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Psychologist: Headway made on treatments for PTSD

Before he launched into his lecture on the long-term consequences of “the blast,” Alan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, took a moment to pay tribute to his subjects — and to get his audience’s attention.
“This time of year, keep in mind, we have a lot of people who are deployed,” said Peterson, who is the behavioral medicine chief at the medical school of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. “For our troops who are deployed, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and …”
“BOOM!” he said, in a sudden shout.
Beside him, images flashed across a screen: ripped, ragged limbs, pools of blood, furniture — and people — thrown like rag dolls.
Peterson’s voice was shaky. “There was just this incredible, loud boom, and all you could, just, like, the smell was of carbon, like a metal taste in my mouth,” he said. “There was moaning and there was screaming and the medics showed up. People were just blown to pieces. And they were helping people and there was just so much blood.”
The images came quickly now. A torso pierced by shrapnel. A stretcher. Body parts.
“Oh God, that one dude, I could see inside of his head. And there was just kind of mass chaos. There was just so much blood … so much blood.”
He paused. The screen stopped on an image of the tent, giant holes torn through its walls and roof in jagged, violent angles. Peterson turned to the room full of medical colleagues.
“That’s the way that blast occurs, right?” he said. “You are at a rock concert, in Paris, you are having a good time, the next thing you know it is mass, mass chaos.”
The IED, or improvised explosive device, is considered the number one culprit for battle wounds in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It evolved into the go-to weapon for enemies of U.S. forces as they patrolled the streets trying to reach out to people. Nearly 80 percent of combat injuries to U.S. forces in those conflicts were from blasts — the highest proportion in the history of large-scale conflict, Peterson said.
For U.S. forces, that has meant myriad complex injuries ranging from burns and amputations to musculoskeletal, skin, genital, organ and brain injuries, as well as psychological consequences that can last decades.
But the proliferation of the blast also has meant a robust focus on protection and treatment. Forces are now equipped with better body armor, bomb detectors, robots and protective vehicles, along with more focused training and human intelligence. Far more survive.
And while some injuries — to the brain in particular — are still confounding scientists, doctors are making tremendous headway in treating not only the physical wounds of these wars, but also another signature injury: post-traumatic stress disorder.
PTSD and traumatic brain injury often overlap, said Peterson, who is part of a south Texas consortium studying the treatments of PTSD. Often, those suffering from TBI have PTSD as well. Many of the symptoms are similar — trouble sleeping, memory problems, poor concentration, depression, anxiety and irritability.
But there are differences as well. TBI patients struggle with headaches, dizziness, fatigue and light and noise intolerance, while symptoms unique to PTSD involve re-experiencing the trauma, avoiding reminders or triggers, negative changes in thought processes and moods and heightened excitement.
The symptoms compound each other, Peterson said. A PTSD sufferer stops going outside, doing his or her favorite things for fear that something will trigger symptoms. That leads to isolation and depression, he said.
Military forces can train for the horrors of war and to be resilient, Peterson said. But the trauma comes when the unexpected happens. So while special operations forces might be the most resilient and prepared, they are also the most exposed and at risk of experiencing things that one could not have imagined in advance.
“Things occur that no human being could possibly anticipate would occur,” he said. “Oftentimes, these are the things people struggle with.”
The cost for these injuries is also staggering, Peterson said. The costs for disability payments alone for a servicemember claiming PTSD can tally $500,000 during a lifetime, he said. That’s not including medical, unemployment and other associated costs.
Though many treatments might work, the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs have sanctioned two of them for pervasive use: prolonged exposure therapy, in which a patient reviews the traumatic experience again and again until the event becomes historical and stops setting off triggers, and cognitive processing therapy, in which the patient reviews symptoms and accounts of the trauma and works to modify thoughts and beliefs related to it — more of an adaptation of perspective.
A 2012 study found 80 percent of civilians treated with these therapies were basically cured, and remained that way five years later.
But doctors have yet to conclude that it works as well on military veterans. Part of the problem, Peterson said, is that active-duty servicemembers don’t manage to show up for sessions during a 12-to-15-week period. Doctors are now trying compressed treatments, in which the sessions are daily for two weeks, rather than spread out over a longer period.
In Israel, a 2011 study found early intervention following a trauma can help prevent the full onset of PTSD. The study divided nearly 300 participants into five groups receiving exposure therapy, cognitive therapy, medication, one placebo and one on a wait list. At the end of five months, 20 percent of the two therapy groups developed full-blown PTSD while 60 percent of the other three groups developed the symptoms.
More than 25 PTSD research studies are being conducted by the consortium at the UT Health Science Center, where Peterson is one of more than 100 investigators. The group, called STRONG STAR — the South Texas Research Organizational Network Guiding Studies on Trauma and Resilience — is the largest of its kind in the world, involving more than 30 collaborating institutions, including the VA’s National Center for PTSD.
Several of the studies are being conducted by the doctors who developed exposure and cognitive therapies, Peterson said.
One being conducted at Fort Hood, Texas divided 370 people into four groups, comparing standard prolonged exposure therapy with the same therapy compressed into two weeks. A third group that did standard therapy, known as present center therapy, and a fourth group received minimal contact. Those results are not out yet.
A study published this month in the Journal of Consulting Clinical Psychology compared prolonged exposure, cognitive processing and present center group therapies, Peterson said. Cognitive processing was most successful, and prolonged exposure a little less so. But neither worked as well as 80 percent — the results in the civilian study, he said.
A third study compared group and individual cognitive processing therapies and initial findings are showing the individual therapy is more successful, Peterson said.
Ultimately, he said, treating PTSD is oddly similar to treating cancer. There are all these different treatments, Peterson said. If one doesn’t work, keep trying until you find one that does.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Congressional Budget--- More funds for the unjust.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
     Sometimes I wonder if I should re-label my humble blog....  "Tom's Daily Therapy  Session."   Indeed, about 20 years ago a kind doctor at the Milwaukee VA told me that I had the 'gift for writing and communications !'  At that time I was already into writing and trying to write and publish my own book,  sort of a honest appraisal of the Vietnam War and how it affected me and my life, so far.    But at that same time,  in May of 1995,  I got called back to work at Chrysler Corporation in Kenosha, WI.,  and that is like hitting the Lottery !  That is a 'Game Changer' -- that will jolt a man from the Philosopher/ Theorist [unemployed welder]  man ---  to a full 'action figure' with lots of good friends and a higher income level !     The pay is great and health benefits outstanding,  but Chrysler then owns your butt completely and wants super, hard, reliable performance EVERY DAY AT WORK ON THE ASSEMBLY LINE, etc.    Sadly,  in this world,  the man without money is too many times considered a "Bum."   But the man with income and money is looked up to and valued [and too many times a 'target' for women in search of an easier life style].   
      But, while on the outside [of losing a great job/  laid off for a while,  6 long terrible years, abandoned by MANY so-called "friends"],  I had the chance to explore a few enterprises and visit things with great possibilities that I could only dream of before I was laid off from my good paying job, along with over 6000 people, in ONE DAY !!   That cost about 50% of us Chrysler workers not only our main jobs of support,  but our marriages, investments, hobbies, life styles and really tested our metal !   It was horrible for many folks who were caught in that 'older' mid-50's age bracket who found it hard to get another job just because of their age, and inability to retrain,  re-school,  readjust, and assimilate.    So many relationships went right out the door!    Many turned to drugs, alcohol,  immorality, loss of friends, got divorced and were abandoned, or just 'fell threw the system.'    My own wife of 22 years left me because I elected to sell our house and try to live cheaper during my re-training, education and lower income level.   Isn't that cute ?    I became bitter, not trusting anyone, and jumped from one failed relationship to another,  but finally found God in my quest ---  so that what ever happened to me in the future,  I knew for sure that God loved me and I was "Saved" for all time, and going to heaven,  NOT FROM MY OWN FEEBLE WORKS as a human,  but only from the merit of Jesus' supreme one time sacrifice on the cross some 2000 years ago in a far away land!   So....  what ever happens to me in the future,  bad, good, or otherwise,  I and millions of other Believers have that same hope for all time, and that I should be comforted to a large degree.   Now,  we would all do well to  remember that when things go a rye in our daily lives amid this whirl wind satanic mess with economies, cultures and nations being turned upside down, with Socialism knocking at the door and loss of Freedoms !  

And today when we again see more head lines and special news briefs like the one down below that shows there really is NO HOPE with human beings who keep erring, no matter with political party they belong to.   Actually, dear friends,  it's just another 'smoke screen' of the devil and his earthly followers to mislead us and waste this important time we have left in the "Last Days" we are in right now,  THAT SHOULD BE USED TO FURTHER THE  GOSPEL  INTERESTS of our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ !   I am doing just that right now as I am sharing this timely message with my friends, readers and everyone else who will make time in their busy schedules.   Yet,  I am 'frail and wanting too' --- complaining that I don't get enough attention in our modern 'part time marriages' these days that squeeze out normal essential communications --- replaced by other mundane interruptions from peripheral chatter and encroaching 'lady friends' and baloney contending for my needs and wants in the marriage arraignment.  But I was blessed today and last night by a nice, kind, lady from church who made some venison spaghetti  and brought it over to our house, HOT, yesterday afternoon,  named, Sandy !  How tasty and nutritious !!  Thank You, so much, dear sister in Christ !   You saved me [US] from another day of stomach pain and irritability by 'buffering'  my stomach from the harsh VA medicines and other herbal remedies and daily intake !   I guess I am too emotional for a man,  but I just LOVE the taste of wild meat/ venison,  and you happen to be a very fine cook !   I just ate the left overs for lunch, and it put me in a great, warm mood! 

Anyway,  for me,  The Daily Jot, keeps me balanced and up to date almost every day in a world of illusion, lies, half truths and just plain baloney,  when we just don't know WHO TO BELIEVE !   I wish I could say that deep study in the KJV Bible "WILL" take care of every facet in our daily lives,  but at least if offers the reasons why the world is on the 'highway to hell,'  what the remedy is [Jesus Christ], and how to get and stay in good standing with our Lord and Savior.   I hope and pray that should suffice for now/ today.

Next,  I want to talk about:  Commitments, Contracts, Agreements and Covenants.    "Let your Yes -- mean, Yes."

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman
----Retired Chrysler worker/ Welder, and Disabled Vietnam Veteran:  68-70.

The Daily Jot

Daily reporting and analysis of current events from a biblical and prophetic persp

NOTE: When writing about God and Jesus, The Daily Jot means YHVH as God and Yeshua Ha Mashiach as Jesus--the actual original names and the true nature and character of them. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Congressional budget--more funds for the unjust

In the election a year ago in November, the American public sent a message to Congress: We do not want the tax and spend status quo. Apparently, the Congress didn't listen. Even as House Speaker John Boehner resigned and Paul Ryan was elected, his first House omnibus appropriations bill continues to redistribute wealth by taking your hard earned money and giving it to others. The political gamesmanship with our money is beyond the pale of good taste. The government is growing bigger and more powerful, while the citizenry becomes further at risk--both physically because the government fails to see the domestic threat of Islam, and financially because the government is taking your money for bad use.

As the reports come in on the new government budget, we are seeing that the "president" got exactly what he wanted from establishment House Republicans. Funding for Planned Parenthood--after all that has been documented about this evil entity--remained. Apparently, the Democrats said they wouldn't support the budget bill unless the abortion mill got its full fare, and the Republicans (who hold the majority) caved in. The Republicans in the House made it more difficult to repeal socialist healthcare; they funded the Administration's hobby project on climate change through another fund, after all the Republican promises that they would dismantle socialist healthcare and not fund global warming. 

But wait, there's more. This backroom budget deal is just getting started. The Washington Times reports, "the 233-page document moves away from deficit-cutting and embraces dozens of special tax breaks that presidential candidates in both parties had said they wanted to eliminate...Tax breaks on everything from racehorses and film productions to NASCAR racetracks to college tuitions and teachers' out-of-pocket classroom expenses are covered in the massive deal." Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Al), one of the few conservatives fighting the good fight, said, the people didn't elect Congress "to line the pockets of special interests and big business. That's not what we are here for." But it's what happened in the House.

Now where do the American people turn? The "president" and his party no longer hide their socialism and openly attack those who don't agree with them. The Republican "opposition" hides behind Christianese and faux conservative rhetoric, but supports the Democratic socialism with impunity. Isaiah 59:9 says, "Therefore justice is far from us, neither does righteousness overtake us: we wait for light, but behold darkness; for brightness, but we walk in gloom." But there is a place to turn for honest, hard working, common sense people. His name is Jesus Christ. For we know that he has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Let us pray and act. As a nation, we need to repent. As a people, we need to pray and act that we not perish in the hands of these evil doers.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Muslim in the WH.

Tom's Journal.

This clip is from Judge Jeanine on Fox News.  This was her opening statement this past Saturday night.  

Hi Friends,
    I have a busy day ahead of me so I will type faster.   It seems to me that our learning years of graded and high school,  life on the farm with Dad telling us many things about work and life, etc., that one thing is for sure.   If you get a serious sliver or wound and don't treat it properly,  the end result is that you might just lose your finger, hand or arm !!   Little things like the wrong  germs can kill you !  The Law of Moses [given to him by God Almighty] was composed of MORE THAN just 10 commandments,  but about 300 important,  binding laws and codes that had to be followed, and many grievous transactions called for the death penalty.   So,  it was so important that the parent TEACH THEIR CHILFEN WELL !     Israel enjoyed many fine years of peace and prosperity when they obeyed the Mosaic Law Code.    Much of that same Law Code has been incorporated into our own U.S. Constitution, and America has risen to the top of the world after World War- 2,  but after abandoning the laws of the land,  we have sunk to low depravity, poverty, filth, abortion, the gay agenda [which is now accepted as the "new Normal," lies and total corruption !!   That is why we are on the highway to hell, and our time as 'King of the Hill' are just about up...  sorry, folks.   But this is ALL mentioned in the Good Book, however, our entertainment and TV are much too important for us to stop and crack open the great KJV Bible !   Hey!  We are all guilty to some extent, friends.  
       In the mean time, while we are being stupefied with strong drink, drugs and vile entertainment, the 'dog pile' in the WH, is pulling off the biggest caper, ever,  by moving in his 'Muslim Brothers' into the U.S.,  BIG TIME !!   And at the same time he is trying hard to strip our guns away from us,  when his buddies are killing us with those same kind of guns,  freely !   What's wrong with this picture,  friends?   Party Time is just about over, with so many big things starring us right in the face, and now the Piper has come to collect his debt, in our blood, and in our children's blood.  

And with an EMP or intentional damage to our frail power grid in the U.S. this cold  Winter will kill many of us in the Northern climates.   So much for the so-called,  "Warm Climate Change."   

And one new Man or Woman to lead our country [if we ever get to that point in time...] will have so much on his/ her plate to deal with all the evil planted by our Islamic 'leader !'  Where would we Christians be with out our Lord and Savior ?

Warm Regards,

The Daily Jot

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NOTE: When writing about God and Jesus, The Daily Jot means YHVH as God and Yeshua Ha Mashiach as Jesus--the actual original names and the true nature and character of them. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

"president" fulfilling Koranic command with Islamic immigration

Muslims who migrate or "immigrate" may be fulfilling a Koranic command to conduct jihad under the Islamic tradition of Hijrah. The Koran's Surah An-Nisa verse 100, says, "Whoso migrateth for the cause of Allah will find much refuge and abundance in the earth, and whoso forsaketh his home, a fugitive unto Allah and His messenger, and death overtaketh him, his reward is then incumbent on Allah." It then describes how to worship in such lands without abandoning weapons and then when worship is complete, verse 103 says to "Relent not in pursuit of the enemy (unbelievers in the land)." The US "president's" immigration policy may well be supporting immigration jihad as it is interpreted from the Koran.

In September, FrontPage Magazine reported that, "Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is, according to Islamic tradition, the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE. It was after the hijrah that Muhammad for the first time became not just a preacher of religious ideas, but a political and military leader. That was what occasioned his new "revelations" exhorting his followers to commit violence against unbelievers. Significantly, the Islamic calendar counts the hijrah, not Muhammad's birth or the occasion of his first "revelation," as the beginning of Islam, implying that Islam is not fully itself without a political and military component."

Mission Islam explains hijrah slightly differently, saying that a Muslim living among disbelievers that will not allow complete Islamic freedom must migrate to a place where Sharia Law is practiced. In fact, it quotes verse 41 in Surah An-Nisa stating, "0 you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians as protectors, they are protectors of one another, whoever takes them as protectors is one of them." Mission Islam divides the lands into two types, Abode of Disbelief and the Abode of Islam. In the Abode of Disbelief, the supreme and political power is in the hands of the disbelievers. In the Abode of Islam, the supreme law is Sharia and Muslims hold political power even if "the majority of the population are disbelievers, so long as the Muslims rule according to the Sharia."

The implication of Hijrah is to migrate and conquer as supported by both Muhammad's example and in reading the context of the Koran's Surah An-Nisa. Certainly, the history of Islam also confirms the meaning of Hijrah. The US "president" and the politically correct "leaders" in both political parties are allowing this migration with intent under the guise of religious freedom and the heartstrings of refugee tales. This is not about religion, but about overthrow of America with America's elected leaders as accomplices. Jesus's very first warning to his disciples about the end times is found in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you." This deception by the "president" is deadly. Pray, act, and stand.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Knife Sharpening, Etc.

Tom's Journal.

This clip is from Judge Jeanine on Fox News.  This was her opening statement this past Saturday night.  

Hello  Friends,
   Does anyone ever get split figure tips in the dry Winter time ?   You can call me the 'Band-Aid Man,'  and it's also hard to type that way.
      I have good friends like Greg, a great Navy man who likes to send me DIY stuff, and survival/ handy man articles,  so today I am passing one on in this post.   Please share this with people who have a "Good Heart" who are morally upright....  not the bad guys !

      I really liked that joke about bringing another Baptist guy with you when you go fishing  [joke] !

Have a great day !

Tom Schuckman

The first article may interest you (knife sharpening)!

On Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:18 PM, <> wrote:

Friday, December 11, 2015

The U.S. 1952 Immigration Law !

Tom's Journal.

Deborah Gillette's photo.

Sorry to "use"  Bill Wilson, so much,  but I am beside myself as an older man and somewhat surprised that I am learning so much important Information from him lately,  and need to not only SHARE IT WITH YOU,  but to live that sort of life.
     Before,  I was thinking that the correct Christian life style was in one direction,  but now understand that there is a lot MORE I can and should do !!   I have been praying for some way to be "used more so" by Father God, and Jesus Christ, in these last final days, even disabled,  but got discouraged.  Now,  I can 'see the light better' and feel that ALL Christians can and should have a larger part in spreading and sharing, not only the Gospel message,  but the "Rule of America Constitutional Law"  ---  as you will soon find out.   Yes,  we should defend ourselves when need be, when we have to,  but we can also play a more 'Pro-active Role' in our lives, instead of just sitting on the couch waiting for the enemy to attack us,   since our own Gov't is just fiddling around,  allowing the bad guys to shoot and cut us up !!    Personally,  I will be doing some quick research about the Law pertaining to people who come to, and live in our country who intend to hurt and kill us,  also to take down our Democratic Republic !!
     Frankly,  I am utterly amazed that some of our Law experts have not coughed up this Info before I heard it from an Independent source !   What a Shame !

Tell me what  you think.

Tom Schuckman 

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Daily reporting and analysis of current events from a biblical and prophetic persp

NOTE: When writing about God and Jesus, The Daily Jot means YHVH as God and Yeshua Ha Mashiach as Jesus--the actual original names and the true nature and character of them. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Our prophetic strategy to the war with Islam

The "president" says we are not at war with Islam. Trouble is, when Islam has declared war on the US--not just the political body of the United States--but you and me as citizens, we are at war. Whether the "president" wants to continue his charade about definitions for Constitutional purposes--that is, not being charged with treason for aiding and abetting the enemy during time of war--is in material. Islam is killing us, plotting to kill us, and has plans to take over our country. The "president" and members of both political parties are assisting Islam by allowing terrorists entry because of religious freedom and as refugees. We--you and me--must stand as prophetic people with a prophetic strategy to win this war. 

There are three fronts to this war. One front is Muslims killing Americans on America soil, so that is a violent front. We need to defend ourselves in these cases. There are two other fronts where we must fight--political and spiritual. The political front is standing firm that Islam, by its history, is a radical, anti-democracy cult hiding behind false religion aimed at overthrowing governments. We need to educate every politician, every one we know, about the 1952 Immigration law prohibiting entry of those with an ideology that seek to overthrow our government. We must impress aggressively that this law must be upheld as those confessing the Koran, by its own conviction, would be prohibited.

Now the really hard part--the spiritual. As Christians, we are called to make disciples. No matter how unappealing it is, we should take Christ to the Muslims in the US, and, where we can, influence them in other parts of the world. This really means, creating relationships--not submitting to--but demonstrating Christ where possible. The Daily Jot's experience with evangelizing Muslims is that success is found in relationships. This is not to say "cast your pearls before swine," but rather judiciously discern who you approach and then demonstrate the love of Christ. Islam is devoid of God's love. The desire of men's hearts is to be loved. Proverbs 10:12 says, "Hatred stirs up strifes: but love covers all sins." 

Remember that there are many Muslims, like many Christians, who do not read their holy books. They only know what they are told. As we know, sometimes what is taught from the pulpit is not what the scriptures really say. Perhaps, some Muslims would be appalled that their holy book commands them to kill those who do not believe as they do. But to get to that point with them, you have to have relationship. This is what we have learned in West Africa reaching out to Muslims. To summarize, we must hold our leaders accountable to the law AND we need to do what Christ commanded us to do. Some may be called to one, some to the other, but as a prophetic people we are all called first to Christ. Let us do so with great resolve. Physical and spiritual lives depend upon it.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

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Tom's Journal.

The 'Key thought' of this post is:   That things will get MUCH WORSE before Jesus comes back to claim His Believers/  Followers ! !     The 'key to survival' is the "Christian S. O. P."   --[Standard Operating Procedure --- Military speak.].   Goal for today:   Find out what that "SOP" means and implement it.   Yes!  "Implement, Adapt, and Overcome"  -- to Survive.   We must learn these key things to survive, and also to help others survive.

Hi Friends!
     I have to pan fry some great Pork Chops in a few minutes before my sweet heart, wife, Terri gets home from her Rehab routine, etc., and I let her use my CC, so there is no telling when she will finally walk in the door, using a cane for support, after her successful knee replacement operation... and she still have much pain.  
      I am soon to find out how to get this pre-mentioned INFO to get with the program,  but I am sure that it involves leaning on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to win the battle.    And that is just what we are in right now....   a BATTLE !    If you don't already have the Holy Spirit working in you/  for you,  you are probably working for STD and his nasty organization.   I was once in his net work, too,  until the 'scales fell off my eyes' to finally 'see the light' and I found the Lord.   It's more about HUMILITY than being smart or super intelligent.    And I had a stubborn, hard, prideful head.... so it took me half my adult life to figure things out.   Had I been more open minded and humble,  perhaps I would have found the real TRUTH about the KJV Bible and Father God,  sooner !    But his is the most important "race" where you don't have to come in first or second.      You just have to cross the finish line,  BEFORE the Lord comes back to clean house.    And I pity those prideful, bragging, goof balls, who always say that they will cross that finish line at the last micro/ Nano second to be "Saved !"    Thee will most likely, soon come the time when we will have to choose one side or another --- and that will certainly separate the men from the boys....  Ha!  
      And there is something to that scripture that says:   "Store up your treasures in Heaven where moth and rust cannot consume..."    Now,  my military and farm life back ground dictate that I do store up a few cans of beans and pure drinking water in case of emergencies.   But we are really to put all of our Faith and Trust in our heavenly Father, and His Son,  Jesus Christ!   Hey,   if we have to die,  let it be for Jesus' sake.   

Thank You all for your prayers and well wishes.   You have my thanks and gratitude !   Smile.   Terri's birthday is in the latter part of December !

Warm Regards,

This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
President Barack Obama finally acknowledged last week that the war on terror has entered a new stage. But he's still unwilling to admit just how serious and deadly the struggle has become.

When two ISIS sympathizers attacked a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, last week, they killed 14 and wounded 21. It may have been a defining moment for the President and the Left. When he addressed a nation in mourning last Sunday evening, he couldn't resist the opportunity to lecture us again on Islamophobia.

It proved once again that the President has a tin ear. He cannot hear and understand what the American people are feeling and saying -- or he just doesn't care. More likely, though, is that Americans' distrust of Muslims and growing impatience with Islam disturb him and he's doubling down in his obvious efforts to degrade Christianity and elevate Islam in America.

And he's apparently instructed his Attorney-General, Loretta Lynch, to use the power of her office and the Justice Department to silence Islam's critics.

Folks, we are entering treacherous waters. After the shootings, several of the killers' neighbors have come forward to say that they were suspicious of the couple, but were afraid to say anything less they be branded as racists or, worse, Muslim-haters.

This is a perfect example of how "political correctness" is working beautifully for those who seek the destruction of America, or, at least, its fundamental transformation. If they can silence you before you even open your mouth, they have won.

I have news for you. Things will not get better. In fact, the Bible predicts that they will become  MUCH  WORSE  before Jesus Christ returns to snatch away  all of His true believers.

In view of all the fearful things that are happening in the world today, it is wonderful to know that no matter how tense circumstances may become in these last days, God has provided for our needs.

On this week's program, I want to teach you about the Christian's S.O.P. That is, the Christian's "Standard Operating Procedure." When you're hit with some problem, especially the unforeseen kind, there are three steps you can automatically take to gain the strength and guidance to deal with those challenges.

And as the days grow darker, your S.O.P. should become second nature to you. You're going to need it to live a triumphant life in the waning days of this Age.

Don't miss this week's Report on TBN, Daystar, CPM Network, The Word Network, various local stations, or Check your local listings.

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

WHY America will Burn.

Tom's Journal.

Deborah Gillette's photo.

.....   I am sure that the mere Title of this blog post will turn people off and alienate them from me..... and that will be sad,  shooting the 'messenger'  because he delivered  bad news...   even if it's the truth.    The GOOD NEWS IS:  there is still time for individuals to be Saved !!    Please understand this bible fact and SHARE it with other people you want to bring to Christ !   We are Soldiers  ---- and that IS our mission.

Dear Friends,
    Please understand....   that this person, author/ writer, is not my new 'Messiah' or leader,  but I was so taken back by his breath of fresh air, and his ideas aligned almost perfectly with all of my Bible-studied Beliefs ! !   I was pleasantly surprised to hear someone with a similar mind set, and understanding of God's Word,  the KJV Bible !   I just had to share this with you, tonight.  I hope I will not get into trouble for re-posting his articles, and give all credit to him, and not myself.   However,  all studied, real Christian know and fully understand that no single nation or human leader is the real answer to our problems on earth....  Ha!   Only Jesus Christ can truly clean up the earth and heavens, and set things right.    And ONLY Individuals can now gain true Salvation from damnation and hell,  through the ransom, blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and so become,  "Saved."   Jesus has promised us HEAVEN and happiness, compared to the alternative:  Hell and eternal misery !   That is good enough for me,  by golly ! 

Friends,   We MUST understand this fine point:   Whole nations cannot and will not be able to come back into God's Grace and Healing,  except the promised Israel... and they must go thru a harsh 'cleansing' before that happens and be humble enough to finally accept the Lord Jesus Christ,  which they sure don't now.    But the Bible says that it will happen, and most likely in the near future.   Friends,  things can happen very FAST !   Just like my last post about the possibility of EMP's that our enemies are making, selling and using already !   That in itself is a big 'game-changer' that could put our lights out, take our jets out of the air like an arrow thru a goose, and stop our trucks from delivering food, water, medicine, and gas !   Are  you all ready for that kind of terrible existence ??   And we are certainly not as savvy as the Amish people who live a hard but comfortable life style, IMHO.    But we could learn a lesson from them... if there was time.  

My wife, Terri,  is back home now still recovering from a hard knee replacement surgery that caused her so much pain.   It's not hard to understand that we are not our usual selves when we have to struggle with daily physical PAIN...  post surgery blues, etc.    I will be her servant and try to be as nice, patient and helpful as I can, to help her.   I bought her some flowers and pork chops today, and intend on cooking them to perfection tomorrow or the next day, all by myself [ but not the flowers-- so sweet smelling... lol.].   Thank you all, for your prayers and well wishes.   It seems like the surgery was a success !  PTL.

Warm Regards,

The Two Major Reasons Why America Will Burn

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america will burn
In the 1960’s, America was nearly torn apart by the younger generation’s refusal to accept the lies being perpetrated by its government with regard to supporting the immoral Vietnam War. If these “hippies” had taken the moral highground with regard to personal behavior and morality, they very well would have toppled the two administration that perpetrated and maintained the war. But when your battle cry “Hell no, we won’t go”, is accompanied by the mantra of “drugs, sex and rock and roll”, the legitmacy of the message becomes obscured. However, at that generation had the intestinal fortitude to take to the streets. In the face of dire danger today, this generation of Americans takes to its electronic devices.
Last night, while appearing as a guest on the Hagmann and Hagmann report, Doug Hagmann asked me why Americans are so dumbed down that we cannot even mount the slightest bit of resistance to the tyranny that is engulfing this country. The superficial response is simple, America has acquiesced to its fate. In addition, as Steve Quayle put it on my show this past Sunday night, Attorney General “Loretta Lynch(mob)” stated that she would prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any person speaking against Islam and Muslims in general. This misguided statement was made immediately on the heels of the San Bernardino massacre which was inspired by ISIS. Lynch(mob’s) insensitivity toward the 14 people who just lost their lives at the hands of terrorists  is symbolic about this administration views its citizens in general. In the 1960’s, our counterculture friends would have already been in the streets. Today……crickets chirping. Why? Doug Hagmann asked me why and I responded with an explanation of Dr. Martin Seligman’s psychological construct known as learned helplessness. I was partially right, however, the main reason America is dead on arrival is because we do not fear God.
My most sincere apologies to the audience of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report for having a mental lapse. I should have stated that the main reason that America is going to burn is because we have turned away from our God. The second reason America is doomed is because our people have permitted themselves to be rendered psychologically useless through the process of learned helplessness.

America is Spiritually Bankrupt

sodom and gomorrah 2
Abraham asked if the Lord would spare the two decadent cities if fifty righteous people lived there. The Lord said yes. Boldly, Abraham kept bargaining down, until God agreed not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if even ten righteous people lived there. Then the Lord departed. Unable to find even 10 righteous men, the Lord subsequently rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah, destroying the buildings, the people, and all the vegetation. This is our future because we have lost our true Christian heritage. The wages of sin are death and destruction. We are clearly a nation under judgment as evidenced by the fact that we tolerate Planned Parenthood to sell fetal body parts with impunity. Apparently, we have learned very little from the lessons of history.
If the Lord were to visit Washington DC and encounter the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, McCain and Obama,  he would find that there were not 50 righteous men, there were not 40 righteous men, not 30, not 20, not ev, en 10 righteous men and just like Sodom and Gomorrah, we will surely be destroyed. Our government is the source of nearly every war on this planet which kills and maims untold numbers of innocent people including the very old and the very young. Our government is controlled by the minions of the NWO, many of which are empowered to serve Lucifer. Our government and our military no longer serve the people of this country. Prior to the 2008 first round of bailouts, former Goldman Sachs executive and the Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson, stated that if we did not bail out Wall Street, we would see tanks and troops in our streets in one of the most treasonous statements ever uttered by a government official. And before the Libyan invasion, the Congress was told that our military was now under the control of NATO and the UN and that they had no say in whether we go to war, or not. Our country and government have been totally hijacked and it is not just the bankster thugs who have stolen our most precious resources. The minions of the NWO are controlled by Satan. This is not hyperbole, please consider the following quote from an United Nations official:
“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”
David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations
And remember, Congress was told that we are now under the control of the United Nations, as witnessed by the UN Small Arms Treaty, Agenda 21 (2030) and of course, specificially, climate change. Of course, we could fall to our knees and universally repent…but the band played on. You may still save your soul, but keeps goals within the realm of reality.

Learned Helplessness

Why won’t America stand up for herself? Why is the country, once a country which possessed courage and conviction, now sitting idly while allowing itself to be taken to the slaughter without so much as a whimper?
The answer to the above question lies in the psychological concept known as “Learned Helplessness” as discovered by Martin Seligman in the 1960’s.
“Learned helplessness” occurs when an animal, or a person, is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape from. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness will prevent any action”.

seligman 2

Phase One
In the first phase of the learned helplessness experiment, Seligman placed a dog on an electrical grid, shocked the dog and noted that the dog would demonstrate the ability to escape the aversive stimulus.
Phase Two
In the second phase, the dog was barricaded on the grid and was unable to escape the painful shocks. Eventually the dog laid down and passively accepted the shock.
Phase Three
Seligman then removed the barricades and the dog could have easily escaped the shocks. However, the dog, conditioned by the prior set of events, simply laid down and accepted the shocks, without mounting any resistance whatsoever. This, in large part, is where America is at today.


On March 15, 1939, in a meeting with the senile Czech President Emil Hacha Hitler threatened to bomb against Prague, the Czech capital, unless he obtained from Hacha free passage for German troops into Czech borders. Hitler got his concession. On that very same day, German troops moved into Bohemia and Moravia. These two provinces offered no resistance, and they were quickly absorbed by Germany. That very evening, Hitler made a triumphant entry into Prague. Substitute the name Americans for Czech and replace Germany with the UN with their Peacekeepers, we will witness history repeating itself. When ISIS launches its version of the TET Offensive in the near future, my fellow countrymen will likely cower in the corner and let nature take its course. Before you answer “Molon Labe” and Hodges is full of …., you might want to look behind you to see who, if anybody, is with you.