very much, and I pray nothing else ever gets in the way of our loving relationship.   At least, for my part, I will keep a vigilant eye out for anything and anybody who 'gets in the way' or tries to drive a wedge between us !  Between all the Medications, isolation of being in a strange, cold place, with vigorous regimens, being waken up at all hours of the night by people probing me, giving out Meds, and taking Vital Signs, all the time, 24/ 7,  super stressed out, and not understanding everything said to me....... Whether real or imagined,  I did what I thought was effective to SURVIVE.   I am a product of an old cantankerous, German-American father, who was also a survivor, shot and wounded in WW-2, in Saipan, a Navy SeaBee, who just didn't roll over and die, but someone, although very rough and imperfect taught me how to survive and NEVER GIVE UP, too.  So be it.   I thought that I would get home from combat -- 2 long years in Vietnam: 68-70, and start my own family, but dong things MY WAY, being a more kinder, gentler husband and father to my 3 wonderful kids.....  but, alas,  I had so much to work out, sort out, rise above, and sand off all or most of the bad traits that I inherited.   Always fighting demons that plagued me, with so many bad, destructive habits, and I am still not where I want to be !!   But,  I have come a long way, am Saved by the precious blood of Jesus on the cross, and FORGIVEN all my sins, past, present and future !!!   So...  when, in the minds of other men and women, I am a total loser -- the KJV Bible tells me that I am forgiven, and God is not finished with me.   If HE still uses me as  a "tool" to witness to others, with my Bible Tract ministry and the KJV Bible [see: ],  to help brings new people into the fold of the World Wide Christian Congregation, so be it !  Who can really judge me, when God is my Lord and Master ??   If I am not good enough to be in their company --- just don't let the door hit you in the behind.     Take care of your OWN house before  you condemn me as being unfit for a friend or buddy, George!   Because I am going to repent of my super mistakes, sins, shortcomings and start over again... even if it's the 99th time !    BTW, it's the devil talking to us, trying to say:  "Just give up and follow me, Satan the Devil !!"  Sorry, guys,  I will NOT follow that turkey bird and burn in hell forever !    The HS {Holy Spirit} give me [ and US, ALL THOSE SAVED] the power and strength to admit our faults and then pick up our back pack and rifle to fight in Jesus Christ's Army !!   So,  just call me a 'prayin' fool' --LOL, if you dare.
    I cannot get back on FaceBook, to give more apologies, explanations, etc., and I am starting to strongly dislike that goofy web site anyway.   This blog post is --- so that as many as possible know what is happening with me and my house.... all is well, but I must stay in bed with a compressed "Unno-Boot" ELEVATED as much as I can to promote the rapid healing of my Ankle, fractured in 3 places and also dislocated, operated on by a GREAT, skilled, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Rolf S. Lulloff, MD,  semi-retired, at St. Mary's in Green Bay, WI.   I love that wonderful, gifted gentleman, and hope to see him again some day, and thank him again in person.   I hope to write him a personal letter of appreciation, soon.
    However, the staff there at St. Mary's had a lot of loose, hurtful, mean spirited people who gave me a bad report, as they tried to get me moving too soon, too early, while, IMHO, ill trained, and sloppy, some of them treating me poorly with disrespect!   One young, snotty, CNA refused to give me my urinal  bottle, when I really needed it, and  she wanted to play her silly games with me, so I told her off, and she burned me by putting some lies in my record, that I was, "belligerent!"    And then latter, a goofy, pompous 'doctor' from India, at the Iron Mtn., VAMC, 'Choragudi,' that other Veterans don't care for either, used that passed on information to latter stick me with.   Now...   I may be old,  age 65,  and the ONLY DANG REASON I AM IN THE NASTY VAMC HOSPITAL IN THE FIRST PLACE, IS BECAUSE I AM SERIOUSLY INJURED AND IN PAIN ! ! !   Duh.....     And when I told Dr. Rolf S. Lulloff,  at St. Mary's Hospital, in Green Bay, WI., Dr. Lulloff, he just shook his head in disgust!   And a few other times some RN's and aides tried to mess with me.  So you see,  it would be nice to hear the other side of the story.   The last RN to treat me got huffy and offensive at St. Mary's, turned around hurriedly and softened her words AFTER she found out that I was a decorated, disabled combat Veteran in Vietnam....  but that's life.   I strongly believe in that statement and 'warning':   "Never, but never,  Kick a combat Vietnam Veteran when he is down !"   I hope and pray that my own, sweet wife, Terri, has learned this lesson well, lately.   I am worth more when alive $$$$, than dead, because all my veteran package/ money/ income will blow away with the wind right after I die.    And my Chrysler package/ benefits/ life insurance, etc., won't be enough to keep her living so high on the hog, as she is used NOW, as I bless you money bag with gifts and cash.   I am too generous, to a fault, and most folks know it.  I do have some secret investments on the side that I have been trying to grow, for my dear, pretty wife, Terri M. [Fox] Schuckman, every month, in case I die too soon, to help her out when I step into eternity, with my Lord and Master, Jesus.  The KJV Bible tells me that I am "Saved" and going to Heaven!  But that doesn't mean that I can relax now and just watch TV, etc., and the green grass grow.   I want to continue my BIBLE TRACT, INC. ministry of sharing the Good News of the Gospel, far and wide, to lead others to Salvation thru Christ, the Savior!  And that is prob. the only reason [also according to my youngest daughter, Sarah] that I am still alive, after so many deadly vehicular accidents, etc ! ! !  And Lord,  I am so weary of getting hurt, and the painful walk that I have led !   Please keep me free of hurtful accidents and missteps.
    But, U.P. in the ICMCF, in Crystal Falls, MI., I got along very well with most everyone, and jumped thru all their hoops, with flying colors, doctors, nurses, CNA's and PT, OT staff, and made some real friends there, also shared the Gospel far and wife, with my Bible Tracts, Inc, and led 2 fine people to the Lord/ Salvation, with the help of the H.S. [Holy Spirit, of course].   I hope that I helped change their lives for the better and gave them some special hope and trust !  I also led 2- RN's to the Lord at St. Mary's in Green Bay too !!  Praise the Lord !  Not, 65 year old Tommy Schuckman.    If the Lord uses me, a lowly sinner man, as a small "tool" to work HIS Will,  He can and will use others in these terrible "Last Days."    Amen.

Today is a cloudy Saturday, and Terri with her grand daughter, Ava, are out and about to the Farmer's Market in our small, but beautiful town of Iron Mountain, MI, as I always try to make sure that she has ample spending money in her purse.   The Lord has blessed us in a large way, and we thank Him for that every single day that we draw breathe.  PTL.
    Thanks to the good, Pastor Kevin Sullivan, for all of his kind "correction" of my errant ways when I surely need it, also the love, attention, visits, and most importantly:  fresh TOMATOES ADN CUCUMBERS !!!   In a place where it's all institutional 'food' -- even though the talented cooks do the best they can... and some of it is almost edible.  Just kidding !  With the help of my valuable, TABASCO sauce, I was able to survive and even flourish at Crystal Falls, MI., 'asylum.'   All joking aside,  if I had to put my dear, old Mom, or even ME in a nursing facility,  the ICMCF ---Iron County Medical Care Facility ---  would be my first and ONLY choice, where the skilled doctors, RN'S and PT/ OT staff are great, kind, full of mercy, with big hearts and lots of LOVE !!!  Please share this place, this truth with others that may be thinking about such a  place, in the lovely, beautiful wooded area with clean air and old conservative values and kindness ! ! !

Love and Hugs,
Tommy Schuckman